Hotel No. 1 In The World (18 pics)

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Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia was named the world’s best hotel by Travel + Leisure in its annual World’s Best Awards. The former surf retreat on the remote little-known island of Sumba includes 28 villas, each equipped with a private pool, as well as an all-day treetop spa, an equestrian center, and a beach restaurant, where they serve a variety of healthy dishes cooked over an open fire. In high season, one night in this hotel will come to $12,000. The hotel’s guests can enjoy sunset horse riding, surfing, exploration of local hidden waterfalls and the breath-taking views of rice fields. See what the best hotel in the world looks like.

Welcome to Nihiwatu - the luxury Indonesian island resort ranked best hotel in the world in Travel + Leisure's annual World's Best Awards

Guests at Nihiwatu are surrounded by nature at its most beautiful and decor at its most restfully opulent

Nestled on Sumba island overlooking the turquoise Indian ocean, Nihiwatu (pictured) boats lush vegetation and rolling yellow sands

The lavish beach resort commands up to £9,300 a night for an estate at high season, or £500 a night for 2-bedroom villa in low season 

The heavenly all-day spa offers a full range of treatments including facials, massages and manicures, all to the tune of the ocean waves

A private dining experience with a glorious view, serving up healthy bush-cooked cuisine and strewn with flowers, reeds and candles

Kanatar Sumba House, one of the residences complete with a private pool, a sunbathing deck, and a spacious outside entertainment area 

The whole complex overlooks an idyllic 2.5 km private beach (pictured), set within 567 acres of carefully protected natural reserve

The decor comprises polished hardwood floors, fringe-trimmed roofs and four poster beds shrouded in elegant mosquito netting

The Bao Boathouse - from where guests can enjoy world-class surfing on Sumba's famous 'Occy's Left' wave - serves snacks and drinks

The spectacular Cliffside Bale villa, elevated above the sea, provides a little nook for daytime sun gazing or night-time star spotting

Nihiwatu was first established in 1988 by an American surfer and his German wife as a ten-room surf retreat. Pictured - the Cliffside villa

It was gradually developed and upgraded, and then purchased in 2012 by U.S. entrepreneur Chris Burch. Pictured - the Marangga pool

The rustic Kasambi Estate (pictured) has a prime position for surf enthusists who want to keep a close eye on the movements of the waves

The sprawling family villa, decorated with hues of cream and yellow, has floor-to-ceiling glass panels which look out to the trees and sand

Owner Chris Burch says: 'Hospitality-centric luxury has changed. It is more than just the finer touches'. Pictured, one of the infinity pools

Burch added: 'It has evolved to a custom itinerary, a personal journey, unexpected experiences, and a curiosity for the unknown'

Sumba island is twice the size of tourist-favourite Bali and a 50-minute plane journey away, but is considerably less busy in comparison 




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