Sometimes, Everything You Need To Feel Better Is A Lovable Doggie (29 pics)

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Peaches loves to cuddle with sick patients at this rehabilitation center

This “Super Mutt,” Joca travels all the way to Brazil to help children in need

Mia, the library pooch, assists children who struggle to learn how to read

After the Boston Marathon bombing, these two lovable retrievers, Luther and Ruthie, comforted the community in the hospital

…and on the streets

At some universities and colleges, therapy dogs help relieve stress for students who had to leave their beloved pets at home

They even get to play on campus with them

The Welcome Home Dogs Organization meets soldiers as they return home and also serve as PTSD aids

The bond between these two is unmistakable

Therapy dogs help fill in that emotional gap when other parts of us are taken away

Zoe brings love and wet kisses to soldiers stationed directly in Afghanistan

Anne-Belle, a lovable bulldog, helps seniors and those battling addiction issues

The Langley Air force base adores Molly and her cuddling company

This pooch is part of Fidos for Freedom, a non-profit in Maryland that offers dog therapy services to anyone who needs it within a 75-mile radius

You never know when someone needs the quiet care and attention of a loyal dog

Lacey struts about the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base hospital with plenty of love and tail wags

This Puerto Rican Siberian Husky Melody is a small celebrity in local children’s hospitals

Rackley, the goldendoodle, travels all over the south to offer her love and kisses

She is the very definition of a gentle giant

You don’t have to be afraid of the dentist when you have two adorable Yorkies, Beau and KJ to help you through

This golden retriever Hogan inspired Katie, a girl born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, to offer a rare smile of appreciation

Xander the pug may be blind, but he has a sixth sense to know when people are sad and need comforting

Spending weeks at Ground Zero, therapy dogs Tikva and Sophie comforted hundreds of people who needed the love and care…

…even if it was just a quick scratch on the head to relieve some stress

After the Sandy Hook shooting, therapy dogs were brought in to comfort the smallest witnesses

They provided comfort in ways that words cannot

They even got some children to laugh

Kobe is seen here at his retirement party. He worked for ten years as a therapy dog at the Berwyn school

Red likes to comfort those in retirement homes who simply want a little bit of company to pass the time

There are no real words for describing the comfort and peace that therapy dogs can give. For someone who is struggling or lonely, a visit from one of these spectacular four-pawed friends can make a wonderful difference.



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