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How Rats Come Out of a Toilet (VIDEO)

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Smart Rats Doing Incredible Tricks

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An Owl That Brings Gifts (24 pics)

Posted in Animals 12 Oct 2011   / 8130 views

A man in South Africa saved an injured owl and kept it in his house while it was healing four years ago. While the owl was recuperating, an old cat befriended the owl. Once the owl had healed it left the house but it returns regularly to see the cat and brings the cat rats and mice.


An Owl That Brings Gifts

Uncanny Factoid: Rats on the Catwalk (3 pics + 1 video)

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That’s right not one skinny model is walking down the runway at this show. Just rats with some interesting steps.


Uncanny Factoid: Rats on the Catwalk

Live Land Mine Detectors (13 pics)

Posted by sym in Animals 12 Nov 2010   / 8430 views

These rats sniff out landmines that are filled with TNT.  They are trained by a Dutch nongovernmental organization in Tanzania. Whenever they make positive detection they are rewarded with some food.   

For more information about these little sniffers you can check out our recent article we published just several days ago in our daily stare column 'Rats to Nuts.’ Now we have more photos.  


Live  Land Mine Detectors

Daily Stare: Rats to Nuts (19 pics)

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Today we visit a lot of fun and unique pictures that will make you smile or possibly shock you.