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Night Home Invasion Wakes Up Home Owner's Girlfriend Who Then Shoots at Robbers (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 14 May 2015   / 7038 views

This happened in South Africa.


Meanwhile, in South Africa: Car Jackers Posing as Police (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 23 Jan 2015   / 3457 views

This footage shows several armed men dressed in police uniforms hijacking the car of a Chinese couple driving a black BMW X5. This happened in a street of Pretoria, South Africa, in broad day light.


Armed Robbery with Twist Ending (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 2 Oct 2014   / 6099 views


The Squeaky Inflatable Toad (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Funny 1 Jul 2014   / 3617 views

This South African toad can randomly blow up its own body in an emergency


The Squeaky Inflatable Toad

The Most Extreme Golf Hole in the World (7 pics)

Posted in Random » Wow 7 Mar 2014   / 4709 views

This incredible 19th hole on the Legend Golf & Safari Resort in South Africa is only accessible by helicopter as it sits 1310 ft (400 m) up on the majestic Hanglip Mountain and is played to the green 1310 ft (400 m) below.


The Most Extreme Golf Hole in the World

The High Velocity of a Great White Shark Is Always Impressive (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 27 Feb 2014   / 4611 views

Watch as it leaps out of the water to catch a seal decoy in South African waters


South Africa's Funniest Man. Seriously!

Posted in Sponsored 22 Nov 2013   / 1435 views

This outspoken South African guy gives a very humorous and candid interview on his experience as a student.


South Africa


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South African People are Victims of a Different Kind of Gang Attack… (6 pics)

Posted by Raya in Animals 5 Aug 2013   / 14102 views

There is violence in many countries around the world but in South Africa, people are terrorized on the streets by rather unusual attackers.

South African People are Victims of a Different Kind of Gang Attack…

Well, It's also Summer in South Africa... (10 pics)

Posted by Raya in Random » Weird 3 Jun 2013   / 7566 views

An unexpected thing happened in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. This is how the city looks now.

Well, It

Gibbon Goes Tightrope Walking

Posted in Videos » Awesome 3 Jun 2013   / 2995 views


Invasion of Baboons Crashing a House

Posted in Videos » WTF 26 Apr 2013   / 3200 views

This is why you should never leave your place with an open window!

This happened in Betty's Bay, South Africa.


Tough South African Police Chase

Posted by Xaniel in Videos » Wheels 21 Jun 2012   / 5019 views


Pet Giraffe from South Africa (10 pics)

Posted in Animals 16 Mar 2012   / 9468 views

This is Fenne. It was a pet giraffe for McRae family from South Africa.


Pet Giraffe from South Africa

Pet Hippo Kills His Owner (9 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 15 Nov 2011   / 17351 views

Hippopotamus Humphrey was “like a son” to South African farmer Marius Els. The man raised his pet from the age of 5 months. Marius used to “ride” his 1,200 kg hippo’s back in the past. And now Mr. Els is gone.


Pet Hippo Kills His Owner

South African Slum Graduates Dress Up (14 pics)

Posted in Girls 14 Oct 2011   / 20332 views

Even though these ladies live in Cape Flats, near Cape Town South Africa they still get dressed up to go to their high school graduation night. Many of them are the first in their families to graduate from high school due to apartheid. Photographer Araminta de Clermont captured these poignant images. See the kinds of colorful and expensive outfits they wear for their special day.


South African Slum Graduates Dress Up

Can Horn Cutting Save the Rhinos? (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 5 Apr 2011   / 6098 views

Rhino horns are of high demand on the black market. Poachers kill hundreds of animals in order to sell their “treasure”. About 800 rhinoceros were destroyed by poachers in the last three years.


Can Horn Cutting Save the Rhinos?

Elephants to the Rescue (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 29 Oct 2010   / 20894 views

This baby elephant was attacked by a crocodile in South Africa. It didn’t take long once the cries from the baby elephant were heard for a whole herd of elephants to come to the rescue. The leader of the charge was probably the female matriarch of the herd.


Elephants to the Rescue (5 pics)

How Film Classics Are Adapted for South Africa

Posted in Videos 16 Jul 2010   / 5398 views

Video Archive Download video: .flv or .mp4

Funny Pictures about Those Annoying Vuvuzelas!! (40 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Picdumps 18 Jun 2010   / 28417 views

This has got to be one of the worst inventions ever, at least, it’s the worst thing a soccer fan could use in a stadium. In fact, everybody complains about those damn loud monotone plastic horns: announcers, organizers, players, broadcasting and communication companies and people watching games on TV. On June 15, it was reported that 545 complaints had been made to the BBC concerning the noise being made by vuvuzelas during coverage! As often in those circumstances, people on the Internet were fast to create funny pictures with the famous vuvuzela. Take a look, there’re some good ones in there…

Funny Pictures about Those Annoying Vuvuzelas!! (41 pics)

Female World Cup Fans (74 pics)

Posted in Girls 16 Jun 2010   / 43948 views

Very recently, we’ve had sexy soccer fans from different World Cups, but today we will show you girls supporting their national teams in South Africa.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it xD


Female World Cup Fans (74 pics)

White Sharks Hunt for Seals (9 pics)

Posted in Animals 9 Jun 2010   / 7853 views

White sharks were spotted attacking seals while jumping. These incredible shots were made near the shore of Cape Town, South Africa.

Just take a look at these photos.


White Sharks Hunt for Seals (9 pics)

Flying 101. Redesign with Humor (5 pics)

Posted in Pictures 9 Feb 2010   / 7273 views

South African Airline Company Kulula made a rebranding and changed the color of its planes.
The South Africans have a good sense of humor.
To see what is written on planes, click on the pictures to open them in full size.

Flying 101. Redesign with Humor (5 pics)

Groom says ‘I do’ four times at once (9 pics)

Posted in Pictures 30 Sep 2009   / 4264 views

A South African man has married four women at the same time. His name is Milton Mhbele, he is 44 and he is a municipal manager in Indaka. South African laws recognize polygamous marriages which in fact are common over there, but simultaneous weddings are rare.

Groom says ‘I do’ four times at once (9 pics)

An interesting cargo (4 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 6 Aug 2009   / 8841 views

The police pursued a stolen car in South Africa.
The officers were really surprised by what they discovered in the trunk of the car…
Look inside the post.

An interesting cargo (4 pics)

Ice bars around the world (23 pics)

Posted in Pictures 22 Jul 2009   / 10276 views

Ice bars become trendy; they spring up like mushrooms after the rain everywhere.
You can be surprised but not only ‘cold’ countries have ice bars like Sweden, Russia or Canada. There is even an ice bar in South Africa.
Hit the jump to see a collection of ice bars around the world.

Ice bars around the world (23 pics)

The Pride of Africa (37 pics)

Posted in Pictures 9 Jun 2009   / 8065 views

I was quite impressed with this train. It can be truthfully called – the Pride of Africa!
The Pride of Africa is a luxury train which is run by Rovos Rail. It is billed as the World's Most Luxurious Train. It travels through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania.
Rovos rail was established in 1989.

The Pride of Africa (37 pics)

Kruger National Park (52 pics)

Posted in Pictures 25 Mar 2009   / 43698 views

Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in South Africa. It covers 18,989 square km (7,332 sq mi).
All the Big Five game animals are found at Kruger National Park, which has more species of mammals than any other African Game Reserve (at 147 species): elephants, hippopotamus, white rhinoceros, giraffes, 17 species of antelope, lions, leopards, and crocodiles and many other species.
Tourism is very developed here. But before going there, the tourists are always asked to sign a document that they went there willingly and if they are eaten, the park administration DOES NOT bear any responsibility.

Kruger National Park (52 pics)