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Renaissance Paintings of Modern Celebrities (33 pics)

Posted in Funny » Photoshop 14 Sep 2011   / 26570 views

Modern famous people in old art. They look amazing on these Renaissance paintings.


Renaissance Paintings of Modern Celebrities

Impressive Renaissance Portraits of Modern Day Celebrities (35 pics)

Posted in Arts » Drawings 7 May 2011   / 44410 views

Have you ever wondered what Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore or Brad Pitt would look like living in the Renaissance era? These beautiful renderings of modern actors and singers inhabiting the 14th through 17th centuries might make you wish you had lived during those times.


Jennifer Aniston

Impressive Renaissance Portraits of Modern Day Celebrities

Worlds Smallest Apartment (7 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 8 Oct 2010   / 9178 views

This very small apartment is located on Piazza di Sant’ Ignazio in Rome, an amazing square in the heart of the capital and is overlooked by a huge Renaissance Church. The beautiful view behind it is Palazzo Grazioli, which is a mansion that is rented by the Italian prime minister. The apartment is 55 sq. ft., costs $70,000, and has a single floor, single bath, single window apartment and a ladder that leads to a platform containing a single bed.

Even though this is Rome, it is still crazy to pay such money for 5 square meters.


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Worlds Smallest Apartment (7 pics)

Another cool photomontage of stars (59 pics)

Posted in Pictures 8 Jul 2009   / 11854 views

Wild imagination photoshoppers never ceases to amaze. This time they sent the celebrities in the Renaissance.
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Another cool photomontage of stars (59 pics)