Having beer belly is not as easy as you might think - any big belly owner would proudly confirm that. Beer bellies demand years of strenuous work-out in front of TV (painful stretching to take beer and put it back), strict fat and carbone diet and a lot of investments into the local bar. Your friends' support is also essential. Try to keep away from those fitness fans, cause they can easily lead you astray.


Best Beer Bellies (25 pics)

Columbia, a plane crashed after being struck by lightning. It was hit shortly after it took off from the runway on San Andres island.

There were 131 people on board of the Boeing 737, but only one died in the accident and 114 got injuries.


A Plane Hit by Lightning (10 pics)

This infographic would be interesting both for young coroners and ordinary people who aren’t afraid to learn more facts about death. I was shocked by some things. Take your time to read through.

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These sculptures aren't made of clay. They are made of something we all have at hand, but only two artists from Cuba were creative enough to use it. Can you guess, what the material is?


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Do you know who is even more terrifying for young kids than the guy from Elm Street? It's a pretty smiling hair-dresser with a pair of scissors in her hands. There's nothing worse for a toddler than his first haircut. Don't believe me? Check this out.


Horrifying Hairdressers (24 pics)

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