Guys Miss Even The Most Obvious Signs From Girls… (2 pics + 16 gifs)

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“Asking to hangout or try and set up a time to hangout with you. Get slightly upset/quiet when you bring up that “we” should bring a friend along. We only want you bucko.”

“I get physically close to that person. I usually try and sit next to them, and/or walk next to them.”

“I told him that I have nobody to go with to watch fireworks with on NYE and he just said that’s a shame until an hour later he realized that was when he was supposed to ask me out, which he did”

“I said: ‘It’s snowing. Just stay here. You can sleep in my bed.’”

“If we initiate the text conversations. Typically, a woman won’t make an effort to reach out if she’s not interested.”

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“Girl in high school: I like guys in tight shirts and blue jeans.

Me, wearing a tight shirt and blue jeans: Damn, lucky dudes.”

“I’m leaving on the last day of school, this cute girl yells, “HEY, JONGON832! I DONT HAVE YOUR NUMBER!!!”, to which I replied “YEA, I DONT HAVE YOURS EITHER! BYE!!”.”

“Me: You can kiss me if you want to.

Him: Oh. Do you want me to???

Me: *facepalm*”


“Asked him to adjust my bra strap. He did very shakily and then patted it down like ‘all done.’”


“When we try to keep a text conversation going when it seems like it’s about to end. That shows that we realllly want to talk to you.”


“I kept hugging him around the waist, cuddling with him, all of that stuff. He kept missing the signal when I would grab his inner thigh. That was when we were “friends” we’re dating now and he asked, “did you want to… ahem… d o t h e d i r t y ?””

“Invited this guy to my place after our date. Got him into my room, into my bed. He was just lying there so I told him my back was feeling sore, and asked him if he could give me a massage. His reply: ‘Oh I don’t want to crush you with my weight.'”

“Literally said ‘I want to be yours’ and the dude just keeps smiling and goes on about random space facts.

That one hurt a bit.”

“Glancing over at you all the time. If you catch us multiple times staring at you then we are probably interested.”

“My friend was complaining he was hot because of his long sleeve shirt. I said, ‘oh I’m sure you’d be just as hot without the shirt'”

“Physical touch. Poking your back, nudging your shoulder, etc. I wouldn’t keep touching someone I didn’t like.”

“I will laugh at literally everything you say. not because you’re hilarious but bc I like being around you and that makes me giggly.”

“There were rumors in my store that I liked one guy and he liked me, but we were too stupid to admit it to each other. One day I was fed up and decided to take action, so in front of everyone I shouted at him from the opposite side of the department “hey name! I like you ok?” He turned and shouted back “thank you”.

We ended up dating for 3 months.”


Samuel 2 month s ago
In hindsight, I was the idiot;
Nice girl asking me the time.
Me: "There's a clock, literally right there."

One I still regret to this day;
Setting the scene, really nice girl working at the local pool. I was really into her but never had the balls to tell her.

One time while I was taking a shower, last one in the showers before the pool closed.
She came up to me and told me to check an adjecent maintenance room.
So, I followed her there. Room was dimly lid and she closed the door.
Now this idiot called me, started checking the electronics on the wall.

In hindsight I missed so many hints from her, it's unbelievable.

One of the things on the list to educate my son: "Be respectful and no is no but learn the hints."
Dicie 2 month s ago
Girls are idiots as I see here... Omg wtf? If men had those "techniques" this planet would be empty.
Hessy 2 month s ago
We don't do "hints", plain and simple. If you want us to do something just tell us straight up what you want. Easier for everyone!
Obie 2 month s ago
The thing about hints. There's no way to know when it's a hint or if she's looking at you cause you wiped your forehead after getting a little chocolate on your hand and left a nice brown streak across your face.
Alonzo 2 month s ago
Guys, this is a two way thing. There are many guys out there doing nice guy things instead of just asking a girl out. Sure, in the internet it's easy to say Im A cOoL tOuGh MaN I hAvE nO fEeLiNgS I dOnT nEeD hInTs but in fact, the beginning of nearly every relationship is both of them hinting around to check if the other person is interested and to don't get hurt



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