Almost Every Man Knows And Follows These Unspoken Rules (13 pics + 12 gifs)

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If possible, every other urinal.

After applying restraints to objects in the flatbed of a truck, saying “Yep, that’s not goin’ anywhere” is an absolute necessity.

If a bro dies while lifting, put more weight on the bar, then call 911.

We all have to be tough when sometimes the spider does scare you.

Don’t look over in the urinals. Just don’t.

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If a friend buys you a drink you don’t pay it back you just buy the next round..

When hugging as a greeting or goodbye, two pats.

When hugging as a genuine, intimate embrace, three pats.

One is rude, four is just weird.

If your eyes meet another guys on the bus or train you have less than a second to look away.

If you come across someone with your same shirt/outfit it’s mandatory to salute or hi five.

Do not, in any way, be that guy.


When you dry your @$$ or balls with a towel it resets by the next day and you can use that side for your face again.

If you have to get up for beer, you must ask if anyone else needs one.

When someone enters the bathroom sniffle or cough to let them know your in there.

When someone gets banged up and is clearly in pain, just shut up for a minute or two and let him do a proper systems diagnosis. Only then should you ask if he’s okay.

Don’t make it a problem and it won’t be one.

When at a stop sign and you are in the passenger seat, you lean back so the driver can see past you and if the way is clear. Girls seem to need to be told, but guys just seem to do it automatically.

Automatic high fives. Hand goes up, the temptation is unbearable.

Bring back a man’s tools. If you break it, replace it. That’s a real man’s rule.

I’m surprised no one’s mentioned this. If there’s one beer left in your friend’s fridge and it’s not yours, you don’t take it. You leave it for him. Unless he offers it to you, in which case it becomes fair game.

If you see a stain at the bottom of the toilet use the stream of your pee to try and clean it off.

Even if you don’t succeed you need to do your part. 

Urinating in the shower is multi-tasking.

It’s ok to abandon your friends on a night out if you’re getting laid.

Never, ever make eye contact whilst eating a banana.

You must question your masculinity or purchasing habits if you can’t bring all the bags in from the car in one trip.

Nod up for an acquaintance, nod down for a stranger.


Figure 7 month s ago
Kind of a stupid list. 16 is wrong. You become the assistant driver and let your friend know if it's clear or not. Sometimes you do have the better view of what's coming, especially in weather or twighlight when some cars have headlights on and some do not yet.
Obstacles 7 month s ago
@Figure: Depends on the situation. Default is that it's better to refrain from being a backseat driver, and lean back to get out of the driver's line of sight. If the driver asks, or if it becomes crystal clear you can see imminent danger while knowing for sure the driver somehow can't, then you step up. I've seen near-misses happen as a result of someone speaking up at the wrong time, without being connected with the driver. I had a life-threatening near miss because someone was trying to help, and she blurted out some very wrong 'help' when I was already on it. I reacted to her, instead of following what I already knew. We were within inches of getting rammed at high speed. Bottom line: if you're not the driver, don't try to be the driver, unless specifically asked. ...Stupid list? You're on Izismile; it's a time-wasting site; what do you expect, Harvard Law School?



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