Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (31 pics + 2 gifs)

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Oktoberfest Is In Full Effect

Baghdad, Iraq, 1965

Green Pit Viper

This is what $40m in seized cash looks like

Women scientists of the Indian Space Research Organisation celebrate successful orbit around Mars

This needs more awareness. This is a “Bile Bear”. One of hundreds of thousands living in captivity in China for the purposes of harvesting the bile they naturally produce. 

This charity has the primary goal of discovering farms like these, shutting them down and rehabilitating the bears. I saw an article about it a few years back and it truly is an awful practice.

For anyone who is interested look here.

Amazing Garden in the Back of a Japanese shop

123D Catch is an Iphone and Android App that allows you to create 3d models simply by taking a shit ton of photos of your subject.

Over 20 photos must be taken of the subject that include every surface of the subject.

The models can then be imported to your PC and used for practically anything.

They can even be 3D printed!!

Malé – Maldives

$212 for a square watermelon in Japan

This is a luxury fruit parlor in Tokyo. It is the flagship store of the Sembikiya fruit emporium. Run by the same Samurai-descendant family since 1834, Sembikiya began as a discount fruit store. But the wife of the second-generation owner decided they could make more money the other way around. Sembikiya management estimates that 80-90 percent of their products are bought as gifts as it’s customary in Japan to give high-end fruits as presents for formal occasions like weddings, business transactions, and hospital visits.

$21 “Sekai-ichi” apples.

$69 for a twelve-pack of Queen Strawberries

Cherries for $159.50 per box ($4 per cherry)

$64 box of grapes.

A medly of 6 fruits for $170.

$127 for a Densuke watermelon.

Yubari cantaloups ($160 for one, or $265 for two)

What’s so special about these cantaloups? For one, they’re grown in perfectly weathered greenhouses and given hats to prevent sun burn. Each plant only grows one fruit, to receive the whole plant’s sweetness — farmers prune the less perfect fruits early on.

the Air Force Academy ordered 3800 pizzas from Domino’s. It took 12 stores and 22 cars to deliver them. This is roughly 10% of the order.

And here are all the cars trying to get inside the Sijan Entry Control Point

30mm AHEAD Shrapnel Shell

AHEAD stands for Advanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction

This round is filled with 152 tungsten cylinders weighing 3.3 grams each.

This round, like most shrapnel rounds, is designed to explode just before reaching it’s target, thereby scattering the tungsten cylinders in a cone pattern. The tungsten shrapnel continues forward at extreme speed and impacts the target over a much broader area than a regular round would effect. Because it causes moderate damage over a wide area this round is particularly well suited for point defense, ie, shooting down incoming missiles and aircraft that get too close.

The fuse (which is located just behind the tungsten cylinders) is essentially just a really accurate timer. The timer is set wirelessly via coils built into the gun immediately before each individual round is fired. Although I wasn’t able to find a very comprehensive guide on this round, I image they also adjust the timer to control the spread of shrapnel for different targets. Detonating the round sooner, further from the target, would cause a wider spread of shrapnel but do less damage per area. Whereas detonating the round later, closer to the target, would cause a tighter spread of shrapnel and do more damage per target area.

Chinese handgun Shanxi Type 17

Concorde Flightdeck

Concorde Flight – New York to London 2003 | Regular flight – how it felt to be a passenger on a commercial supersonic jet, something none of us will ever experience

CT Scanner At Children’s Hospital

The aging of FDR in office; 1933-1945

Dennis Kimetto crossing the finish line at the Berlin Marathon setting a new world record of 2:02:57…he was averaging 4:30/mile.


killerkraft 5 year s ago
You know that #2 existed like that before you guys invented some fake 'Weapons of Mass Destruction", don't you?
theitalianfud 5 year s ago
it also existed before hussein started mustard gassing the kurds



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