Slimy gelatine worms are a fun idea for guests or parties where sweets are a must! You will need two packets of strawberry or cherry jelly, one pack of gelatine, 3/4 cup whipping cream, three cups of boiling water, food coloring, straws and a tall container.


Anyone Hungry for Worms?

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Italian food is eaten all over the world, and if you cook, even once in awhile, you’ve probably prepared some classic Italian dishes. Whether you’re cooking for a family, group or preparing a romantic dinner, you really can’t go wrong with Italian cuisine.


Italian Food: Tips and Tricks to Make Basic Recipes Better

The NASA Space Food Systems Laboratory (SFSL) is responsible for developing the US astronauts’ meals. The food needs to be high quality, easy to prepare in the weightlessness of space and must conform to the spacecraft stowage requirements. In addition, astronauts’ experience a loss in their sense of taste while in space and the SFSL make an extra effort to create spicy, flavour-filled food items to compensate for this.


Meals Made for Outer Space