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One Instagram Rich Kid’s Cool Car Collection (51 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 24 Jun 2014   / 12063 views

These cars all belong to Aleem Iqbal.


One Instagram Rich Kid’s Cool Car Collection

Batman Fanatic Builds His Own Working Batmobile (10 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 20 Jun 2014   / 9637 views

Zac Mihajlovic is such a huge Batman fan that he spent a lot of time and energy building his own street legal batmobile. Seriously, how awesome is this car?


Batman Fanatic Builds His Own Working Batmobile

The Ultimate Parking Fails Compilation (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 12 Jun 2014   / 5557 views

How did these people even get their driving license?


Motorcyclist Cuts through Traffic, Hits Car Door (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 10 Jun 2014   / 5247 views

Here is why you shouldn't cut through traffic, especially at this speed.


Russian Road Rage with Unexpected Turn of Events (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 2 Jun 2014   / 9080 views

A taxi on the wrong side of a one-way street is talking with the driver of a black Audi. The Lada driver honks them but it's not to the taste of the folks inside the Audi...

Too bad there is no sound.


Just Joking around with Cars (41 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 30 May 2014   / 7438 views

The Misfortunes of an Australian Cyclist (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 28 May 2014   / 5756 views

He says this is exactly why he rides with a camera on his bike.


Cement Truck Almost Destroys Every Car on Its Way (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 24 May 2014   / 7540 views

Crazy close call of the day


Good Deeds on Russian Roads (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Win 23 May 2014   / 5117 views

Russia is not all about road rage, violence, crazy stuff and vodka, sometimes you get to see Russians doing good things, still through a dashcam...



Stealing People's Gas in the Hood Prank (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 20 May 2014   / 6503 views

Looks like pranksters just want to get their ass kicked these days. This prank is stupid and the reactions were to be expected.


Two Teenagers Pretend to Be Cops and Pull Random People Over

Posted in Videos » Stupid 19 May 2014   / 4497 views

They pull over a man who supposedly picked up a prostitute...


Tagging Cars of Assholes Who Park on Handicapped Spots

Posted in Videos » Win 19 May 2014   / 7187 views

They can wash it off with water, so he's not being an a-hole himself...

Surely inspired by this video:

Spray painting cars of douchebags who double park



Potholes Are Serious Business in Russia (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 9 May 2014   / 5205 views

A sinkhole appeared on the road in the Russian town of Tyumen. No cars fell in it but it was a close call for one of them.


Road Collapses and Swallows Cars in the Process (5 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Random » Weird 5 May 2014   / 2542 views

This Baltimore road collapsed unexpectedly taking a few unlucky cars with it.


Road Collapses and Swallows Cars in the Process

Landslide Swallows Multiple Cars Off the Road in Baltimore (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 2 May 2014   / 3594 views

Cars fully collapse at 1:10


Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Crash Caught on Camera in London (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 1 Apr 2014   / 7585 views

Starting price is around $400,000...


Guy Uses Secret Weapon to Win Street Race (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Funny 19 Mar 2014   / 6593 views

That's cheating though!


Spray Painting Cars of Douchebags Who Double Park (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Win 7 Mar 2014   / 8866 views

Guy says they used a parabolic microphone to get the audio.


A Little Bit of Car Fun (60 pics)

Posted in Picdumps 4 Mar 2014   / 5847 views

Nate Robinson Loves His Cars (21 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs 3 Feb 2014   / 9537 views

These luxury vehicles belong to Denver Nuggets' Nate Robinson and include a Porsche Panamera, Range Rover Sport, Cadillac CTC and Pontiac Firebird.


Nate Robinson Loves His Cars

The Perfect Truck for a Zombie Apocalypse

Posted in Videos » Awesome 25 Jan 2014   / 6382 views

Because in zombie movies, cars are always abandoned in the middle of the road


Car Driver Fails to Merge with a Truck

Posted in Videos » Wheels 20 Dec 2013   / 2771 views

He's lucky, it could have been way worse...

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