Eye on Stars: Charlie Sheen Hospitalized, Delayed Hobbit, American Idol Tragedy Tale and More Celebrity News (10 pics)

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John Travolta turns down Glee

John Travolta was offered by the Glee team to appear in one of its episodes, but he turned it down…for a good reason. According to him, while it’s an honor to be asked, he believes he won’t be able to give a “knock ’em down” performance with just a week to prepare. When preparing for musicals, he needs six to nine months training to give an out-of-this-world performance and he won’t be able to it in just one week. That’s John Travolta for you, and we agree. It’s fair too since a performance for him is something the audience should really like. 

“The Hobbit” delayed due to Peter Jackson’s emergency surgery

Director Peter Jackson was rushed to the hospital after feeling acute stomach pains. He had an emergency surgery after finding out he was suffering from perforated stomach ulcer. Due to this, filming for “The Hobbit” won’t start until he fully recovers. According to doctors though, he’ll be able to make a quick recovery and his surgery will not have a great impact on the filming.  “The Hobbit” has been delayed the past years, and we hope that this emergency won’t really affect the filming. Get well soon Peter Jackson!

Khloe Kardashian admits struggling with weight

Khloe Kardashian has been receiving criticisms regarding her fluctuating weight, but now she’s letting it all out by having a confession saying that her weight has been her biggest lifetime struggle.  Her weight has been going up and down through the years and Khloe felt that she would never look good enough for everybody. But she has learned to overcome it and let her body go with flow. We’re sure they have all the money to help her lose weight. After all, the Kardashians are rich and with just a snap of a finger, Khloe will be able to get somebody to lose her weight. That won’t be a problem for her.

Charlie Sheen rushed to the hospital; Was partying for 36 hours before that

“Two and a Half-Men” star Charlie Sheen was rushed to the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in LA on Thursday morning after complaining of severe abdominal pains. Before that though, he had a 36-hour party in his house with two porn stars, a businessman and some women. Then, despite drinking hard, Sheen took a lot of cocaine for hours. But the cause being hospitalized was hernia, which “causes the food and acid to back up into the esophagus”, thus causing a lot of pain. We’re surprised with the hernia, but we’re not surprised by the drugs, alcohol, party and porn. In fact, we believe that caused the hernia. Another proof that Sheen is getting out of control!

Angels of Charlie’s Angels TV reboot complete!

A week after announcing a Charlie’s Angels TV reboot, the three angels are finally complete! “Friday Night Lights” star Minka Kelly will be playing Marisa who is a former Marine weapons expert and is good in hand-to-hand combat; Rachel Taylor is Abby who is a con artist, but is the sassiest of all the Angels; and “General Hospital” veteran Annie Ilonzeh as the smart and athletic ex-cop Kate, who is good in martial arts.  There is still no word on who will play Bosley. Well, the girls look very pretty and we hope they live up to the original series because for us, nothing has beaten it yet.

Another American Idol contestant moves audience to tears

We had Danny Gokey last season who auditioned after her wife died and reached until the final three. This season, we have Chris Medina who sang for her brain-damaged fiancée. Medina sang “Breakeven” by The Script and the judges were moved by his performance and wanted to meet Juliana. When she was wheeled into the room, viewers saw the full extent of her injuries as her face is partially paralyzed. The judges greeted her, while Steve Tyler embraced her saying "I just heard your fiance sing, and he's so good. You know, because he sings to you all the time. I could tell. That's why he sings so good, because he sings to you”. We saw the audition and it moved us as well and we agree that he has a good singing voice. We hope Medina reaches to the finals because we got a true singer here.

Taylor Momsen believes she’s a bad influence 

We’re glad she realized that now. Taylor Momsen revealed that she was concerned of being a bad influence to Madonna’s daughter, Lorudes, and to other kids as well. She explains that when a reporter interviewed her one time, he brought her 12 year old daughter. The daughter was looking at Momsen open-mouthed and suddenly said “I want stripper shoes, Daddy!” She advised girls to be just themselves and should not follow her because she has been out of her mind since she was 11. Well, we’re glad you’re saying that now Momsen…at least you realize what have become of you recently. 

Chelsea Handler broke 50 Cent’s heart

Who would’ve imagined that rapper 50 Cent would feel a great heartbreak? Right after Chelsea Handler dumped 50 Cent before the holidays, the rapper was heartbroken and wouldn’t take no for an answer when he tried to get her back. So, he sent Handler a lot of Christmas presents as a sign of his love for her. But she responded by sending the gifts back with a note “I can buy my own gifts”. Ouch! That was nasty! This means, 50 Cent should move on because it looks like Handler will never get back with him. It was never meant to last anyway.

Gladys Horton of Marvellettes dies at 66

Gladys Horton from the Marvelettes of the 1960’s died due to complications from stroke. She died at 66 in a Sherman Oaks, California nursing home where she was recovering before her death. Horton was the lead singer of the all-girls singing group in the 60’s called the Marvelettes at only 17 years old. Their first hit was “Please Mr. Postman” and landed well in the pop charts and proceeded with hits such as 'Playboy,' 'Beechwood 4-5789' and 'Too Many Fish in the Sea.' She was indeed a great singer and a great contribution to the music industry. Rest in peace Gladys Horton.

Lisa Rinna: Possible Replacement for Regis Philbin?

There have been reports that Lisa Rinna is a possible replacement for Regis Philbin as she has proved she can do a good job in hosting. She has co-hosted the show with Regis, filled in for Joy Behar on her show and was even better than Billy Bush when she stepped into his shoes on Access Hollywood's new daytime show” according to an executive. In fact, we couldn’t agree more as she had done some good hostings the past years and the fact that Regis taught her everything that she needed to know on hosting a great show. It would be an honor to be his replacement. We hope this comes true because we would love to see her.


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