Homemade Floppy Flash Drive (7 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       16 Nov 2010       9837

This is a do it yourself flash drive that is incorporated into an old floppy disc. With a little ingenuity and these instructions you too can make your own small storage device. The device is cleverly housed in a floppy disc and combines modern technology and nostalgia ;)


You can choose a catchy and cheap gift in our gadgets store.


Homemade Floppy Flash Drive

Handmade Beer Calendar (7 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       16 Nov 2010       8507

Having a bottle of beer for every day of the month. It is easy with a beer calendar reminder that you can create yourself. A detailed instruction is right after the jump.


Handmade Beer Calendar

Cars after a Hailstorm (16 pics)

Posted in       16 Nov 2010       10587

This is an example of the damage that a hailstorm can cause to automobiles. The hail was the size of a baseball and did some considerable. Some auto body shops are going to be plenty busy in the weeks following this storm.


Cars after a Hailstorm

Dubai Driverless Metro Network (40 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       16 Nov 2010       9863

The Dubai Metro is well known all over the world for its longest fully automated, and driverless network. Its first line, the Red Line, partly operates. It was opened on September 9, 2009, at 9:09:09 by the Ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The Green Line is still under construction, and two more lines are planned.

The construction cost of the Dubai Metro project is about $7.6 billion. The ridership has recently reached 130,000 passengers a day, and it is expected to rise to 170,000 passengers a day by the end of 2010.


Dubai Driverless Metro Network

True Bikers (39 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       16 Nov 2010       19778

These are the photos of real bikers with many tattoos and that “piercing” look.


True Bikers

Bathtubs With Personality (21 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       16 Nov 2010       9183

These bathtubs are very creative. They are unique, beautiful, and functional. As far as imagination is concerned, the designers of these bathtubs had an imagination that ran wild.


Bathtubs With Personality

Oodles of Google Doodles (40 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       16 Nov 2010       8331

These are doodles of the Google logo. There is one for every occasion, every holiday, and every significant event. They are all quite unique and very interesting. It is a Google way to remind us of the important events of the day if there are any. Ahh, what would we do without mighty Google ;)


PAC-MAN's 30th Anniversary

Oodles of Google Doodles

The World's Oldest Mother Dreams about Another Child (5 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       16 Nov 2010       7984

Seeing Adriana Iliescu and her 5-year-old daughter Eliza walking hand in hand, you are more likely to believe that they are a great grandparent and a granddaughter. Adriana, a writer from Romania, delivered Eliza at the age of 66, and she is 72 now. She became the oldest mother in the world in 2005 thanks to IVF.

People call Adriana granny for fun, but she got used to it. And what would you say if a 72-year-old woman delivers another child?


The World

Real Looking Miniature Soldiers (50 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       16 Nov 2010       8547

These miniature soldiers are very realistic. The war scenes also look real and tell a story. These aren’t your everyday toy soldiers. They are real miniatures. The equipment in the scenes also look real. The whole scene is quite amazing.


Real Looking Miniature Soldiers

Druggie Doggies (16 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       16 Nov 2010       18781

These dogs all look like they are on some kind of drug or maybe they have been drinking. They have all the telltale signs such as lazy eyelids, sluggishness, and general slothfulness. I guess someone needs to call the doggie police.


Druggie Doggies

Samies (22 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       16 Nov 2010       6409

This is an exhibition of everyday objects that were made by students of the faculty of Industrial Design Technology College HiT, in the Park Mini-Israel. The only condition of their design was that it had to mimic the originals.



Daily picdump (139 pics)

Posted in DAILY       15 Nov 2010       22358
Daily picdump
Daily picdump
Daily picdump

Epic Wins. The Best of the Best. Part 2 (59 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       15 Nov 2010       22283

Another collection of funny and awesome win photographs that can make your day.

Previous part:

Epic Wins. The Best of the Best (62 pics)


Epic Wins. The Best of the Best. Part 2

The Harry Potter Actors and How They Have Changed (42 pics)

Posted in CELEBS       15 Nov 2010       163909

The movies about Harry Potter are some of the top grossing of all time. Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter and his friends are all talented actors who were just little kids when the first movie made its debut. They have certainly grown up since then.


The Harry Potter Actors and How They Have Changed

The Differences Between a Cat and a Dog (2 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       15 Nov 2010       7782

To see the differences between a cat and a dog, let’s take a look  at their s diaries The dog is obviously the least concerned in all things other than chasing cats while the cat is concerned about everything. It is a good read and very funny. 


The Differences Between a Cat and a Dog

Unusual Google Street View Pictures (113 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       15 Nov 2010       19616

An interesting compilation of some of the most unusual Google Street View pictures from various positions along different world’s streets.


Unusual Google Street View Pictures

Daily Stare: Whoa Monday Again (16 pics + 1 video)

Posted in PICDUMPS       15 Nov 2010       7711

With a Monday morning smile we ply you with our newest findings.


Mouse Hippocampus

Daily Stare: Whoa Monday Again

These funny animals (41 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       15 Nov 2010       5520
These funny animals
These funny animals

Uncanny Factoid: Bulletproofing Mexico a Car at a Time

Posted in PICTURES       15 Nov 2010       4387

It is sad, but true that Mexicans now feel they need a bullet proof car to drive the streets. They feel it is a necessity and not a luxury. These cars sell for an average price of $80,000 dollars. What type of car gets armored?  It is a wide variety including small SUVs, pickups, Hondas, and others. Business is booming and it is estimated that if you purchased a car today you wouldn’t get it until February.


Uncanny Factoid: Bulletproofing Mexico a Car at a Time

Mind-Blowing 3D Pencil Drawings (28 pics)

Posted in Forbidden       15 Nov 2010       383997

Can you imagine pencil drawings being three-dimensional pieces of art? Works by 17-year-old artist Fredo from Chile are surely awesome and mind-blowing. It feels that in a moment the drawn objects would jump off the page. This feeling is so strong, and all the drawings are highly detailed and look real. It usually takes Fredo from 30 minutes to a month to finish each piece.

Beware, some works are creepy.


Mind-Blowing 3D Pencil Drawings

Cute Photos of Action Man Vladimir Putin with Animals (23 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       15 Nov 2010       14764

When former Russian President Vladimir Putin is not swimming in a very cold river, resting in the branches of a tree, hunting or doing any of all the other manly things he usually does, well, he apparently is just the animal lover.
Yep, Putin is not just pictured in macho poses, you can also see him in ‘cute’ photos with animals…

Cute Photos of Action Man Vladimir Putin with Animals

The Sudd Swamp (3 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       15 Nov 2010       21771

The Sudd, is a vast swamp in southern Sudan, formed by the White Nile.

Its size is highly variable, averaging over 30,000 square kilometers. During the wet season it may extend to over 130,000 km².

The sunlight and water contribute to the proliferation of plants that have no roots and float on the surface, forming a sort of a live carpet. Eventually plants become larger, thicker which with time creates a dense floating plant life of the swamp. Apparently, it is so strong that it can hold the weight of large animals.


The Sudd Swamp

Building Advertisements (21 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       15 Nov 2010       12479

These are the best advertisements on buildings. They are very clever and ingenious. The advertisement illustrates their slogan if they have one. They certainly make their point and do the product a real service.


Coop’s Paints (Insurance Ad)

Building Advertisements

FC Kaiserslautern Vs. VfB Stuttgart (3 pics)

Posted in BLOGS       15 Nov 2010       2380

FC Kaiserslautern Vs. VfB Stuttgart


FC Kaiserslautern Vs. VfB Stuttgart

Where Russian Oligarchs Live (27 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       15 Nov 2010       12459

This luxurious Russian mansion is located in a small village near Moscow. It is owned by Vladimir Bryntsalov who owns one of the major pharmaceutical companies in Moscow. It is very stately and obviously worth a lot of money. It also seems that the more money they have, the more tasteless they are…


Where Russian Oligarchs Live

Surprise in a Motorbike (7 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       15 Nov 2010       10967

It seems the owner of this motorbike hadn’t ridden it for a long while. So when he finally decided to go on a ride, he found something completely unexpected inside of his bike.


Surprise in a Motorbike

Elephant vs Crocodile (4 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       15 Nov 2010       14230

For a crocodile, it’s easy to attack an elephant when they have such long trunks.

Apparently, the mother was protecting her baby from a crocodile.

It feels like it is a common practice for crocodiles to attack baby elephants


Elephant vs Crocodile

Child Labor in the U.S. History (69 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       15 Nov 2010       11769

These are historical photos that show child labor in the USA in 1908-1912.


Child Labor in the U.S. History

How The Biggest Ships Were Built (36 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       15 Nov 2010       17424

The Batillus class supertankers are the largest vessels by gross tonnage ever built. There were 4 of them, each at 555,000 metric tons DWT, constructed by France in the 1970s. A gross tonnage of Batillus is 275,276 tons. Still, if considering fully-loaded displacement, the Batillus ships don’t hold the world’s record. They are edged out by the Seawise Giant ship that serves as an oil tanker. Still, the Batillus class ships are records for tankers (with the depth of 36 meters and full load draft of 28.5 meters), and, inside this post, you can see how these largest ships were built.


How The Biggest Ships Were Built
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