Interesting Historical Photos Rarely Seen (40 pics)

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Major Richard Winters, Captain Lewis Nixon, and other officers of Easy Company (portrayed in HBO’s Band of Brothers) celebrate V-E day in Hitler’s private residence, Berchtesgaden, in the Bavarian Alps. May 8, 1945

Marilyn Monroe performing for the thousands of allied troops in Korea, February 11th, 1954

80 years ago Jesse Owens of the USA refuted Adolf Hitler’s myth of Aryan supremacy by breaking the world record in the 200-meter race in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany

Adolf Hitler hoped that the 1936 Berlin Games would prove his theory of Aryan racial superiority. Instead, Owens’ achievements led the people of Berlin to hail him, an African-American, as a hero.

The Opening Ceremony of the first Modern Olympics in Athens, Greece. – 6th April, 1896 Nations participating: 14Athletes participating: 241

Events: 43 in 9 sports

Opening ceremony: April 6

Closing ceremony: April 15

Officially opened by King George I of Greece

Stadium: Panathenaic Stadium

Gadget, the first atomic bomb

19 year-old Shigeki Tanaka was a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and he then went onto win the 1951 Boston Marathon. The crowd was silent.

President Abraham Lincoln and General George McClellan in a general’s tent during the Battle of Antietam, 1862

The four condemned Abraham Lincoln assassination conspirators: David Herold, Lewis Powell, Mary Surratt and George Atzerodt (from left to right).

David Herold — An impressionable and dull-witted pharmacy clerk, Herold accompanied Booth to the home of Dr. Samuel Mudd, who set Booth’s injured leg. The two men then continued their escape through Maryland and into Virginia, and Herold remained with Booth until the authorities cornered them in a barn. Herold surrendered but Booth was shot and died a few hours later.

Lewis Powell — Powell was a former Confederate prisoner of war. Tall and strong, he was recruited to provide the muscle for the kidnapping plot. When that plan failed, Booth assigned Powell to kill Secretary of State William Seward. He entered the Seward home and severely injured Seward, Seward’s son, and a bodyguard.

Mary Surratt — Surratt owned a boarding house in Washington where the conspirators met. Sentenced to death, she was hanged, becoming the first woman executed by the United States federal government.

George Azterodt — German-born Azterodt was a carriage painter and boatman who had secretly ferried Confederate spies across Southern Maryland waterways during the war. Recruited by Booth into the conspiracy, he was assigned to kill Vice President Andrew Johnson, but lost his nerve and stayed in a hotel bar, drinking, instead.

Newly liberated female inmates at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp are dusted with DDT powder to kill lice which spreads typhus. May, 1945. 

Bergen-Belsen was liberated April 15, 1945. Anne and Margot Frank are believed to have died in either February or March of that year.

Sammy Davis Jr and Martin Luther King Jr backstage at New York’s Majestic Theatre, 1965

Roald Dahl in the garden shed where he wrote many of his books, including Charlie and the Chocolate factory. 1979. Great Missenden, Bucks.

A Soviet pilot showing the photo of his girlfriend, 1944

Inside the FBI’s Colossal Fingerprint Factory 1943

Kennedy Space Flight Center control room for Apollo 11 16 July 1969

Adolf Hitler greets Paul von Hindenburg at the opening of the new Reichstag in Potsdam, Germany, 21 March 1933

This is a very famous photograph and very much calculated Nazi propaganda. Hitler had been chancellor for all of a month and half when this picture was taken, and Hindenburg had been very reluctant to appoint Hitler chancellor, and only did so after three separate parliamentary elections failed to yield a majority government. It was very important for Hitler, whose government very much appeared weak, tenuous, illegitimate, and divided to have some symbol of unity in the national government. More importantly for Hitler’s ambitions, he needed a symbol of continuity between the old imperial regime and the Nazi regime. This photo became that symbol.

Flamingos huddled together in the bathroom at Miami Zoo during Hurricane Andrew (August 24, 1992)

Soviet soldiers try to engage a less than cooperative German toddler for a photograph in the ruins of Monbijoustraße in defeated and Soviet occupied Berlin as the child’s mother looks on in resignation. May 1945

Adolf Hitler on a walk with Helga Goebbels, 1936. Helga was later killed with cyanide by her parents with her siblings in Hitler's bunker in 1945

Women boxing on a roof, 1938

Austrians cheer Adolf Hitler during his 1938 campaign (before the Anschluss) to unite Austria and Germany

The first ever underwater photograph, c. 1899

One of the first photos that was taken inside of Hitler's bunker by Allied soldiers, 1945

Young Woman in Dress (c. 1845-1855 --- location unknown)

Charlie Chaplin at the age of 27, 1916.

Elvis Presley in the Army, 1958.

Unpacking the head of the Statue of Liberty in 1885.

The original Ronald McDonald, 1963.

Artificial legs in the UK, 1890.

Mother hides her face in shame after putting her children up for sale in Chigaco, 1948.

Illegal alcohol being poured out during Prohibition in Detroit, 1929.

106-year-old Armenian woman guards her home in 1990.

Last prisoners leaving Alcatraz in 1963.

Hitler's officers and cadets celebrating Christmas in 1941.

Mother and son watching the mushroom cloud after atomic test in Las Vegas, 1953.

Disneyland employee Cafeteria in 1961.

He's measuring bathing suits, If they were too short the women would be fined, 1920.

Martin Luther King with his son removing a burnt cross from their front yard in 1960.

The real Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin in 1927.

The first morning after Sweden changed from driving on the left side to the right side in 1967.

Sun tan vending machine from 1949.




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