Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (55 pics)

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“A life size charizard/ Squirtle I am working on! 163+ thousand perler beads so far and have about 1 million left to go!”

“A drawing with all the space characters you’ll ever need.”

This nursing home has an indoor town. There's a movie theatre and a pub!

The hospital in Brescia (one of the hardest-hit regions in Italy) ran out of ICU valves and the supply chain was broken. A local company brought a 3D printer to the hospital, redesigned & produced the valves in 6 hours.

“I borrowed a telescope in the desert to try and get the most detailed picture of a galaxy possible with amateur gear. Here is my result.”

Izismile Video Collection

Street art in Glasgow.


Pencil Tip Sculptures by Salavat Fidai.

A picture of Albert Einstein with fuzzy slippers.

Koontz writing about the Wuhaan Flu back in 1981.

Simone Seqouin, aka Nicole Minet, is a former French Resistance fight who captured Nazis, derailed trains and blew up bridges during the German occupation of France in WWII. She was awarded the Croix de querre.

Star birthing region in the Carina Nebula.

These are the BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) and they are bada$$.

Beautifully designed wedding dress.

Dinner in the sky, Dubai.

These Arabic words have been written and illustrated to look like what they represent.

Self-portraits of a victim of Alzheimer’s across 1-year intervals.

Four fury siblings, four different paw pad combos.

Visualization of the history of pandemics.

X-ray of a pregnant dog.

Mount Roraima, Venezuela.

A bull born without myostatin, this allows for unrestricted muscle growth.

BUTTRESS ROOTS - found in nutrient-poor tropical forest soils, which prevent trees from falling over.

Western music was not readily available in the Soviet Union due to state censorship during much of the 1950s and 60's. Bootleggers developed a method to press music on x-ray film. Here is a copy of The Beatles, Paperback Writer.

This photo was widely shared by doctors in Greece; “The one who stayed away saved all the rest”.

The Baron Caterpillar.

“The Moon attempting a Saturn impersonation.”

The Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany looks straight out of a fairy tale.

“Dunk the moon.”

The new art piece at Tampa International Airport makes it look like you’re under water.

Opal infused rocks look like rune markings!

Salvador Dali cutlery set design from 1957.

Earth taking a much needed break. Some very busy public spaces looking empty during this global pandemic.

The Cave of Crystals in Mexico.

Bioluminescent Plankton on the Persian Gulf.

“A 3-week lockdown in the Netherlands went in effect at 18.00 PM and was announced 40 mins in advance. People collectively started hoarding weed. This was the queue at my local hasj-bar at 17.55 PM.”

A section of a prehistoric tree that had its rings replaced with opal by fossilization!

This is what the canals of Venice look like after 5 days of no human traffic due to coronavirus outbreak.

African flower chafers.

Gorilla Skeleton next to a Human Skeleton.

“Your brain is trying to identify an object but it can't.”

Chester E. McDuffee with his patented diving suit (1911)

Liger, a cross between a Lion and Tiger.

This is what a “Split Lobster" looks like. This coloring occurs once In every 50 million lobsters.

The 'Fingerprint Island' (Baljenac) in Croatia.

This Rock-carved Church in Lalibela, a town in Northern Ethiopia famous for its monolithic rock-cut churches.

Broccoli Dragon Art.

Artist Roman Ondák asked visitors in this art gallery to mark their height on a wall with pencil, and after months a thick height band was created.

“Translucent Blue Tang (Released unharmed) Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.”

Deep sea worms under an electron microscope.

First Google team, 1999.

Flawless golden topaz on iron.

A castle on the east coast of Scotland.

In 1912, Shizo Kanakuri had passed out during the Stockholm Olympics and returned to Japan without telling officials. Sweden had considered him a missing person for 50 years. When found, he completed his race in 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes, and 20.3 seconds.



Time 10 month s ago
apparently #9 is false - it's from two separate books Koontz & Sylvia Browne (2008).Had to look up though. Apparently Koontz changed his Wuhan from "Gorki-400" in the second edition and Browne's was out 8 years after SARS. On the face of it quite scary - thanks internet! Now quite calm after meds prescribed by Dr Google!
Following 10 month s ago
This image lazy loading is a new annoyance. Thanks Izismile.
Experience 10 month s ago
#21 It's a race called Belgian Blue
Zebra 10 month s ago
#10 it looks like staged photo
Pretty 10 month s ago
Hold a second @Time so what you’re really saying is that despite the slightly misleading picture the books still are very creepy in their predictive text. So it’s not false as you and many establishment eco chambers claim it to be. Also noted your immediate response, picture published 2 hours ago, your response 2 hours ago. Triggered much? The Google prescription is truly precious! Sadly this is nothing new books, tv shows, films, comics, card games and other media consumables all too often predict horrible events that are designed to coral society in the desired direction of those who wield power and see the masses as nothing more then disposable assets. Boy oh boy do they hate being called out on their blatant predictive programming.
Christmas 10 month s ago
Pretty (above): "events that are designed to coral society in the desired direction."

Coral society? Coral??? Under the sea? Weird point, but if you say so.

Or you can calm down, relax, and stop attacking people.
Party 10 month s ago
The Dean Koontz book is incorrect the left page is from Sylvia Browns book and the the right back is from Dean Koontz..
This is how misinformation is spread.
Do you GOD DAMN research!!!
Fishermen 10 month s ago
“Always leave a spelling eror as low hanging fruit”
“Provide the ad hominem argument they so desperately crave, give them the opportunity to avoid the issue at hand”
The Dubya Bush avatar is fitting 35

This is cute, do you understand the concept of a time line? Koonz book was published 1981, Brownes book published in 2008. The current year is 2020. When you say something prior 2020 and it happens post that date that’s called prediction, foreknowledge or coincidence. It’s not rocket science but the fact that modern day people struggle with this basic concept and rely on their thinking to be done for them by Reuters and NYT is most disturbing. My heart goes out to the millennials who’s ability to think critically has been utterly destroyed. The world has failed you more than many of you will ever know.
Funny 10 month s ago
Okay, okay, he's right. The pope and the illuminates had a meeting at the bilderberger conference and made this evil plan to spread Corona.
Beautiful 10 month s ago
man o man.. what would we do without izismile educators??...
Other 10 month s ago
@Funny and @Beautiful Wow couldn’t ask for a better example of pro establishment gov troll army panic reactionaries. When called out on blatant spin, lies and attempts to control the narrative avoid addressing the logical arguments and issue at hand. Instead revert to labeling and demonizing with “conspiracy theory” jargon and mockery. Can’t thank you geniuses enough for participating! It’s just so easy! Exposure is coming... sleep tight! 36
Wonderful 10 month s ago
#31 the process of gold recovery from electronics generates more hazardous waste, which requires even more resources for proper disposal than any amount of gold recovered.
Carwash 10 month s ago
#50 those aren't 'Deep sea' anything...

Those are microscopic bugs, one of which looks an awful lot like it could be a Tardigrade (bottom right).

Seriously, who is posting this sh#t and NOT fact-checking anything? dash



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