The Worst Photoshop Disasters. Part 2 (40 pics)

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The average Photoshop user can be excused for making mistakes when trying to Photoshop an image, but commercial organizations with experienced users cannot. See another installment of the most embarrassing Photoshop blunders.


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The Worst Photoshop Disasters (40 pics)


BikeTart: Disaster At Hand

The design of Pugsley’s new bike didn’t allow for placement of a kickstand, so Fester suggested he take Thing along as a workaround.

Cat Litter: I Beg Your Paw Down

Getting past the initial shock of having his forepaw literally fall off of his body while doing his business, Seymour buried it unceremoniously with litter and stepped out of the box, confident that neither human nor dog were any the wiser.

Wellness Cafe: Gross Anatomy

Susan’s modeling career had taken a noticeable downturn ever since the National Twister Tournament and the three fateful words forever burned into her brain: “Right foot red.”

Joe McNally: Knee-to-Groin Injury

Dexter had never actually seen a female crotch before, and was once again forced to default to a ‘best guess’ and hide everything with inky-black shadow.

OE 24: Too Big To Swallow

The article writes about a Shark who bit part of surfer's bottom off. An explanation for the image was that it could be a Megalodon coming back from the cenozoic era.

TS.FI : Train Wreck

Every May here in Leutonia, the Premier and his family visit the National Spring Festival, where they take the traditional tour of the fairgrounds on the world’s only 62%-scale miniature railroad while enjoying a delicious snack of cabbage rolls and coffee.

Photoshop Quiz: Britney Spears

Metro Town: Shoulder Slip

Leilani was the most determined girl on Molokai, and not about to let a mild case of leprosy destroy her dreams of being a supermodel.

Cote Rouen: A Screen Askew

Look, you said you wanted the screens on our laptops to be the brightest on the market, even in bright daylight.  Well, we can’t do that and keep the price point where you want it without making sacrifices elsewhere.

AIGLE: Thigh-master… not!

In spite of her lifelong dream to one day take over the family farm, Amy could no longer ignore the lucrative offers coming her way from the WNBA.

Jain Kim: Letting It All Go To Your Head

Competition: Creative Photo Of Expression

Gotta love that ear ring and the UFOs in the background.

Gridiron: Mosaic Monstrosity

Given enough time, a thousand monkeys on a thousand laptops with Photoshop installed will eventually piece together something resembling cover art.

Quirky: Physics Phailure

Are you tired of being made fun of by family and friends because being cross-eyed causes you to constantly mis-target your own mouth, drenching your face in liquids teeming with high fructose corn syrup?  Well, your problems are over!  Presenting, from the makers of the Gyro Bowl, the amazing new ORBIT CUP!!  Embarrassing spills are a thing of the past with the Orbit Cup, which magically renders any and all liquids instantly weightless!

Send In the Clones

Hundreds of local youth showed up today to apply for a few job openings at the new Abercrombie & Fitch. Having an extremely flat road with a pitch at the end only a humvee could get over only held them back so long.

Fun.TV: Crotch-tastrophe

This is an ad for a Polish TV show called "Blow Job", sponsored by the proud producers of an energy drink for women called "Blow". And it stars the president's niece..!

Wired: Staying Connected

So there's this new thing: the unhotel from OneFineStay. And they think they're it. They give you the chance to stay in someone's place while they're out of town. Live their life for a few days and try out the unlamp, which only the very rich can afford. The unlamps shade disconnects from the stand, leaving the shade suspended in the air and allowing the stand to double as a TV aerial.

TV Buzz: Thighly Inaccurate

When Kym requested vaginal rejuvenation surgery, she got way more than she bargained for.

60: Running a High Femur

When she first arrived on our shores, this young lady had much difficulty adjusting to strange, ‘foreign’ concepts such as calories and gravity.

E-Marilyn: Miss Direction

This is what can happen when you drink and tango.

WareLex: Dumb-Phoned-Ed

Look, Phil, I'm not saying your 'window filter' isn't totally awesome.  But, honestly, isn't it really more of a niche-market feature?

Schoner Wohnen: Changing Table Tragedy!

There is such a thing as too absorbent.

Quiz: Kristen Stewart Armless?

A photo of Kristen Stewart on the cover of Glamour which has been published on countless sites as a disaster. Did they remove her arm? Is her arm behind her leg or is it behind her back?

Target: Epicurean Encephalitis!

Not only are you the most beautiful woman on the face of the Earth, but your cooking knows no rival! Your voice is angelic, you smell like jasmine, and you… uh… oh, dear!

PSD: Photoshop Disasters

Dressing Paula: Leg Alas!

Some girls just can't seem to keep their legs together.

Bienvenue A Bord: Two Fingered Salute

Ironically it was the French cutting two fingers off an English longbowman in 1415 that gave rise to the popular English gesture of defiance. Now perhaps a British graphic artist has their revenge on the French? Non?

Wacoal: The Big Giant Head

A Win for extreme head pumping and body slimming - a Loss for the human gene pool.

Ur & Penn Axcent: Up As High As The Eye Can See

The Polar Bear tries to swim away as fast as his paws will paddle, but the monstrosity, having been seen, cannot be unseen.

Liugongla: The Shadow Conspiracy

Deborah Comfortmat: Arm Pillow Fusion Blend

Art Director: "Just turn the arm into a pillow - you know 'comfort - mat', get it?" Graphic Artists: (thinks) Why didn't I take that job cleaning toilets when I had the chance? (says) "Yes boss!"

InPost: Aaaarrgh Its Started

Sofia: Aleksander the mutation has started… my hands! I need a cure.

Aleksander: Don’t worry; I’m on the phone right now to Ralph Lauren they have these sorts of problems all the time.

Victoria's Secret: A Cup

Art Director: Be subtle! If you make her arm look like a cup handle people will think 'Cups' which in turn will have them thinking 'breasts'
Woebegone Graphic Artist: What?…

Art Director: We're not paying you to ask questions.

Babymoov: Stoolie

Never ever leave your baby unattended in the bath. If you must pop out to the shop then use our revolutionary new product - Stool-Moms™ - baby will never notice you are gone!

Aldi: Hard To Believe

Fashion Model Directory: Slippage

Lara Stone's thighs are melting..but OMG! Great Leaping Pools of Napalm! What has happened to the BEER????

Jigger Cube: Thing Gets A Wife

Shaken and a little stirred, she accepted his hand in marriage. The nuptials will be held at the Two Pines wedding chapel.

Infolettre - Karoutchi: Serious Traffic Problems

The french are up in arms again at British tourists taxing the motorway system with their darned driving on the wrong side of the road.

Tendring District Council: One Of Us One Of Us

We believe environmental control begins with limiting the pollution that excess models create and have set a great example by recycling ours. You're welcome.

The Hobbit Fili Kili: Too Many Already

Extra points if you can find the fifteenth finger.


gigantes 12 year s ago
thumbs up. great collection. probably the best i've seen of this type.

also weirdly amusing to see the commentor straining so hard to be funny. guess he never he heard that a picture is worth 1000 words, nor that it's possible to ruin even the best jokes. oh well.
ptpie 12 year s ago
cool ones
GOODSTUFF4U 12 year s ago
funny - thanks for the comments
Kingro31 12 year s ago
Most are new to me. Like!
orendadude 12 year s ago
Tarzan 12 year s ago
very nice
Rosalba 12 year s ago
Looking fwarrod to seeing what happens at the keynote, tell em to get a wriggle on & pull their finger out we have very excessive demands you know ;o)The Earl of Greyps. heard you met the lovely Mrs Natalie Armstrong at the TweetUp !
Ramie 12 year s ago
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