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The Cutest Goat Stampede Ever (VIDEO)

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Cute 9 Jun 2014   / 4196 views


Game of Goats: Game of Thrones' Theme Song with Goats (VIDEO)

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Funny 10 Apr 2014   / 3588 views

Internet is obsessed with goats and also Game of Thrones, so here comes what had to come, a funny yelling goats version of the 'Game of Thrones' theme song.

From the same behind this video:

Reich Friends: a weird Nazis-Friends mashup



These Crazy Goats Just Wanna Have Fun

Posted by admin3 in Videos » WTF 20 Dec 2012   / 8001 views
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WTF Is Wrong with These goats!?

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Funny 26 Nov 2012   / 4982 views


Fainting Goats (6 pics + 1 gif + 4 videos)

Posted by sym in Animals 21 Oct 2010   / 22254 views

In Tennessee, USA, on some farms you can find fainting goats. There is even the annual "Goats Music and More Festival" in Marshal County. Of course, there is a reason behind their name. The muscles of fainting goats freeze for roughly 10 seconds when the goat is startled.


Fainting Goats (7 pics + 4 videos)

Antigravity Goats (2 pics)

Posted in Animals 21 Sep 2010   / 17272 views

I wonder why a hydroelectric dam would attract these goats. It looks so surreal, and it definitely has less food than the plain grass!


Antigravity Goats (2 pics)

Unusual Bridge Passersby (3 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Animals 6 Sep 2010   / 11955 views

Take a closer look at this bridge. Who do you see there? A hint: these are very unusual bridge passersby.


Unusual Bridge Passersby (3 pics)

Will Goats Rule Our World? (10 pics)

Posted in Pictures 29 Apr 2010   / 8845 views

Goats can rule the world. Yes, they can. It’s only a matter of time when exactly it happens…


Will Goats Rule Our World? (10 pics)