Women Share Their Opinions On What Makes You A Real Man (20 pics + 2 gifs)

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“A manly man is compassionate, humble, and full of heart. He can laugh at himself and cares about other people’s happiness. A manly man is also brave and has strong moral fiber.”


“I think being funny and smart makes a man manly. I’m over the muscles.”

“Being self aware and passionate about something in life makes a man manly. It’s not all about big hands and muscles—although those things are nice, too.”


“I think a man comes off as manly when they show assertiveness. Instead of saying, “Where do you want to go tonight,” and “I don’t care; you pick,” I like when a man says “This is where we’re going; I’ll get you at 8.” I also think a man that’s determined to succeed in his career, and who accounts for his mistakes is more manly.”


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“A man who knows what he wants. Someone who cares about himself, as well as others around him. Someone who is a hard worker, whether it be a labor or desk job. I also have always loved handy men with lots of knowledge about life in general (street smart, not just book smart). Also, (I know this is bad) what comes to mind is a guy with dark hair, dark eyes, who’s rough and bulky.”


“Men are subjected to a lot of standards regarding being tough and not showing their emotions. Yet I think it’s more manly when a man is sensitive, empathetic, romantic, and passionate. It means he’s confident enough not to worry about the standards. I also think that real men can cook and wouldn’t *expect* a woman to do anything for them but appreciate it when they do.”


“When a man gets sweaty and dirty doing physical labor.”


“For me it’s not about anything physical. I think what makes them manly is if they treat women well, especially a woman that they love. Showing a woman they love and care about them in thoughtful, small ways (not big grand gestures) is manly to me.”


“A man is manly when he supports my goals and knows I can take care of myself, while still having enough sensibility and compassion to know when I need support.”


“Physical attributes like broad shoulders, larger hands, taller height, confidence, self assured, not a flat butt, masculine facial attributes.”


“Being able to take control and make plans and be confident in his decisions.”


“Someone physically fit with good character— faithful, confident, understanding, helpful, and hardorking. A handy man who takes control and knows how to take control. Someone with body hair and a beard, too.”


“Being athletic and a deep voice.”


“He wants to help you fix things or has the ability to change a tire, fix a doorknob, etc.”



“Independence, financially secure, and is secure with himself.”


"I think there’s too much pressure put on men to be “manly.” The definition of manliness is constantly changing and varies from person to person. I think a man is “manly” when he’s true to himself and the people around him. He’s not afraid to show his personality or his emotions despite whatever backlash he may receive.”"


“Being comfortable in his skin and in-touch with his feelings.”


“Hair is manly, honesty, good sense of humor. Being handy, knowing how to cook, clean. Hard working.”


“A man who is confident in who is he. He’s not afraid to be who he is in any situation, regardless of who’s around and doesn’t put up a front to impress anybody. A man who has goals and aspirations and isn’t content with normalcy.”


“I don’t wanna state the obvious, but probably when they’re really into working out.”



Di 6 month s ago
Yeah, I dint know about those... I think standing while peeing with the seat down and not caring is what makes a man a man. Oh, and being able to eat an entire large Pizza Hut meat lovers pizza and Washing it down with a quart of beer Is pretty manly too.
John 6 month s ago
Don't forget fellas: These are 20 individual opionions by individuals. So, you can continue to scratch your butt and sniff - there is definitley a fish for you out there .. lol
Suzanne 6 month s ago
If you can set and light a 1 match campfire, you have 1 component of being a man. If you are strong and skilled enough (and have the wherewithall) to defend others, then you have another component. If you are offended at the slightest thing, then you've lost your man card.
Phoebe 6 month s ago
Let's put it simply. What they admit to or not, this is what women really want:
1) Strength - They want to be protected.
2) Assertiveness - They want someone else to be in charge.
3) Stability - They want to know they will have a stable life.

"J#rks" come off as assertive and strong, because they are confident. This is why girls don't like "nice" guys. They want someone they can stand next to and not worry about anything, and someone who will reign them in when they start acting unwise.
Middy 6 month s ago
A man who can raise his children to be responsible adults, a man who never run from his responsibilities in life, a man who respects his parents. That is a real man. All the other stuff is "nice to have", but does not define a real man.
Philomena 6 month s ago
I wonder how many women could handle reading what men think is womanly or feminine in a woman. I'm a woman by the way. ;)
Rolf 6 month s ago
Philomena, hell hath no fury...
Kill 6 month s ago
Women cant define a real man only a real man can. No go do the dishes [email protected]#k dammit dirol



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