It’s A Trick! (20 pics)

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1 It’s A Trick!

If you need to have measurements on hand (literally), like when sewing, here’s a good trick to keep in mind. Draw the length of any smaller measurement you need on your fingernail , so that you have easy access to it. It also frees up your hand from holding a ruler.


2 It’s A Trick!

When cooking, it can get annoying when food sticks to the tin foil. Just make some ridges in the foil and the food won’t stick to it.


3 It’s A Trick!

If your family has problems dealing with technical hardware, like when fixing the internet, one way to make things easier on everyone (and yourself) is to add labels that explain things clearly (including ones that explain what not to do!).


4 It’s A Trick!

When you need to calculate the percentage of a number, just divide both the numbers by 10  and then multiply them. For example, if you need to find 40% of 300, just multiply 4 and 30, which gives you 120.


5 It’s A Trick!

When the bottom of your mouse starts scratching your table or mouse pad, you can smooth it up again with a rubber eraser .


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6 It’s A Trick!

When you run out of hand sanitizer, you can make your own with just a little isopropyl alcohol and a spray bottle.


7 It’s A Trick!

When you go to the store for toilet paper, only to find that it’s sold out, all is not lost. If the store has an Auto Care section , they might also sell toilet paper meant for mobile homes and recreational vehicles. This type of toilet paper dissolves in water quickly so it can actually be easier on toilets than regular paper, which comes in handy in times of illness.


8 It’s A Trick!

When packing, if you need to put old or dirty shoes in with everything else, cover them with a shower cap to prevent your other clothes and belongings from getting messed up. This is especially helpful when you get a pair of shoes dirty on an outdoorsy vacation.


9 It’s A Trick!

When putting away glasses, make sure you line up the glasses side-by-side, kind of like a checkerboard pattern , to use up less space.


10 It’s A Trick!

If you have problems with an odor in a room, dryer sheets can help freshen things up. Just place them on top of any radiator, heating, or air conditioning vent. You don’t even need to use tape to keep the sheets in place.


11 It’s A Trick!

If your kids like to play with toy trains, a little imagination can go along way when designing the track. For example, some used toilet paper rolls can create makeshift hills or mountains.


12 It’s A Trick!

When dealing with bacon grease, if you want an easy disposal, just let it cool in aluminum foil.


13 It’s A Trick!

If you have and use products that come with an expiration date, like toothbrushes or mascara , an easy way to remind yourself to get a replacement is to visibly write the expiration date on the product itself.


14 It’s A Trick!

When you go grocery shopping, a cooler with wheels can help you move a large amount of food at once, saving you a few trips. Doing this also prevents bags with heavy items from ripping.


15 It’s A Trick!

For all avocado lovers out there, you can speed up the ripening process by keeping it in a drink koozie or even a paper bag. This keeps the gases closer to the fruit, trapping them against the skin, which helps it ripen faster.

16 It’s A Trick!

Keep cups of water in the microwave when heating up leftovers. This releases steam, which helps keep the food moist and prevents it from drying out. The water also absorbs excess radiation, which prevents overcooking.


17 It’s A Trick!

If you have growing children, it can be tiresome to have to replace the clothes they keep growing out of, especially if they have to stop wearing their favorite clothes. If they wear full-body pajamas, one way to extend their use is to cut off the feet as your child grows too tall to wear them.


18 It’s A Trick!

When you go out to eat, certain condiment packets might be complimentary. Keeping them on hand can be a good idea, especially if it helps you save on some of your favorite products, like crushed red pepper, parmesan cheese, jelly, butter, or honey. Some places also offer free utensils or sanitary wipes.


19 It’s A Trick!

If you need to clear up space in your freezer in a pinch, just take food out of their boxes and place it in plastic bags . You can also cut out any important information from the boxes, like cooking directions or nutrition facts and keep them with the food.


20 It’s A Trick!

If your boots keep flopping over, just roll up some old newspaper or magazines to help keep them in place.



Condition 11 month s ago
#10 Yeah, if your place is already rancid, fill the air with the toxic synthetic chemicals which create the stench of dryer sheets. Besides the toxicity, you'll have the added benefit of smelling like a cross between a can of paint, and the kind of woman my father taught me to stay away from. Great idea.

#15 In ancient times, we used to use these things called 'paper bags'. You might be able to find one in a museum nowadays.
Vodka 11 month s ago
Cut off the feet of the child to make sure they fit their old pajamas. Gotcha.
Emailed 11 month s ago
Use the feet for dandy little keychains!
Beer 11 month s ago
Who in their right mind tosses out bacon drippings? They're a gold mine for using in so many recipes. Country gravy, basted eggs, added to cooking oil when frying chicken, yorkshire pudding instead of oil, geeze...the list is endless.
Fishermen 11 month s ago
@Beer, yes bacon fat is the best butter.
Sunlight 11 month s ago
Should title "From morons, for morons". Honestly, if you need this "tricks" to get trough life - how have you come this far?
Solution 11 month s ago
Worst [email protected]#k*ng BS post I've ever seen.
Place 10 month s ago
Solution, you're Condition, it's showing. You poor thing you. sm_80



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