Vigilante Justice For Everyone! (8 pics + 8 gifs)

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A 15-year-old boy imitated a 14-year-old girl to attract the attention of a pedophile. When the pedo went to his house, the kid beat him up and called the police on the guy. The kid did all of this while wearing a Spider-Man mask.


Someone ran into a cowboy boots store and stole a couple of pairs and ran towards the exit. My dad tripped the guy, then sat on him and held his legs against his back while laying on top of him in a cowboy hat and boots. Basically hogtied the guy till the cops came.


The Czech Republic had its own vigilante hero named SuperVaclav for a time. He sat in a park, and when a dog owner did not pick up [email protected]#t after his dog, SuperVaclav did it for him – and spread it on the owner’s back. He would also throw buckets of water on people smoking on the bus.


About 6 years ago, in Portland, there was this homeless dude going around jerking off in front of all the lady homeless. So this group of other homeless dudes got sick of his [email protected]#t, so they waited for him to go into a porta-potty one day then tipped it over on its door with him in it. Funniest thing I’ve ever heard.


A guy caught a man raping his daughter, by the time the cops got to the scene the man was bruised and broken and his face was unrecognizable. He told the police that he ‘might have fallen down the stairs a couple of times’, they accepted that and arrested the rapist.


Izismile Video Collection

In South Africa, vigilante justice is common practice. There was a rapist in one of the communities where a group of men held a man, legs open, and set a dog on his genitals, this is usually followed by a large group beating the person to death.


My first job was at a tire shop, and I worked with this older guy named Doug. He was around 60 yo— the nicest guy I’ve ever met. One day at work, a guy and his girl got into a heated argument in our parking lot, and the guy slammed her up against his car. Doug and I saw it, and Doug just looks at me, with a tire iron in his hand, and goes “one sec.”

He walks over to the guy, drops his tire iron, and slams the guy in the ground. He whispered something to him that I couldn’t hear from where I was, but the guy got up and opened the passenger door for her and they drove away. Doug walked back over and just started working on a car like nothing ever happened. I’ll never forget it.


Back in middle school I, admittedly, bullied this other girl pretty badly… Including once shoving her into some dog poop.One day, her older brothers came by as I was walking home from school and forced me to eat dog poop.


Many, many, many years ago, when responding to a ‘domestic disturbance’ (we didn’t call it that), if it was obvious the wife had been beaten, the senior officer would remove his hat and pass it around. Cash was put in the hat by everyone present. Then the most junior officer would take the wife and any children out for dinner.

The husband was then tied to a chair and tuned up. At the end of the tune-up, it was explained that in one week officers would be returning to inspect the paperwork for a life insurance policy with the wife as beneficiary.

If the paperwork did not exist, another tune-up was in order. If the paperwork did exist, an explanation that if they had to respond there again the wife would be collecting the insurance. The world used to be a different place.


A female cop posing as a teenage girl was talking to a pedophile online and made plans to run away with him and everything. The dude didn’t have a car though and they lived in completely separate states. Dude straight up started hitchhiking 300 miles to this “teens” house to get her… just to knock on her door and have the police answer.


In my country, there’s a huge national park with beautiful mountains, falls, views and all that [email protected]#t, so it’s common for people to go there and spend the day walking in a kind of lonely natural place.

One day, a group of four thieves thought it would be a good idea to go there and rob people. They found an isolated couple and robbed, beat, and then tried to rape the woman. The screaming of the couple attracted the attention of the main group they were with, who just so happened to be the national martial arts team (I don’t remember the precise kind of martial arts). Let’s just say two of the burglars had to be evacuated in a chopper.


When my parents were first engaged, they had this friend. The friend was cool, but the friend’s dad was a vicious racist, anti-Semite, sexist, and homophobe. One day, they were at some sort of social function, and the dad kept making rude comments about the fact that my parents were living together. In fact, it got so bad that my mom started crying and they ended up leaving.

About five years after that, my parents got news from their friend that the guy’s sister had just gotten married…to a black, Jewish woman.It put the dad into so much shock that he had a heart attack. Karma’s a [email protected]#ch.


There was a serial rapist on St. Thomas USVI a few years ago that was really scaring everybody. He predominantly targeted what we called ‘ex-pats’ who are usually white foreigners coming to work service industry jobs.

The locals rely almost entirely on tourism for income, so this is bad news and bad for business. There were posters everywhere for weeks. The docks, ferries, airport all had his face plastered all over the place so he couldn’t skip islands.

After a while, I noticed there weren’t any posters anymore of him anywhere on the island. I asked a table of locals and they simply told me that ‘The tide always washes away the trash’.

He apparently bragged about the rapes in a bar while drunk and a couple of guys offered him a cigarette to get him to step outside. They disappeared his ass and threw him in the ocean.


In my hometown, we had a town drunk named ‘T’, he was in his sixties when this happened. T was slightly mentally handicapped and always walked home from the bar. One night, a group of teenagers, grabbed him and beat him with a crowbar. Miraculously, T lived.

Once the names got out of who did the crime, (they all got out of because they were 16 with probation), a group of guys (most of em over 6 foot and big), found the boys one by one and beat the living tar out of them. Then, many of us in town donated and paid all T’s medical bills off and the money raised paid for him to live in a nice apartment for the rest of his life.


I had a friend who got a cash pay landscaping job. Worked his 2 weeks then payday came. The boss laughed in his face and told him to [email protected]#k off. No record of him ever working there. My friend did some landscaping on the guy’s kneecap. ‘No pay, but none needed’, said my friend. Got his money’s worth. No charges either.



When I was a baby our family was in a bad car accident. My dad got out to check the other driver and he apparently stank of whiskey. Dad dragged him out of the car and beat his head off the road.

He admitted it to the police when they turned up, and the police apparently said to him “so that guy must have hit his head on the steering wheel pretty hard then..”. Dad didn’t get in any trouble and the other driver was either too drunk to know what happened or was in so much trouble anyway he never pressed it any further.

Ina 10 month s ago
I find most of these hard to believe.
Wood 10 month s ago
one persons vigilante is anothers lynch mob
Lafayette 10 month s ago
here's a real one.



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