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Animations That Will Make You Laugh at Your Daily Life (20 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   5 Nov 2013   / 22876 views

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When the waiter tries to take your plate before you’re done:

When you show up to a dinner party:

When the person you like says they are single:

When your excellent memory catches someone in a lie:

When waiters ask you if Pepsi is okay:

Talking to someone who has an accent and accidentally replying in their accent:

Hearing a noise when you’re home alone:

When people won’t stop talking during a movie:

Putting on clothes that just came out of the dryer:

When you finish your meal and you’re still hungry:

Trying to make time-sensitive plans with someone who won’t text you back:

Randomly thinking of something funny that happened earlier in the day while trying to fall asleep:

When someone buys you clothes that you don’t like:

Thinking about your old self:

Stumbling across a disgusting picture online:

When everyone around you is absorbed in their own conversations:

Doing an impression of that one overly cheerful person you hate:

When your mom hugged you in front of your friends:

When you tell a joke and you’re the only one who thinks it’s funny:

Eating really nasty food at someone else’s house:

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