Our World Has So Many Different Facets! (75 pics)

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"Turns out, bees can sleep in one flower with their whole family."

"This hummingbird could’ve been mistaken for a fly."

"Ana Tsitsishvili creates pictures using different microbes, from staphylococcus to yeast. This is called agar art."

“A tree growing out of the roots of an upside-down dead tree”

"An owl made friends with each of the 30 cats in a Japanese cafe in Osaka."

Izismile Video Collection

“My friend took his pug to get an MRI.”

"A Wilson’s bird of paradise is colored in such a way that it seems Photoshopped."

"The chance of meeting a white bat is extremely small, but for those who are lucky, it’s the sweetest creature ever."

"Little bears dancing in circle"

"The black skimmer mom defended her kid from getting bullied by other birds, and this is the baby’s reaction."

"The Seymchan meteorite looks like a real gemstone."

“35 pounds of honey found in my cousin’s roof”

"The bright yellow spots are human DNA under a microscope."

"There’s a company that produces animal-free meat by 3-D printing food."

"A photographer takes photos of kids all over the world with their toys. Here are some kids from Zanzibar."


"A scientist tried ancient recipes."

"Turns out, vultures have adorable pants."

"These cakes are designed to represent beach views."

"The rare phenomenon known as iridescent clouds"

"Thousands of tiny droplets on a spider web"

"Caterpillar feet"

"A building’s reflection in shattered glass"

"A soap bubble"

"Honeybee Covered in Zucchini Pollen."

"The beginning of a tornado"

"The inside of a red bell pepper"

"This is not a painting. I took a photo of my dog looking at me from underwater."

"Grains of pollen on the edge of a finger"

"A bridge in Iceland"

"A slug’s eye"

"Here’s what a duck born without most of its feathers looks like"

"A sunrise through the raindrops on a car’s roof"

"Salt and pepper"

"A chameleon’s body"

"A perfectly symmetrical aloe plant"

"An albino raccoon"

"The inside of a black carrot"

“This butterfly is perfectly mimicking dead, dried out leaves. It even has ’bite marks’ from bugs!”

“The Buddha’s hand fruit is a type of citrus that is all zest and rind — pretty much a lemon peel all the way through.”

“This is what an 800-year-old bonsai tree looks like.”

“The jabuticaba tree is also known as the Brazilian grape tree. What makes it so unique is that the fruit grows out of its bark.”

“This emu looks like a hairy stone from behind.”

“A weird pink halibut — they’re usually white.”

“Heavy rain turns this stairway into a waterfall.”

“My youngest daughter was born this February with an extra finger on each hand.”

“How Brussels sprouts grow”

“I was doing some digging and found an old nerf dart supporting life!”

“My dad and I found these beautiful bees in an old sweatbox used for dried fruit.”

“My neighbors had a tree cut down because it was diseased. The disease left an awesome pattern in the wood.”

“My toes are double-jointed.”

“A 5-lb mutant heirloom tomato I found”

“The color change between my horse’s summer and winter coat is neat.”

“This is the most beautiful corn. It’s a Native American variety, and yes, it really does grow like that.”

"A giant Brahma chicken"

“An incredible face my father shot in the clouds”

“This cat has a paw print on its back.”

“For some reason, my gecko shed everything but his eyebrows.”

"The pattern on the wings of this butterfly looks like the screaming face from the famous painting by Edvard Munch."

"This pepper in the shape of a duck"

“My cactus grew a heart.”

“This book was completely ravaged by termites.”

"The pattern on this tree stump looks like The Starry Night painting by Vincent van Gogh."

"This cloud looks like a feather."

“My watermelon barely had a rind.”

“My teddy bear after 22 years of love compared to his original form.”

“The sky, captured from my window in June”

"She has her heart in the right place."

"The sidewalk was struck by lightning."

"Osiria rose, a flower that grows with both red and white petals."

"How the morning dew sits atop these blades of cat grass."

"The intricate pattern of frost on a fence"

“Our cherry tomatoes grew like a traffic signal.”

“I saw a half-albino squirrel while frisbee golfing.”

“I saw a spiral tree on a hike yesterday.”

“What an X-ray of your hand looks like when you have nail studs on.”


Credits:  brightside.me

Alfy 6 month s ago
this company produces bland food that causes diarhea and cancer
Jay 6 month s ago
Alfy, Care to prove this? A peer reviewed thesis will do.
Angela 6 month s ago

good one, Alfy thinks just because she can say something it's automatically true. useful idiots will believe her, the rest of us wont
Bedney 6 month s ago
#7 an MRI for a pug, just think what that costs. The "Pug" breed has been bred so badly that most have horrible respiratory problems. Cases of blindness and their eyes slipping or popping out of their eye sockets due to skull malformation are common. Want a dog with insanely high vet bills just to have the doctors tell you there's not a lot they can do? Get a pug, you'll be miserable and so will your poor choice of a dog.
Floyd 6 month s ago
#16. How do you feel that people in 1600 b.C. did things that you try, but nobody tries what you do?



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