Women of North Africa (28 pics)

Posted in GIRLS       26 Nov 2010       49005

This collection of female portraits includes photographs taken between 1880 and 1950. It shows women of almost all North African nations and tribes, including the Arabic region, the Middle East and North Africa.


Women of North Africa

Can You Believe That This Guy Is Really A Chick Magnet? (4 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       26 Nov 2010       17296

I know, I know, but it is really true. Check it out after the jump.


Can You Believe That This Guy Is Really A Chick Magnet?

Adam Duritz Dates (11 pics)

Posted in NSFW       26 Nov 2010       18018

American musician and producer Adam Duritz isn’t my type of man. He is not hot. But somehow he manages to date only hot women! You can now view a list of all his dates from ‘90s to recent times.


Adam Duritz Dates

Impressive 3D Chalk Art (12 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       26 Nov 2010       20044

This street artist amused everyone with his chalk drawings. Mr. Hou from China posted a few pictures of his 3D chalk art on different forums. Chinese netizens soon gave Hou the nick name “Chalk God”. The media quickly dug up his identity, and discovered that the creator of these striking realistic-looking landscapers was an average citizen who drew with chalk to impress his son.


Impressive 3D Chalk Art

Smile Though Your Leg is Breaking (10 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       26 Nov 2010       14544

This poor Japanese girl took a nasty fall while she was running a footrace. Fortunately, she wasn’t injured and she was even smiling during her fall. The girl does have a strong will to keep going no matter what’s happening. That’s the spirit.


Smile Though Your Leg is Breaking

Collection of Beautiful Wallpapers (50 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       26 Nov 2010       25476

A new collection of wallpaper to refresh your desktops. I think each of you will find here something to your taste. Don’t forget that pictures are clickable, so just click and save ;)

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Collection of Beautiful Wallpapers

Holy Atom Bomb (45 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       26 Nov 2010       11602

Welcome to the inside of a nuclear missile silo. It is a tremendously large operation and every square inch of it is immaculate. Quite naturally, it is located out in the middle of nowhere as it should be.


Holy Atom Bomb

Cuddly Cats (34 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       26 Nov 2010       12699

These are some of the cutest and cuddliest cats and kittens that you have ever seen. They are so naturally inquisitive and playful that they are a pleasure to be around. As similar as all cats are, they also have individual personalities.


Cuddly Cats

HAPPY T-DAY (1 pic)

Posted in BLOGS       26 Nov 2010       4505

chi pink flat iron (1 pic)

Posted in BLOGS       26 Nov 2010       1790

chi pink flat iron

Chi flat iron style varied, but my favorite is pink chi flat iron, her pure and noble. You will when you see this chi pink chi flat iron  . You Faraday professional ceramic obtained a "professional and straight hair, we are one of the best-selling irons in, you guessed it? Pink! With its ergonomic design, the curve L is the edge of the board you continue to rectify and curl . This same ceramic iron, ionic technology as the original blog, it's just a lovely color. experts who shape you like your products a little style perfect! really, how can you miss pink? One of the biggest advantage of chi flat is that it has flat irons. The pink chi flat irons are made up of ceramic heating plates which do not damage your hair giving it a smooth feel. Another special feature of Chi Hair straighteners is the digital control and a monitor which helps you to set the temperature to any amount of time that you want. The display monitor helps you to read the time that you have set and make sure that it is right. The other outstanding feature is the Timer it is an extra function which helps puT off the iron automatically as you finish your task of sedu hair straighteners.


chi pink flat iron

Daily picdump (136 pics)

Posted in Forbidden       25 Nov 2010       21881
Daily picdump
Daily picdump
Daily picdump

Adobe Photoshop Day Cream (78 pics)

Posted in CELEBS       25 Nov 2010       108583

This day cream is creatively named Adobe Photoshop. On the pictures below you can see how this cream is supposed to help women get a nice and smooth skin. An advertising company for this cream is also very unusual, as it shows two sides of celebrities’ faces: the Photoshopped and the real one.



Adobe Photoshop Day Cream

The Best Transformation of Stars for Their Movie Roles. Part 4 (20 pics)

Posted in CELEBS       25 Nov 2010       270185

We all love to be at the top of our craft, and actors and actresses are no different. In this collection of snaps you can see those hard working screen stars before and after they made big changes to their bodies. Think about what it would be like to lose 50lbs to get a part, or gain 30. You can work out to get bigger muscles and toned, but losing and gaining weight is real work.

Previous parts:
The best transformation of stars for their movie roles (20 pics)
The Best Transformation of Stars for Their Movie Roles. Part 2 (22 pics)
The Best Transformation of Stars for Their Movie Roles. Part 3 (39 pics)

George Clooney gained 30lbs of fat for Syriana

The Best Transformation of Stars for Their Movie Roles. Part 4

Daily Stare: Get Stuffed on Photos (15 pics)

Posted in PICDUMPS       25 Nov 2010       10041

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is our platter of tasty photo treats!

The Greatest Catch

Daily Stare: Get Stuffed on Photos

These funny animals (35 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       25 Nov 2010       6700
These funny animals
These funny animals

Uncanny Factoid: A Door with a View

Posted in PICTURES       25 Nov 2010       5938

The door itself isn’t the view, it’s the weird and neat doorknob that is attached.  When approaching this newest gadget you can glimpse a view of what is contained in the room behind it.


Uncanny Factoid: A Door with a View

Getting in Shape (9 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       25 Nov 2010       22296

Do you remember Claire Nassir, a British announcer? She gained a considerable amount of weight when she was pregnant. However, the change in her physique after four months is absolutely amazing.

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Getting in Shape

The Groupon Headquarters (50 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       25 Nov 2010       12840

In case you don’t know, Groupon is the hottest Internet startup company in 2010. From the looks of their building they are doing very well. The headquarters is located in an old Montgomery Ward building, just west of Chicago’s downtown.  


The Groupon Headquarters

Brand New Cars Didn't Make It to the Marketplace (6 pics)

Posted in       25 Nov 2010       9544

36 brand new cars were supposed to be taken to the auto dealers, but didn’t make it to the marketplace. Fire caught a car transport with these vehicles on the highway in Chongqing, China, and completely destroyed 20 cars. 16 vehicles were severely damaged.


Brand New Cars Didn

How Ants Are Born (10 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       25 Nov 2010       30705

This young colony of Camponotus has a queen and 17 ant-workers. Wanna see how the 18th ant is born?



How Ants Are Born

My Paradise (36 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       25 Nov 2010       13543

We already had a few posts with the photographs from this amazing earthly paradise. But this place is so gorgeous that we couldn’t help but share a new portion of pictures of one of the world’s most beautiful places. Looking at such beauty, it’s hard not to leave everything behind and move to the Maldives.


My Paradise

Mini-Cars for "Lilliputs" (4 pics)

Posted in       25 Nov 2010       14088

Short people have a lot of problems, including their small stature and difficulties of driving a real car. Most cars don’t allow such people reaching the steering wheel, pedals and accessing gear. They feel like “lilliputs”, but finally, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers paid attention at their problems.


Mini-Cars for "Lilliputs"

Oh Mary Jane (49 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       25 Nov 2010       7466

This is the 2010 medical cannabis competition held in San Francisco. From the size of the dubie that was being passed around, everybody was apparently having a good time. I do wonder what ailments all these people suffer from. 


Oh Mary Jane

Restaurant CV (1 pic)

Posted in BLOGS       25 Nov 2010       1652

Sample Restaurant CV, tips on how to write Restaurant CVs with free samples.   

Restaurant CV

Space, the Final Frontier (29 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       25 Nov 2010       10328

These are some amazing photos from space. They were uploaded by Colonel Douglas H. on his Twitter account. They were taken while he was on the International space station. They are some really incredible photos.


Space, the Final Frontier
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