Another great photomontage. This time, photoshoppers decided to make something creative with various devices.
And although we are unlikely to see something like this in shops, it still turned out well ;)

Unusual Devices (43 pics)
The 'natural farm' acts as a nursery for breeding whales, as well as a rehabilitation centre for former performing animals before they are set into the wild. The whale sanctuary was designed and built by marine biologists from St Petersburg University.
Now let’s see great shots of these curious creatures..

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"Forest" on the Martian dunes
Curiosities and Bonus PicturesCuriosities and Bonus Pictures

Bonus pictures

Curiosities and Bonus Pictures
These Dolls Will Make You Feel the Fear (15 pics)

Curiosities and Bonus Pictures
Amazing Snowboarding Photos (10 pics)

Curiosities and Bonus Pictures
Modern Doll House (7 pics)

Curiosities and Bonus Pictures
Funny Celebrity Statues (20 pics)

Curiosities and Bonus Pictures
Joseph Cavalieri presented Simpson Stained Glass (10 pics)

Chaos in Haiti
Curiosities and Bonus Pictures

Funny gif animations:

And here’s a funny incident from the United States.
Anonymous member posted on the forum 4chan a photograph of the three cocaine tracks and wrote that he was tired of sitting at work.
Since the photo was taken on the iPhone with GPS, then the photograph came with the location data.
It turned out that he works in the White House, Washington ))

Curiosities and Bonus Pictures
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It is difficult to believe that the same people are depicted in all these pictures.
But this is really true. Fascinating work of Spanish photographer Reclarkgable.

Couples (9 pics)
The photo you are looking at is very popular in the Internet these days.
Indeed, the owl looks nice in flight :)
As you know, we could not simply post one owl, so we added a few photomontages.
It turned great )

Let the Time Freeze (8 pics + 10 gifs)
Designed in 1997 and finished in 2004, it took its creator Robert Harvey Oshatz 7 years to build entirely. This unusual tree house is situated in the forests of Portland, Oregon.
I love it!

Awesome Tree House (15 pics)

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Group of dancers performed a traditional Maori dance battle - Haka, in honor of Prince William, who visited New Zealand as a representative of Buckingham Palace.
I must say, such emotional dance is certainly better to see live, but photos aren’t bad themselves. Look.

Dance for the Prince (6 pics)
Now he is the brightest representative of the “hip-hop” culture of the Dominican Republic.
He's a real gangsta and very dangerous n_sm_19

Cool guy (5 pics)

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