Just Leave All The Introverts Alone! (15 gifs)

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1 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"I’m not depressed or lonely. I genuinely enjoy staying home and spending time by myself."


2 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"I need to spend some time by myself. This is why I wake up so damn early, it’s so I have 1-2 hours everyday where you’re all asleep and I can start my day in blissful silence.I love all of you, but not before 6AM, just go the [email protected]#k back to sleep. This is my time."


3 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"Not all introverts are shy and quiet. I tend to be loud and outgoing with people I know and/or like, for a certain amount of time. Then I need to crawl into my hole and recharge. Interaction with more than one person at a time exhausts me, and I can’t deal with more than one social event a week. The fact that I sometimes I talk a lot, I can hold eye contact and don’t completely suck at small talk doesn’t make me any less introverted."


4 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"In any social group/ party, I’m happy to sit silently and observe. No, I’m not feeling left alone. No, I’m not getting bored. Your pointing that out only makes me more awkward."


5 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"To add on to that… if you bring me to the party and you’re the only person I know do NOT leave me alone or at least introduce me to someone cool and allow me time to get comfortable before leaving me alone."


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6 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"Just because I don’t want to go out doesn’t mean I don’t like you."



"Also, especially in a work context:

Just because I don’t chat you up about every little thing doesn’t mean I don’t like you."


7 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"So much this. I feel like in a shared/open office space, this is especially difficult to get across, when everyone around you is talking about their kids, upcoming travel plans, dinner from last night, and everything under the sun while typing away on their computers and flipping through files. I personally find it difficult to simultaneously focus on work and chat about non-work stuff. So, if I have been assigned some work, my instinct is to do that and check it off my to-do list as soon as possible.

Thankfully, my colleagues are considerate folks who understand this about me now, and they know that when I’m not contributing to a conversation about someone’s cousin’s wedding, I don’t really have anything against them."


8 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"This. I think the way extroverts hear this is “I’d rather do nothing than be with you” because they see just being home alone as nothing, valueless, whereas to introverts that is treasured time."


9 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"Alone is not the same thing as lonely."


"I saw this quote a year ago and it sums it up perfectly.

I like being alone. I have control over my own space. Therefore, in order to win me over, your presence has to be better than my solitude. You’re not competing with another person, you are competing with my comfort zone."


10 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!
"It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you, it’s that I straight up don’t want to talk. At all. To anyone."

11 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean you hate social interaction. If you’re like me, you may love interacting with people and the only thing that makes you an introvert is that interaction is draining and you need time alone to recharge."


12 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"If you point out that I’m quiet I’m 100x less likely to ever open up to you."


13 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"Lockdown is pretty much how I live my life anyway. Contactless delivery has been an awesome addition."


14 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"It’s not you. I’m interested, I just don’t know what to say. Or what to do with my face. Or how to hide that I don’t know what to do or say. But keep talking, I’m soaking it in."


15 Just Leave All The Introverts Alone!

"When you say “OMG I’M AN INTROVERT TOO”, I don’t expect you to talk more for 2 hours straight and keep breaking the silence, can we just like, be quiet for a moment"




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Monica 7 month s ago
13 is so true. Lockdown didn't change much. For Introverts and people with a small budget. We didn't had money before for going out, eating out or going to bars and restaurants. Life went on like before, online deliveries are just easier and cheaper.
Lemuel 7 month s ago
Yyes! It's the same for me AND my wife. Luckily I am married to an introvert. So we can enjoy times together & times for ourself. I love it.



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