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Better Not Light a Cigarette When You Have a Gas Bottle on the Backseat (VIDEO)

Posted by admin3 in Videos » WTF 15 May 2015   / 4775 views

Because it might leak, just like in this video.


Head cage: Turk tries a own method to quit smoking

Posted by sun in Blogs 15 Jul 2013   / 1385 views

Head cage: Turk tries a own method to quit smoking.

Head cage: Turk tries a own method to quit smoking

He Won't Be Smoking Again Anytime Soon (4 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Retro 21 Jan 2013   / 4589 views

In these 1969 American photos, a four year old boy tries his first cigar…


He Won

Make an Awesome Smoking Pumpkin!!

Posted by haxworth in Blogs 2 Nov 2012   / 357 views

How to make a really cool smoking pumpkin

Orangutan Kicks The Habit To Give Birth (6 pics)

Posted in Animals 2 Oct 2012   / 7717 views

An orangutan has achieved what many people struggle to; without the use of pills and patches.


Orangutan Kicks The Habit To Give Birth

The Smoking Hot Puppy Prank

Posted by Xaniel in Videos » Funny 15 Jun 2012   / 6345 views


Famous Smoking Movie Characters (15 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs 24 Sep 2011   / 23682 views

Movies like to glamorize all kinds of activities, including making smoking into a cool pastime. According to a recent study, teenagers have a higher chance of lighting up if they see their favorite actors doing it in a movie. See some of the most famous and influential movie characters sucking on a cancer stick.


Marlene Dietrich in Angel (1937)

Famous Smoking Movie Characters

Smoking Tricks (7 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Hobby 26 Aug 2011   / 22092 views

There are many smoking tricks that can be done with cigarettes that are rather amusing.


Smoking Tricks

A Koala and a Lizard Were Smoking a Joint.. (1 pic)

Posted by sym in Funny » LOL 21 Sep 2010   / 12118 views

A funny old joke in pictures.

A Koala and a Lizard Were Smoking a Joint..

Smoking = Blow Job (3 pics)

Posted in Pictures 26 Feb 2010   / 24295 views

This is the message (in short) which a new anti-smoking campaign of Les Droits des Non-fumeurs try to drive home in France and the ad campaign is likely to be annulled, as it is very shocking.
Personally, I think this ad is very amusing, ‘cause now only something shocking and provocative is needed to attract people’s attention to some serious issues. As long as everybody talks about it, it means that it works ;)

Smoking = Blow Job (3 pics)

Children and cigarettes (45 pics)

Posted in Pictures 21 Aug 2009   / 38121 views

I think it is right when tobacco advertising is banned and smoking allowed only in designated places. Many children start smoking at a very early age, unaware of the harm they cause themselves and some, for their careless parents’ joy, are posing with a cigarette in their mouth (and sometimes with a beer in their hands). Sad...

Children and cigarettes (45 pics)

Cigarette pause (2 pics)

Posted in Pictures 5 Jun 2009   / 12258 views

A man went out on the balcony to smoke.
Not only is smoking dangerous to health, but he decided to add more thrill.

Cigarette pause (2 pics)

It is time to quit smoking! (62 pics)

Posted in Pictures 21 May 2009   / 52082 views

Excellent selection of the most creative anti-tobacco ads.
If you smoke, look at this, it could help you to get rid of this harmful habit ;)

It is time to quit smoking! (62 pics)

Doctors’ advice (2 pics)

Posted in Pictures 14 May 2009   / 6902 views

What if a person likes to drink and smoke, but doctors don’t recommend that?
Well, there’s always a way out n_sm_19

Doctors’ advice (2 pics)