“The Simpsons” Is Actually Quite A Wholesome Show! (29 pics)

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The Nicest Thing Ever Said

Pranks Done Right

Validating Feelings

Few shows have influenced an entire generation, culture and television combined, more than The Simpsons. The show has convinced people that animation can be for adults, and most importantly, that it can be profitable to run at prime time. Hence, the show is now the longest-running scripted prime time television series since it began airing on Fox Network back on December 17, 1989.

The Simpsons’ long-lasting momentum was very well described by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane: “As far as I'm concerned, they basically re-invented the wheel. They created what is in many ways—you could classify it as—a wholly new medium."


A Father's Love

For those who don't know the story behind this:

Before Maggie was born, Homer Simpson worked at the Nuclear Plant because he needed the money to pay for all the debt. Once Homer Simpson finally payed the debt he quit his job to work at his dream job at the bowling alley. When Homer Simpson found out that Marge was pregnant with Maggie, he became depressed that he had to quit his job at the bowling alley because the salary couldn't support them. When Homer Simpson begged Mr. Burns for his old life back, he put a plaque that reads "Don't Forget: You're Here Forever." When Maggie was born, Homer instantly fell in love with her. When Lisa asked Homer where did all Maggie's baby pictures went, Homer explains that he keeps it where he needs it the most


Tough Love

Izismile Video Collection

Seeing Both Sides

One pop culture historian and writer, Christopher Irving, said that The Simpsons managed to make referential and satirical humor go mainstream simply by being a good show.

“It's that simple: the pastiche, parody, and inclusion of pop culture isn't what the show is built around—the show is built around relationships, which is what makes the Simpsons themselves believable enough to love." But due to the abundance of references, the show resonated with a very diverse audience.


Wholesome Moment

Wholesome Moment

Mutual Respect

The question remains whether The Simpsons has became an icon in its own accord and will generate the same effect to younger audiences that are no longer in time with pop culture references.

But British cultural historian Christopher Cook is convinced the yellow world is not leaving our hearts anytime soon. “There’ll be PhDs and ‘guides’ galore to help people through The Simpsons. The future generations will want to unravel the programmes and understand their referencing,” he told the BBC.


When Homer Temporarily Becomes Smart

A crayon gets removed from Homer's brain and he becomes temporarily smart and can communicate with Lisa, he later gets it put back in, before that, he leaves Lisa a note.

Homer's note to Lisa: I'm taking the coward's way out. But before I do, I just wanted to say being smart made me appreciate just how amazing you really are.



Their Response To USWNT

When Marge Responded To Barbara Bush's Criticism

Barbara Bush once called The Simpsons "the dumbest thing I've ever seen" during an interview. She got a letter from "deeply hurt" Marge


Making Friends

Best Friends

When Bart Writes A Song For Lisa

Bart writes a song for Lisa for her birthday to make up for always forgetting about it

Lisa, it's your birthday.

God bless you this day.

You gave me the gift of a little sister,

And I'm proud of you today.

Lisa, it's your birthday.

Happy birthday, Lisa.

Lisa, it's your birthday.

Happy birthday, Lisa.


Sweet Marge

Can't Stop The Tears

You know, I always felt you were the best thing my name ever got attached to... I just want you to know I've always been proud of you. You're my greatest accomplishment and you did it all yourself. You helped me understand my own wife better and taught me to be a better person.


Maggie's First Word

Homer puts Maggie to bed and tells her he hopes she never says a word because once kids start talking they only argue. After he leaves she says 'daddy'


Lisa The Iconoclast

Lisa writes an essay on founder Jebediah Springfield for the town's bicentennial. While doing research, she learns he was a murderous pirate who viewed the town's citizens with contempt. When no one in the town believes Lisa, Homer says he does, he tells Lisa 'You’re always right about this type of thing, and for once, I want in on the ground floor'


Mother Simpson

Homer sitting on his car hood watching the stars after Mona leaves and they just play that heartbreaking song over the credits. This scene has been described as one of the most emotional in the show's entirety


Bart Owns A Bike Shop And Pulls Down The Shutters With Paintings Of Lisa That He Painted

Bart The Mother Episode

Bart hatches a pair of lizards. Skinner says the lizards must be killed by law. Marge tries to convince Bart to turn them over and Bart says, 'Everyone thinks they're monsters, but I raised them, and I love them! I know that's hard to understand' and begins to cry. That's how Marge feels about Bart on the inside, so she lets him escape with the lizards


When Homer Went Bald Again

Homer uses the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant's medical insurance plan to buy Dimoxinil, a miracle hair growth formula. After applying the drug, Homer wakes up the next day with a full head of hair. He loses the hair again later in the episode. Homer tells Marge he is afraid she will love him less now that he is bald again. Marge holds him in her arms and they sing "You Are So Beautiful" together.


You Are Lisa Simpson

Homer Still Appreciating Marge, Even Though She Doesn't Remember Him

Homer and Marge separate because she has amnesia. Marge goes to a speed dating event, and she meets a man who shares her interests. When Marge tells him that she has amnesia and three kids, he immediately leaves. Homer scolds the man for leaving her, saying that she is the most beautiful woman he will ever meet. Marge tells Homer that even though she may not remember him, he knows the most wonderful things about her.


Making His Son Proud

Homer couldn't build a functional robot and didn't want to disappoint Bart so he disguised himself as one and took beatings in Robot Wars.


Homer Dad's Good Intentions

Abe sent away Bongo, Homer's childhood dog, away to a farm in attempt to save him from Mr. Burns. Homer didn't understand and was furious at Abe, especially well into adulthood. Homer thought that Bongo would forget about him until Abe showed him a photo from years later of. Homer was happy to see that Bongo was sleeping on his old sweatshirt and that he hadn't forgotten Homer.


A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again

The scene where Bart is older and laying in bed, with photos of cherished memories around him


Seeing Mr. Burns Weep Over The Loss Of His Beloved Bobo


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Estella 1 month ago
#11 annnnd at that, we're done. Because, just as with everything these days, there starts off this wholesome message to all that can make us all smile as human beings, but then suddenly there's this political canonizing of a select few, which on the surface seems fine, yet immediately implies those they don't condone the same message are terrible people. That's what politicizing and virtue signaling does and the entertainment industry should stay out of it. Under the veil of this ersatz righteousness, you are openly despising people who haven't done a thing.
Gum 1 month ago

Thanks for saying that!
Gerald 1 month ago
..so masonic twisted mindcontrol bs is wholesome - who would've thought.

Btw. Jizzlane didn't kill herself
Colie 1 weeks ago
I've liked their clever humor over the years, though the show was pretty rough in it's infancy. Still 1000x better than that toilet humor themed family guy.
Floyd 1 weeks ago
5 people, 2 pets, one house, 2 cars, all out of one salary. yea right!
Gerald 1 weeks ago
don't forget regular beers at the bar and frequent vacations!



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