It Looks Like Servers Meet At Least One Celebrity Every Day… (20 gifs)

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“My cousin was working one night in L.A. and Quentin Tarantino walks in. He didn’t serve him but observed that he wrote furiously in a notebook and would occasionally laughed to himself and look up. My cousin caught his eye once and QT laughed and kept writing.”


“I served DJ Khaled awhile ago when one of his friends’ girlfriend’s died, she was from my town. He sat his whole family down at one big table, men on one side and women on the other. His driver’s, a man and women for the cars again divided by sex sat at a different table, but he still covered their tab. Absolutely no pork for anyone. The bill was $500 something, he pulled out an envelope of cash, apologized for forgetting his wallet, and asked a nearby server to read the total to him. He nodded and left $700.”


“I had the pleasure of serving Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. At a pretty casual taco place. They ordered a lot of vegan stuff and some drinks and were super kind to me! No one bothered them either which was nice…also as a comfortably heterosexual male Liam is a [email protected]#kin snack. With personality to back it up. It now pains me to see people smear Miley from headlines and [email protected]#t because she is very kind and not some crazy b like she makes herself out to be sometimes. Idk two cents here. They tip well fwiw”


“Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian. Hosted the mercy meal when Lauren’s father Sib of Boston fame passed. They were more gracious and appreciative through the whole function than I have words for. Dwayne spotted me out of the corner of his eye as he was leaving, turned around and walked back to shake my hand and to tell me I was “awesome”. Every time some entitled Karen goes to town on me, I lean on that memory. Class. Total class.”


“I served Gordon Ramsay once, I was very nervous because of his TV persona but he was actually very polite, probably the most polite customer I’ve ever had, he didn’t even tell anyone to [email protected]#k off. At the end of the night he requested to see the head chef and shook his hand in appreciation and tipped us £100.”

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“Kevin Bacon- My most recent experience, this was like last week. He acted super weird like a damned alien. But in the end he was pretty nice. When he and his wife checked in for their reservation for 2 they didn’t for the life of them know what name the reservation might be under- surprise, it was under ‘Kevin Bacon’.”


“Friendly relaxed guy, dines with Yoko Ono a lot which is interesting. Treats the service staff like regular humans which is refreshing.”



“One of my co-workers waited on Katt Williams and he slipped her $1000 in cash after paying for the bill and already tipping on the card. Dude was a class act for sure!”


“Darius Rucker is so sweet and so kind. He’s absolutely a delight.”


“A friend waited on Morgan Freeman, John Goodman, and Steve Carell. At one point, Goodman pulls out a cigar, and without hesitation she (the waitress) had a lit lighter, waiting for him. He reached into his wallet and gave her $100 for that.”



“When Anthony Bourdain was visiting Finland for his TV show, I served him just before his flight back home at the Helsinki airport. I recognised him straight away, and was blushing like a little girl. He was polite, tipped well (which is unusual in Finland) and really enjoyed his food! He even let me take a picture with him regardless that I was working.”


“Chris Kirkpatrick from nsync.

Super nice guy, talked sports with him for a while.

When I handed him his cc slips I told him “if people have been looking at you weird, it’s because I told my coworkers you weren’t who they thought you were.”

Left me $30 on a $100 tab.”


“Michael Caine and his wife. I was new and a little nervous and messed up their order but they both kept saying everything was lovely.”


“Cameron Diaz and a friend of hers came in and had lunch on a slow day, they were like one of three tables on the patio. Sweetest lady ever. I’m completely of the opinion that she’s not acting in her movies in the ‘girl next door’ role, that truly is her personality. She was so kind and polite. “


“I served Tom Hiddleston at an event. I was on drinks for the area he was in, and he was incredibly lovely and chatty with me and the other waiters in the area. Very polite as well. Damn that man is too good to be true..”



” worked at an Italian restaurant that Billy Joel would occasionally dine at. Was chill as [email protected]#k, tipped well. Once a weevil made its way into his girlfriend’s salad, and while she was appalled and refused to speak to anyone for the rest of the meal, Joel himself made light of it and made sure to tip 25% on the pre-discounted bill (since we comped his entrees).”


“Ed Helms. Got his coffee messed up but he still tipped 50% and was super nice.”


“Miranda Lambert came in once with a friend’s bachelorette party – I didn’t wait on her, but her server said she was very polite and sweet and was trying just to not draw attention, since it was her friend’s celebration and she didn’t want to overshadow the bachelorette.”


“My cousin had Drew Carey come into his bar one night after a gig. Said he came in and bought a round for everyone in the bar. Cousin said he was a real classy guy and extremely friendly. At the end of the night, he called my cousin over and asked how many staff were working that night. He then pulled out a check and wrote it for an amount that ended up giving each staffer a $100 tip that night.”


“Not as a waitress but a receptionist for a recording studio. Bill Murray came in to do some dialogue replacement for Garfield 2. He had called earlier for directions (I recognized his voice immediately) and commended me on my direction giving skills and deemed me “Boss Lady” once he arrived. He had such a presence about him. Shook everyone’s hand around the lobby and was genuinely kind. He and the engineers broke for lunch (Greek food) and after they were finished I was walking down our hallway and could hear them coming around the same corner so I decided to wait and let them pass. Bill came around the corner and saw me waiting. We locked eyes and he ran straight up to me. So what do you do when Bill Murray runs directly in to you? You [email protected]#king brace yourself and chest bump him. The impact was enough to get a hot breath of feta and gyros in my face. Best moment of my life.”




Alfy 10 month s ago
of course their nice. they got to be so they can get money. and flaunt their tips.
Miley is still a c#nt though.
Shelton 9 month s ago

I'll bet your mirror would show a real c#nt.
Eurydice 10 month s ago
Give high tips = nice person. Merica stay stupid
Zach 9 month s ago
i hear Alex Baldwin just screams at people and calls them "fat little piggies" before punching the person
Antonia 9 month s ago
I have met buster crabbe, enos from dukes of hazzard, whoopie goldberg as well as a few others must say all were (acting) like regular folks



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