Another Piece of Paradise on Earth (19 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       19 Nov 2010       12890

Crystal-clear water, white sand, good weather, beautiful scenery, what to wish more for a calm and resting vacation…

These pictures are of luxury Diva Resort hotel on the Maldives.

This makes me dream of so awaited vacations.


Another Piece of Paradise on Earth

Little Post-it Note Masterpieces (16 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       19 Nov 2010       12508

These are very detailed post-it drawings of childhood nightmares. Don Kenn, the artist of these works does an incredible job on such little "canvases."


Little Post-it Note Masterpieces

Magical Vacation on a Catamaran in the Caribbean (25 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       19 Nov 2010       8246

Don’t let the daily weekly price tag of $100,000 stop you. This catamaran has everything that you could want in an ocean going vessel including a submersible submarine that will get you closer to the ocean bottom then you have ever been before.


Magical Vacation on a Catamaran in the Caribbean

The Invisible Helmet (9 pics + 1 video)

Posted in PICTURES       19 Nov 2010       10658

This is a bicycle helmet that the rider inflates when it is needed. When it isn’t in use it fits like a hood around your neck. That’s the reason it is invisible. It not only solves the problem of what to do with the helmet when it isn’t being used, it is also rather fashionable. But as any fashionable thing, it looks stupid.


The Invisible Helmet

$250,000 Dollars Buys a Great House (13 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       19 Nov 2010       16379

Everyone loves to window shop and with falling home prices these are some great houses to dream about, and if you can get a small loan pick up at an amazing price. They are around the world, so you might just pick a home that will transform your life.


Fernhill, New Zealand
USD Price: $250,000 (approx.)
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2

$250,000 Dollars Buys a Great House

Geeky Love (55 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       19 Nov 2010       11577

Do you remember Red and Jonny who are two Star Wars Geeks? This is a set of pictures about their everyday life. It is apparent that they wear their Star Wars helmets during all aspects of their lives, something that is usual for them. 


Geeky Love

The Big Track (12 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       19 Nov 2010       8436

This is the repaving of the Daytona International Speedway.  The last time the track was paved was in 1978. It is the fastest track on the NASCAR circuit. It was opened in 1959.  During the race in 2010, a small piece of the track came up. So much for the best laid plans of mice and men. 


The Big Track

WWII in Color. Part 2 (75 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       19 Nov 2010       17618

These photos of World War II are in color. They really bring the all the soldiers and sailors to life and helps to depict the human side of the war. There is nothing quite like the comradery among military people.  

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WWII in Color. Part 2

T.V. Isnt just for Humans Anymore (78 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       19 Nov 2010       7292

Everyone loves their pets, and when you find your cat or dog watching other cats and dogs it is always hilarious. Here are some homemade shots of TV watching cats and dogs.


T.V. Isnt just for Humans Anymore

Breakfast from Some Countries around the World (6 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       19 Nov 2010       11831

German photographer Oliver Schwarzwald made a photo project about breakfast which is typical for different countries. Although there is a whole lot of clichés and stereotypes, the photos are fun to look at.
Check them out...

Great Britain

Breakfast from Some Countries around the World

No Nuclear Plum (1 pic)

Posted in BLOGS       19 Nov 2010       973

Found this product in a Chinese supermarket in the Dominican Republic

No Nuclear Plum

Daily picdump (130 pics)

Posted in Forbidden       18 Nov 2010       23263

The announcement for those who came across ads with auto-sound on izismile lately.

We were able to identify the source of the auto-play audio ad. You should no longer see the ad rotate through.

Let us know if you continue to see issues.


Daily picdump
Daily picdump
Daily picdump

About Steve Jobs' Households (90 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       18 Nov 2010       11888

Here’s house in Palo Alto where he lives with his wife and their three children.

He bought it right after his marriage in the 90’s and since resides there. Judging by the photos, there’s not any special luxury there like other celebs or rich people may have. The house is in the British country style that doesn’t really resemble a house of a high-tech/media mogul.


About Steve Jobs

How Emma Watson Grew Up (100 pics)

Posted in Forbidden       18 Nov 2010       46972

Famous actress Emma Watson, best known for her screen role of witch Hermione in Harry Potter movies, has changed a lot since the first movie. She grew up, changed her style and haircut. But you can see everything yourself after the jump.


How Emma Watson Grew Up

Is She Semi-Nude? (2 pics)

Posted in NSFW       18 Nov 2010       39408

Focus on this picture. What do you see in it? Are you sure it’s a half-naked girl?


Is She Semi-Nude?

Top Unsexiest Celebrities (50 pics)

Posted in CELEBS       18 Nov 2010       18918

You might disagree with this list, but these are 50 top unsexiest men 2010. Some of them are actually not that bad. But what would the girls say about it?


Billy Ray Cyrus

Top Unsexiest Celebrities

How to Hack an Electronic Road Sign (4 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       18 Nov 2010       13057

All instructions in pictures are inside the post.

Don’t get yourself caught - just a little caution for those who are actually going to do it ;)


How to Hack an Electronic Road Sign

Daily Stare: Soothing Thursday (14 pics)

Posted in PICDUMPS       18 Nov 2010       5705

Penguins to Dr. Seuss it is stuffed into this picture set.


Here Comes ?!?

Daily Stare: Soothing Thursday

Hilarious Robert Pattinson Memes (43 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       18 Nov 2010       15870

Robert Pattinson has become a meme. A photo of a shirtless Twilight vampire jumping around in his swim trunks is manipulated into all kinds of situations. Have some laugh with this hilarious collection of Jumping Rob memes.


Hilarious Robert Pattinson Memes

These funny animals (36 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       18 Nov 2010       6776
These funny animals
These funny animals

Tilted Tens: Coffee Fun (11 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       18 Nov 2010       6202

Although we missed National Coffee day Sept 29th, we thought what a fun way to spend a Thursday doing the tilted tens. Coffee you either love it or hate it. Here are some odd and unusual coffees from around the world.


Would Juan would be proud of what people have done with this sacred coffee bean or shocked?

Tilted Tens: Coffee Fun

Uncanny Factoid: Hiring Exorcist

Posted in PICTURES       18 Nov 2010       4612

That’s right folks; the Catholic Church is filling positions as exorcists. The drawback to this new and upcoming position is that you have to already be a priest or bishop in the Catholic Church.


Uncanny Factoid: Hiring Exorcist

Where is Batman Now? (14 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       18 Nov 2010       19527

It seems that Batman lives in Japan now. Be attentive, and you’ll see an interesting U.S. Air Force base building on Okinawa that looks exactly like Batman logo.


Where is Batman Now?

Supercars from Russia (39 pics)

Posted in       18 Nov 2010       14880

Priced at $135,000-$185,000, MaRussia supercars are the only supercars constructed in Russia. These vehicles have engines that are created by English company Cosworth especially for Marussia Motors, the first Russian manufacturer of the premium class cars. There are two versions of Marussia vehicles. They are Marussia B1 and Marussia B2. These two models differ from each other only in design of a body. Both models get the engines of two types: 3.5L atmospheric engine with 300 horsepower and 2.8L turbo engine with 360-400 horsepower. Marussia can speed up to 250 km/h. Inside this post, you can see the factory where Marussia vehicles are built.


Supercars from Russia

Stunning Artistic Pictures of Earth (22 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       18 Nov 2010       10591

If you look at Earth from space, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful it is. And if you apply false color to the photos created by satellite sensors, you’ll get a stunning artistic result.


Great Salt Desert, Iran

Stunning Artistic Pictures of Earth

Exhibition of Old Stuff (34 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       18 Nov 2010       7289

The artist has made an exhibition of the things of his cousin, who never threw anything away in her life!


Exhibition of Old Stuff

Pets Wizards (20 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       18 Nov 2010       7560

Some people loved Harry Potter movies so much; they started to dress their pets as wizards and Gryffindor students. These are 20 photographs of Harry Potter themed cats and dogs.


Pets Wizards

Cross Dressing Vocalist (20 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       18 Nov 2010       9385

This is a day in the life of a cross dressing singer who lives in Thailand. His day starts to differ from a normal person as he starts to shave. He has to shave his leg too. Then he has to do his makeup, and put on a skirt, and…. Well, you get the picture.

Cross Dressing Vocalist

Barricaded (2 pics)

Posted in       18 Nov 2010       6259

It appears that a car got stuck between two barricades. I have no idea how he got there but this guy is having a really, really bad day.


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