There’s nothing new or special about cars being in movies. But when it comes to the cars of superheroes or when cars are heroes themselves in movies, this is another thing, especially when they are badass.


Badass Movie Cars

This is an amazing special iBusiness 3D model of Mercedes-Benz Viano that was created by the German tuner Brabus. The van will do 0 to 60mph in 5.9 seconds. It is powered by 6.1 liter V8 that produces 621Newton meters of torque and 313 kilowatt of power. It has many wonders of technology such as an iPad, a Mac computer, a PlayStation 3, and a 40” 3 dimensional LED television.


Va Va Voom Van

These are the best of Robert Downey Jr. fashions from the late 1980 and early 1990’s. They say clothes make the man and he does make a striking figure with these fashions on. They may be somewhat outdated but they still look good, on him at least.


Fashions by Robert Downey Jr

Herman and Candelaria Zapp started a 12,000 mile journey in an 83 year old Graham-Paige vehicle given to them by Herman's grandfather. At first their goal was 'just' to travel from Argentina to Alaska, but that journey has stretched into 142,000 miles, and 4 children in the 11 year journey, that isn't over yet.  They are home schooling their children, each born with a different nationality.  The kindness of strangers and sales of their two books cover their expenses as they've driven the antique vehicle (at a maximum 40 MPH) on 4 continents.  They have no plans to stop any time soon as they travel the world.


11 Year Journey around the World

In a small village in southern Indonesia off the coast of the island of Lembata, the local fishermen battle whales and sharks from a very small wooden boat with sticks. They capture the fish by harpooning them with long spears, and then dismember them in the water because the whales are too heavy and large to pull aboard their small boat.


Whale Hunting in Indonesia

This is a photo Sir Ernest Shackleton’s voyage on the ship Expedition that was rather ill fated. It was taken by photographer Frank Hurley in 1915. It was part of the British Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition. The ship became trapped in the Antarctic ice. Mr. Hurley salvaged the photographic plates by diving into the icy water inside the sinking ship.


The Endurance and Antarctica

These are photos of “the greatest” otherwise known as Muhammad Ali back in his heyday. The outspoken young man from Louisville, Kentucky went on to become a three-time world champion.


The Greatest

It seems as though a tractor and a car had a slight altercation. You have to wonder how fast the tractor was going. You would think that as slow as they are, the car would have had plenty of time to get out of the way, but apparently not.


The Tractor and the Car

Apparently, the star doesn’t want to live in her “Zen-like” house anymore and put it on sale. She bought her Beverly Hills home back in 2006 for $13.5 million and completely redesigned it with her designer. I wonder why she’s selling it? Maybe because it’s too big to live there alone?


Jennifer Aniston Sells Her House for $42 Million

These celebrities have no eyebrows. Obviously, the photos have been retouched to give the viewer an idea of what these beautiful celebrities would look like without eyebrows. Although they are rather funny, they don’t look all that bad.


Justin Timberlake

Eyebrowless Stars