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Bikinis Always Guarantee Excellent Boob Shots (61 pics)

Posted by Raya in NSFW 10 Jul 2013   / 186929 views

Excellent minimal movie designs (25 pics)

Posted by Perodas in Blogs 7 Apr 2013   / 1114 views

A Recipe for Having an Excellent Day (27 pics + 4 gifs)

Posted by Xaniel in Funny » Humor 30 Aug 2012   / 9110 views

All you need to do is to follow these simple steps and the gloomiest day of your life will be brightened up immediately.


A Recipe for Having an Excellent Day

Great Sports Photographs (55 pics)

Posted in Arts » Photography 18 Nov 2011   / 9203 views

Sports disciplines are one of the most difficult to capture on camera. Everything happens so fast, you have to snap your picture just at the right moment. These great shots are the best examples of excellent and simply amazing sense of time.


Great Sports Photographs

Excellent Weight Loss (48 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Pictures 20 Sep 2010   / 22421 views

Ben’s weight was 358 pounds on January 1, 2009. But Ben had a life goal to lose extra pounds. So he started running and exercising. In 2009 Ben ran 983 miles, and by September 2010 he added to this number another 376 miles. In the middle of September 2010 he weighed 248 pounds. This means that in a year and a half Ben managed to lose 110 pounds in total. Excellent results! See how this man’s weight was changing every month, and don’t forget to watch the video inside this post.

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Excellent Weight Loss (48 pics)

Most Excellent Day (1 pic)

Posted by sym in Pictures 25 Jun 2010   / 9372 views

Be honest, you did at least once dreamed about stuff like that ;))


Most Excellent Day (1 pic)

Excellent Handiwork (57 pics)

Posted in Pictures 16 Mar 2010   / 15291 views

The thing made from this little metal nub is an object that was crafted by very skilled hands.
What do you think this would be?
The answer is inside the post :)

Excellent Handiwork (57 pics)

Designer Cufflinks (83 pics)

Posted by admin3 in Pictures 19 Feb 2010   / 7717 views

The beautiful and unique cufflinks in these photos can be found in the French internet shop called La Maison du Bouton de Manchette. Lots of designers were working on this wonderful collection and each pair is unique. The only thing they have in common is excellent quality.

Designer Cufflinks (83 pics)

The magic of black and white images (37 pics)

Posted in Pictures 16 Sep 2009   / 55026 views

It's not just photos, they have something that can touch your soul.
After the jump, you will see great examples of black and white photography.

The magic of black and white images (37 pics)
The magic of black and white images (37 pics)

The magic of smoke (37 pics)

Posted in Pictures 21 Jul 2009   / 6012 views

The artwork of Mehmet Ozgur is exceptional. It’s incredible what he can do with the smoke in his works.
Excellent photos, as if there were something magical.

The magic of smoke (37 pics)