Please Explain, What’s That? (21 pics)

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Hallow and mesh like pods with a ball inside, a little bigger than a quarter. Found under a big log and they are mostly on top of a metal fire pit lid.

1 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: Yep, it’s a dry physalis fruit.


These were a relatives but no real context. Altogether they are heavy, and metal cylinders have a line across the diameter.

2 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: Punch press die set


I picked up a storage container on the street and this was inside. 18/8 stainless steel, says INOX on there

3 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: Toothbrush holder.


What is this? Hard plastic with a white cap, image of that in comments. Found buried by a hiking trail, Southwestern PA. Also close to a very large lake.

4 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: A plastic buoy


Weird gadget in epoxy with suction cup hidden in tiny fake book. My boyfriend doesn’t remember where it came from.

5 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: Nissin Synchro-Eye Slave unit .


Izismile Video Collection

Found this out in the woods

6 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: It is a steam boiler. Maybe from a train engine, or more likely, maybe from a building used for heat or some kind of power for mining operation.


Glass tube with ml chart about 6 inch in size

7 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: A fermentation tube


Found a boulb like object. „ema“ Printed on the inside.

8 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: A space heater you plug into an appropriate-wattage lightbulb socket


Husband found by side of the road – no idea what it is.

9 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: It seems to be an Iran wedding medal


Found buried in the yard under a play gym.

10 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: It’s part of a dog’s chew toy.



Found near Gdańsk, Poland. Inscription says “reichseer” 1941 (I think). About 1 foot long. Found while gardening.

11 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: That is a can opener. Used in a field kitchen, clamped to a folding table; think of 5+ litre cans to feed a company of soldiers.


Kind of magnetic and came from an old sink. Anyone know what they’re called?

12 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: Those are ceramic disks from a faucet valve. They are not magnetic, but perhaps there is some metal stuck to the grease on them.


Found on both upper corners of the bedroom window, appears to be pushing the side panels out a bit. Note the blinds for a size reference. Some kind of growth or leaking insulation perhaps? I’m afraid to touch it!

13 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: Expanding foam insulation


Had these mailed to me unannounced. No idea what they are. Any help?

14 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: They go on your key ring and you use them to open doors or push buttons so you don’t have to use your fingers. It’s made from brass which is highly antimicrobial.


I see these all over my city, it’s always structured the same way with the IP preceding the R.

15 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: It’s part of the survey – a survey reference post. You will likely find a survey monument in the direction of the face that the “IP R” is written.



The wife found this while cleaning out a garden. Says “Potticoat” on one side, and “Hemingray, Patent May 2 1893” on the other. Threaded on the inside. Any help?

16 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: This is an electric insulator for a power pole.


Found what looks to be a RF transmitter under my chair inside a thin piece of paper. What is this? Location is Houston, TX if it helps.

17 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: Alien Technology RFID tag


This is in a park picnic area in my home town. My wife climbed on it as a kid but never knew what is was.

18 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: It’s a playground slide often called a “piano”. There was one in a park near me when I was a kid.


Some kind of eggs? Looks like small blueberries

19 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: Owlet moth eggs


They say “Merry Xmas Snyder The Milk Man”

20 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: It’s a knife sharpener



Any idea what was originally on this sign?

21 Please Explain, What’s That?

A: Lawrence Barrett Cigar sign.


Domenic 9 month s ago
Continue the great work! I love these types of posts! ok good
Rhoda 9 month s ago
No. 1 is commonly called a Cape Gooseberry, my Grandma had them and they were delicious.
Dony 9 month s ago
#Is a dried out physalis flower. The fruits grow inside the flower. Delicious!
Christy 9 month s ago
#1 - found inside of Joe's skull. Com 'on, You know the thing.



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