Poignant Photos Highlight China’s Massive Wealth Gap (22 pics)

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According to Forbes, China has the second-largest concentration of billionaires in the world (122 billionaires) but 13% of the population live in extreme poverty (lives on less than $1.25 a day). This collection of photos from Reuters photographer Kim Kyuang-Hoon, shows just how big this gap really is.


(L) Residents of an area for migrant workers watch a traveling circus troupe holding a show in Beijing and (R) celebrities and other guests attend a reception prior to a fashion show held at the Ming Dynasty City Wall Relics Park in Beijing.

(L) Residents gambling under streetlights in an alley of a residential area for migrant workers and (R) guests drinking Champagne as they wait for the start of a fashion show in Beijing.

"A combination photograph shows (L) a man carrying family members as passengers on his electric tricycle cart in Beijing and (R) visitors look around Rolls-Royce's vintage car during the Rolls-Royce's Concours d'Elegance event for celebrating its ten years business in China."

(L) A female farmer's bare foot covered in mud about 50 miles from Beijing and (R) women wearing high heels during a photo session in Beijing.

(L) Families having a dinner in a residential area for migrant workers in Beijing July 16, 2013 and (R) men drinking coffee at a five star hotel in Beijing.

"(L) A family walks past a street vendor selling women's clothes in a market for migrant workers in Beijing and (R) a woman paying her bill at a foreign luxury brand's boutique in Beijing."

A migrant worker eats dinner as he watches his neighbors gambling in an alley and (R) a bartender holds Champagne glasses at a reception prior to the fashion show.

(L) Mannequins at a shop selling wool jackets at a market for migrant workers in Beijing and (R) a clerk putting a shoe on the foot of a mannequin at a luxury shopping mall in Beijing.

"(L) Sex toys at a sex shop in a residential area for migrant workers in Beijing July 17, 2013 and (R) Sex shops with neon signs at a wealthy district in Beijing."

"(L) A dog rummaging for food in a garbage can at a residential area for migrant workers in Beijing and (R) A woman wearing a fur coat holding her pet dog at a book store inside an airport in Beijing."

"(L) A public toilet in a half-demolished old town where new skyscrapers will be built in Beijing February 21, 2013 and (R) A boy using a toilet inside a department store at a shopping district in Beijing."

(L) A store district in a residential area for migrant workers in Beijing and (R) luxury brands shops at a shopping complex in Beijing.

(L) A female farmer takes a nap in a field about 80 km from Beijing and (R ) staff demonstrate their full-body massage treatment at a spa.

(L) A 20-year-old apartment and (R) a high rise apartment in Beijing.

(L) Men eat their lunch on a street for about $1.60 and (R) people having dinner worth about $60 - $80 at a restaurant in Beijing.

(L) A man walks in a alley at a half-demolished, old residential site and (R) a woman walks with her pet dog at a wealthy residential and commercial complex.

(L) A man makes noodles with dough at his makeshift restaurant in a half-destroyed, old residential area and (R) chefs cook a meal at a restaurant in a wealthy district in Beijing.

(L) A boy stands in his house in a residential area for migrant workers and (R) a child plays in a ball pit at an indoor playground for children in a wealthy district in Beijing.

(L) A vendor sells wooden baskets and brooms at a half-demolished, old residential area where new skyscrapers will be built and (R) a man stands in a supermarket near a newly-built residential complex also in Beijing.

(L) A man sits in a wheelchair in front of his house in a residential area for migrant workers in Beijing and (R) a resident of the Beijing First Social Welfare Institution affiliated nursing home poses in her bedroom in the nursing home.

(L) A garbage collector rummages through trash cans in order to find recyclable garbage in a residential area for migrant workers and (R) a worker cleans trash cans at a shopping mall.

(L) A street vendor sells stems of garlic and (R) a clerk arranges vegetables in a fridge at a supermarket in a wealthy district of Beijing.


Credits:  www.reuters.com
MrTroll 6 year s ago
When I look at these, all I see, is that this is the future of the human species. A small portion of the population living a luxurious life while the rest slave away not knowing that they are trapped in a life where they will never rise above poverty.
The game is rigged against you from the very start, and the only way to survive, is to cheat or bullshit your way through everything :3
You can work hard and try to live an honest life, but you are not likely to get very far by playing by the rules.
laughinggas 6 year s ago
No matter how much wealth they have, they're still not free and under the rule of a communist party.
Mr. Ree 6 year s ago
These comparisons threads all seem to have the same theme - wealth is evil.
That's bullshit.
Just about everyone strives to make/get more money so that they can live a better life. Virtually no one strives to make less money and live poorer than they already do.

Extreme poverty is horrible, but most countries do have some sort of governmental/public assistance programs to help those that need help. Many "poor" people are that way due to their own poor lifestyle choices, mental illnesses, and/or laziness.
There's nothing wrong or immoral about being successful in life, especially if you earn your way to the top instead of winning it or having it given to you.
Cancamuso 6 year s ago
I live in China. Most of these pictures are just bullshit. Why?

Because these migrant workers don't pay for the rent, or food. Their employers pay for everything and of course, cheapest shit.

You could think that is bad. But after 4 months they spend all their earned salary in an iPhone 4S, 5 (now 5C, 5S) or a Galaxy Note II.

Meaning what? I'm not poor, not rich either. I can eat for 2 $ or 30, and that's my choice. And if I know the place, a 2 $ meal is healthier and better than the 30$ one.

And about the fucking toilets... No one stops you from going to the toilet in any of the shops of Sanlitun (shopping area in Beijing where the app store is).

About freedom... If you guys think you are free you are just dumb fucking stupid fools. There is no freedom. There are limits and ways to overrule them (money, beauty, intelligence, etc.).
Johny 6 year s ago



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