Myths That Internet Forces Us To Believe (24 pics)

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Myth 15. Princess Qajar was a symbol of beauty in Persia (Iran). 13 young men killed themselves because she rejected them.

You have probably seen the photos of “Princess Qajar” with this caption. This woman... looks kind of unusual in terms of the modern beauty standards even in Iran. But some people believe that things were different 100 years ago.

This is partially true, but we should ask a different question: did this woman even exist? Yes and no. The woman in something that looks like a tutu was Taj al-Dawlah, and she was the wife of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar.

Some people think that it wasn’t the Shah’s real wife, but a male actor, but most likely, this is nothing more than speculation, because Taj was a real person.

And here is another “Princess Qajar” whose photo you also might have seen with the same text about the symbol of beauty and 13 young men. This lady was Taj al-Dawlah’s daughter and her name was Ismat al-Dawlah.

Of course, neither her, not her mother were beautiful or had tons of fans. They lived in a Muslim country and barely had any chance to communicate with other men or choose husbands.

This woman is Taj and she was Ismat al-Dawlah’s sister. They had the same father, as many men in Muslim countries have several wives. Tadj al-Saltaneh also known as Zahra Khanom was an artist and the first feminist in Iran. She took her hijab off, put on European clothes, and got divorced from her husband.


Myth 14. Nikola Tesla was a swim instructor.

This is a great photo, but unfortunately the man captured on it is not Nikola Tesla even though he looks a lot like the famous inventor. The picture was taken in 1898 when Tesla was 42 years old and this swimming instructor obviously looks younger. Besides, it’s very unlikely that Tesla needed this job because he was doing pretty well at that time.


Myth 13. James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, had to wear his costume in London since he was banned from clubs because of his race

This is an interesting legend, but the photo was taken in 1979 in London, where there were no “white only” clubs. According to Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker, Jones never put on the Darth Vader costume.

David Prowse who played Vader in the original trilogy also denies his presence in this photo saying that the costume looks “too cheap” and the person who is wearing it is “not big enough to be Darth Vader.” It was probably just a fan who was accidentally confused for an actor.


Myth 12. Giant hornet

The caption for the picture says that the bites of this terrible creature kill 40 people in Japan every year. And the pain is comparable with the pain of a hot nail. This is generally true except for one thing: in reality this hornet never grows to be this size. In the photo, you are seeing a 3D-model that was made by the Japanese artist Mushibuchi.

This is what this giant hornet really looks like. The size is also pretty impressive and, fortunately, it’s not as big as its model which makes us pretty happy.


Myth 11. A whale that died from eating trash

The photo that many people mistook for the image of a dead whale with a pile of trash in its stomach is, in fact, an art installation created by Greenpeace in the Philippines. They were trying to attract people’s attention to the problem of ocean pollution. Unfortunately these situations really happen and it’s not just whales in the Pacific Ocean that suffer.


Myth 10. “Ancient astronaut” on the wall of the New Cathedral of Salamanca (Spain)

Why is there an astronaut on the wall of a cathedral built in the 16th century? It’s simple: during the process of restoration in 1992, artist Jeronimo Garcia decided to create something unusual and carved a figure wearing a spacesuit, and also a faun that holds an ice cream cone.

According to the artist, he chose an astronaut as a symbol of the 20th century. Which was probably the same idea for the ice cream cone.


Myth 9. The description of a photo of a wolf pack

This picture also went viral with a description that someone simply made up. Allegedly, the first 3 wolves in the pack are the oldest and the weakest, and next 5 are the strongest, in the middle there is the rest of the pack, and 5 more strong animals are in the back. The last one is the leader that controls the situation.

However, the photographer Chadden Hunter explained that this is how a pack of wolves hunts a bison, and in the front, there are no weak animals, just the alpha male.


Myth 8. The female wolf protects the male in a fight.

You have probably seen this picture several times with a moving caption saying that the female wolf is hiding, pretending to be scared, but in fact she is protecting the male’s throat knowing that nobody will hurt her in a fight. Unfortunately, it’s nothing more than a story.

The photographer Jean Paul says that during the fight, she managed to capture a moment when one of the wolves jumped back. Also, chances are, all 3 wolves in the photo are male.


Myth 7. “Apocalyptic” sunset in Moscow

This is a popular “non-Photoshopped” photo which is actually 2 photos together. The sky was taken from Dutch photographer Marieke Mandemaker and was merged with the Krymsky Bridge in Moscow.


Myth 6. “The door to heaven” shot by Hubble

“The unusual photo that amazed scientists” turned out to be the work of a graphic designer Adam Ferriss that is based on a real photo of the Omega nebula.

This is the original picture. By the way, this nebula can be seen through an amateur telescope — it looks like a swan swimming across the sky.


Myth 5. There were no free hotel rooms for Arnold Schwarzenegger, so he had to spend the night near his own statue.

Right after Arnold Schwarzenegger kidded around on his Instagram page saying “How times have changed,” this photo was posted on a different website with a whole new story that said that the actor and the ex-governor of California couldn’t find a hotel, so he had to spend the night outside.

Of course, Schwarzenegger didn’t spend the night outside. And the photo wasn’t taken next to a hotel, but near a conference hall where there’s a statue of young Arnold is his best shape.


Myth 4. Barack Obama posed in front of a sleeping guy in the subway.

“Mom, I saw Obama today!” This is another example of how someone can use 2 photos to create one fake which still looks very real.

We have found the original picture and as you can see, there is no sleeping guy here. It’s a shame. But we have to admit, Instagram user Average Rob shows amazing skill when “photobombing” pictures of celebrities.


Myth 3. In the US, cars melted because of the heat.

The picture is real, but don’t get worried about the weather in Arizona. The place is really hot, but not that much. These cars didn’t melt because of the heat. They melted because there was a fire not far from them.


Myth 2. Melania Trump’s grandmother was a Soviet pilot.

The “grandmother” even got named Olga Orliff which sounds really strange to anyone who is familiar with Russian last names. But everyone who loves the movies of the 50s, will definitely recognize Janet Leigh who played a Russian spy in Jet Pilot.

We don’t know where this legend of a “Russian grandmother” came from, but Melania Trump is originally Slovenian. And we have no idea why Janet Leigh was chosen for this role, because Melania doesn’t look anything like her.


Myth 1. An orphan from Iraq drew a picture of her mother on the ground and fell asleep on her chest.

And this image made a lot of people cry because, as many people think, it shows a girl from Iraq who lost her parents. She misses her mother so much that she drew her picture on the ground, took her shoes off, and fell asleep on the picture as if she was on her mother’s real chest. But relax. This girl has a mother and a father. And an entire family, including her cousin who took this picture. And they live in Iran, not in Iraq.

The girl’s cousin Bahareh Bisheh said that she was just playing in the street, she got tired, and fell asleep right where she was drawing with chalk. And she decided that it was stupid to lose such a great moment, so she took a chair, climbed it, and took a picture of her sleeping cousin and then she took a series of similar photos.



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