Pics That Are So Poignant And Fascinating (55 pics)

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“These cute, little fruits are called Cucamelons! They look like a watermelon, but taste like a cucumber, with a hint of lime in it. They are the size of grapes and olives!”

Chalk particles under a microscope.

“Ohio State University waited for students to create different paths and paved them after.”

“The actor for Gandalf with his stunt double and scale double.”

“I grew a 1 year old cannabonsai roots on rock.”

Izismile Video Collection

The sinking Costa Concordia photographed by a tilted camera.

“This Is What An Illegally-Taken Picture From One Of The Great Pyramids Looks Like.”

“Forest Scene with Leaf in Foreground.”

“This is what happens when a lightning hits beach sand.”

Snake dress made out of palm leaves.

“The Haolai River in China is the narrowest in the world, flowing for 10.56 miles (17 km) in Inner Mongolia, emptying into Dalai Nur Lake, averaging only 4.7 in (12 cm) wide and 19.67 in (50 cm) deep. It has been flowing for over 10 millennia and is fed by an underground spring.”

“This Korean hyper-realistic painter mainly paints nature. This bark is one of the most satisfying works i've seen.”

“A doctor sneezed, sang, talked & coughed toward an agar culture plate with and without a mask.”

“String quartet performs for audience of 2,292 plants at reopening of Barcelona’s Gran Teatro del Liceu (22 June 2020)”

“This tree that grew over a parking sign over the years.”


“This is actually a black and white image with coloured lines. Your brain uses that information to fill in the rest of the photo.”

“A koalas fingerprint compared to one of a human. They're so similar that koala fingerprints have been mistaken for human ones at crime scenes.”

The Blue Dragon River, Portugal.

Annual Water Lily Harvest in Vietnam.

“Mount Everest and other Himalayan mountains visible today from more than 120 miles away after coronavirus lockdown clears the air pollution in Kathmandu.”

This underwater pool illusion.

“The core structure of the twin towers during sunset.”

“A Volcano Erupts as The Aurora Borealis Occurs, Iceland.”

“The 7 ft Zweihänder said to have been used by 15th century Dutch pirate Grutte Pier.”

“These stunning bird trails.”


“I found an old train ticket in a book, apparently it's the longest station name in the UK.”

Tokyo in 1945 and today.

“Aerial view of a dead volcano which erupted 4500 years ago.”

“This spider managed to weave a web that can hold water!!!”

“Tectonic plate boundry between Europe and America.”


“A modern/futuristic home known as Dupli Casa, located in Ludwigsburg, Germany.”

“Eye of the drain.”

“The Church of Saint George (Amharic: Bete Giyorgis) is one of eleven rock-hewn monolithic churches in Lalibela, a city in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia.”

“7,000 Years Ago, Ancient People Living In Mesopotamia Worshiped Lizard-Like Beings.”

“This is what all the nerves related to your teeth look like.”


“California couple used a lawn mower & GPS to create a giant grass mural of Kobe..”

Shark inside a "fish tornado".

“What the Northern Lights look like from space.”

“How a candle burns on earth VS. In Space on the International Space Station.”

The Tianzi Mountains, China.

“These are not ordinary stones but the two largest very rare tanzanite gemstones worth of 3.35 million dollars…yes… this tanzania miner became a millionaire overnight with 3.35 million dollars by these two gemstones... An unforgettable day for him.”

Firefall In Yosemite Valley.

“A photo of the statue of liberty being built in France before it was shipped to America.”

“Queen Elizabeth was a mechanic and truck driver during WWII. She is the only living royal family member to have served in WWII and the only female to have entered the armed forces.”

“Enzo Ferrari the founder of Ferrari died in the year 1988 and Mesut ozil footballer was born in the same year 1988.”

“The Dark Hedges Of Northern Ireland.”

Apples From Morocco.

“Here’s How Hard it Was to Move a 5MB IBM Hard Drive in 1956.”

“Evolution of Crayola crayon colours 1903-2010.”

“Update on corpse flower. It bloomed early this morning! It's already starting to close up. But, it still smells horrible (think rotting beef left in the sun). Also, we found a second flowering off of the main corm. We have no idea what to expect of that one as it's vary rare to have that happen.”

“This is what Daytona Beach looked like in 1957.”

“This is how smooth the bullet train is in Japan.”

“Illusion of an explosion created by clouds and sun.”

“Where the Amazon River in Brazil meets the Black River.”

“This is what Venice looks like from Above.”


Nat 9 month s ago
#17 How many koala-based crime scenes have there been? I knew you shouldn't trust those things. They're not even real bears.
Eben 9 month s ago
#13 noone said masks dont help spreading ur germs, but please get over the covid hoax.... its time to realize that we got fooled big time...
Chloe 9 month s ago

How does that work exactly? Are the 126,000 dead people in the US all crisis actors?
Lenora 9 month s ago
Chloe, The vast majority of the deaths have been elderly or those with a pre-existing condition. The response in shutting down businesses was unnecessary - we don’t shut down businesses for the flu that goes around every year nor should we have done so for COVID-19.
Nat 9 month s ago
Covid isn't seasonal, so you can't just wait it out like the flu, since it doesn't just go "around every year". It's also killed several times more folks in 5 months than the flu does in a year in the US. Comparing it to a seasonal virus that typically kills between 3,000 and 50,000 each year in the US seems a little tenuous, logic-wise. Shutting things down during a pandemic is pretty standard practice. The US just wasn't serious about it, and so is going to suffer the fallout of their weak and disorganized response. Many other countries are doing far far better at this point.
Marjorie 9 month s ago

They are faking the numbers
Governor 9 month s ago

It's amazing that there is people like this poster who think its a hoax. What will it tke for you all to realize its real? A family member or loved one to die?
Roxie 9 month s ago
Fooled into what? Wearing a cloth mask when you go to the store? Who's the idiot? Adapt or die. Those who fear change are doomed.
Olivia 9 month s ago
My dead friend, Mother-in-law, cousin and the to thousands of cases I have personally documented all agree. You are the worst kind of monster.

Marjorie, I. Collect the data for a major Health network. I am not taking.
Josey 9 month s ago
Bacteria and viruses are not the same. Look it up. dash
Anderson 9 month s ago

No one said they were. They're looking at spread pattern in saliva. Oil and water arent the same, but spread patterns would be similar when sprayed.
Izzy 9 month s ago
Looking at the pattern...and doing a sketchy job of it. What kind of mask? How long had they worn it before the test? How much airflow was in the area? What was the temperature and humidity? How long was the test plate exposed?
There are a hell of a lot of significant factors, this is not even close to the full story.
Nat 9 month s ago
Yeah, if only Dr. Richard Davis, Director of the clinical microbiology laboratory at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center had explained any of that in his write ups...
Alexandra 9 month s ago
Told ya
Lanna 9 month s ago
wait 'till the second wave hits ...



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