Sometimes People Just Disappear…Literally (13 pics)

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First Lieutenant Felix Eugene Moncla Jr.

He was a United States Air Force pilot, who was sent airborne for an air defence intercept over Lake Superior in 1953. According to the official reports, he left Kinross AFB to intercept a RCAF plan that had gone off course, except the Canadians have no record of any planes in the area that night.

Ground Radar operators reported that they had a blip on the radar, then a second one (Moncla’s plane), then the two merged and flew off. No sign of Moncla’s F-89 jet was ever recovered. Not on land or in the Lake. He was simply gone, and the prevailing theory is that he encountered an UFO.


Leah Roberts

In March 2000, 23-year-old Leah disappeared from her home during a tough time in her life. She had lost her mom a few years earlier, her dad had just passed away after a long illness and she was just recently in a near-fatal car accident. Deciding to drop out of college and live a life inspired by Jack Kerouac, she hopped in her car and drove off.

Her Jeep was found wrecked, 9 days later in a remote forest 3,000 miles away. There was no sign of her, or of anyone injured in the crash. It was almost as if she’d disappeared before the car plunged over the embankment. Since then, people have claimed to see her, but no further trace was ever found.


Amy Lynn Bradley

Amy was on the Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas with her family, when she disappeared without a trace in 1998. She was partying with the ship’s band the night previous, and was seen sleeping on her balcony at 5:15am by her dad. By 5:45, she was gone. As a trained lifeguard, the odds are slim that she fell overboard.

When the ship docked in Curacao, the ship was searched, but Amy was gone. But here’s where it gets twisted. There was a lot of controversy around the crew’s reaction (or lack of one) when she went missing, suggesting that there was a sexual slavery/human trafficking aspect to it. This is further reinforced by the fact that tourists in Curacao have claimed to have seen her over the years, and a navy man in a brothel claimed that a woman named Amy asked him for help, that she was a slave.

As recently as 2005, the family received an anonymous photo of a sex worker on a bed, that looked suspiciously like Amy, but no could could track down where it came from.


David Stone

Stone was a 29-year-old stockbroker who disappeared in October of 1988. On October 28th, he was hosting a party and lost his temper with a friend, leading to an argument and fistfight. Ashamed at his behaviour, he told his family and friends that he was going on a walkabout in the desert on Halloween day, to reflect on his conduct.

Witnesses recall seeing him wandering and muttering to himself, but then he was just gone. Search parties found clues to where he wandered based on his abandoned car, dropped change, his lost watch and scribbled mathematical sequences written in the sand, but there was no trace of David.


Izismile Videos

Dennis Martin

Dennis and his family were hiking in the Smokey Mountains back in 1969. He and his three brothers ran ahead and were going to hide along the path, and jump out to scare their parents. Three of the brothers went one way, while Dennis went another way because he was wearing a bright red shirt and would stick out.

When the time came, the 3 brothers jumped out and waited for 6-year-old Dennis to do the same, but he never did. He was never seen again.

Authorities searched for 3 months, and never found any trace of Dennis. Even more mysterious, was that armed Special Forces soldiers were tasked with the search and rescue operation, which is unheard of for a domestic disappearance. It sincerely begs the question: what was really going on with Dennis Martin?


Keith Reinhard

The tiny village of Silver Plume, CO only has 200 people, and 2 of them have mysteriously disappeared from the same location. In 1987, Tom Young closed up his bookstore, got his dog Gus and just disappeared. Ten months later, Young and Gus were found with self-inflicted gunshot wounds, a mile away. Fascinated with the story, 48-year-old reporter Keith Reinhard went on a sabbatical in Silver Plume and wanted to write about Tom Young.

He opened an antiques store in the former bookstore and started writing a book about Tom, under a fictional name. Then, one day, he told his friends he was going hiking, closed the antiques store and disappeared without a trace.


Kenny Beach

In November 2014, Veach disappeared while trying to find a hidden cave. He had mentioned, in a comment on a youtube video, that he accidentally found an M-shaped cave in the Nevada mountains, near Nellis Air Force Base, that gave him a strange feeling. He was so spooked, that he left without recording the location.

A month later, he left a new comment on the same video, that he was going to go out looking for the cave again. That was the last anyone heard of him.


Laura Bradbury

This one is a parent’s worst nightmare. In 1984, Mike and Patty Bradbury were camping in Joshua Tree National Park with their three kids; Travis, Laura and Emily. When 8-year-old Travis needed to go use the restroom, he took 3-year-old Laura with him. The porto-potties were just beside the campground and he was inside of one for maybe a few min. By the time he was done, she was gone.

Over 250 people looked for her, and bloodhounds followed her footsteps, but soon all traces of her were lost. It was like she just disappeared into thin air.



Patricia Meehan

This is a strange and puzzling case. On a night in 1989, two separate women were nearly hit head on by a car being driven erratically. Pulling over, they encountered a woman walking along the road, who then disappeared into the night. A search found the abandoned car belonged to Patricia Meehan. Not much is known about her life prior to the accident, but it’s theorized that she was suffering from depression prior, and possibly amnesia after.

Since then, there have been over 5,000 sightings of her across various rest stops in the US, but no definite confirmation of her fate. All that’s left of her, are mysterious photographs she left on an undeveloped roll of film.


Rebecca Coriam

Back in 2011, Rebecca was working on the Disney Wonder cruise ship, departing from Las Angeles en route to Cabo San Lucas. In the middle of the ocean, Rebecca failed to start her shift. When staff went to her room, she was no where to be found. The only evidence of Rebecca was grainy surveillance footage of her talking on the phone, and looking visibly upset, then nothing else. She just vanished.

The ship retraced its route and the Coast Guard combed the waters, but no sign of her was found. Not on the ship and not in the water. Her parents had to come to grips with the fact that she was mysteriously gone. But then, things got even weirder.

Weeks after her disappearance, someone changed her Facebook password and tried to access her bank accounts. Then, a former coworker of Rebecca’s told her parents that the cruise company had told them to deny the disappearance ever happened.


Conor and Sheila Dwyer

This is one of the most mysterious missing persons cases in the history of Ireland. An elderly couple named Conor and Sheila attended a funeral mass in their town of Fermoy. Then, they piled into their car and presumably drove home. Except, they never made it there.

After a few weeks of not hearing from them, Sheila’s sister went to their house and found it locked. Inside, was all of their personal belongings, untouched, as well as their clothes, passports and money. All that was missing was the outfits they were wearing and their car.


Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon

These two Dutch students were staying with a host family in Panama, when they decided to take the family’s dog for a walk. Only the dog returned. A 10 weeks later, a woman discovered a blue backpack that had belonged to one of the girls, filled with sunglasses, cash, their passports, and most importantly, their cameras and cell phones.

When they took a look at the phone logs, they found that over 4 days, there were 77 attempts to call the police, and over half a dozen attempts to incorrectly unlock the phone. Even more disturbing were the photos on the camera. There were a few shots that the girls took, then the remaining ones were of dark forests, their belongings spread out on rocks, and even more terrifying, the back of one the girl’s heads, covered in blood.

Their remains were recovered shortly after, near where the backpack was found, with their bones showing signs of boiling and bleaching. So far, no one knows what really happened to those girls in the Panamanian forest.



Ray Gricar

In April 2005, the Pennsylvania District Attorney called his girlfriend to say he was out for a drive and that he’d return soon. He never did, nor did he ever reappear.

His car was found parked outside a nearby antiques store, while his laptop was discovered in a local river, but there was never any sign of him. Whether he was kidnapped and murdered due to his high profile legal career, or if he took is own life, no one is certain.



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