People Over 60 Tell What They’d Do Differently If They Had The Chance (20 GIFS)

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"Relax. This stuff isn’t so serious. I’m 3/4’s done with life, probably 20 more to go. 10 good ones and then it will start to get rough. Don’t chase after things. Be simple. Eat simple. Enjoy life. Stop being critical. Enjoy this brief time."




"I learned this fairly early and once I hit that realization I became so much happier. I used to have terrible self-esteem issues, chronic anxiety, and a terrible eating disorder. Getting hospitalized bc of said disorder and getting into therapy lifted such a big weight off my shoulders as I began to realize that nobody’s opinion of me is worth it. It’s not worth me being unhappy, unhealthy, or even slightly bothered.

My biggest thought that helped me get over this is to realize that people don’t care or notice as much as you think they do. When you see someone trip do you think about it for the rest of the day and get stuck on how clumsy they are? No. So why would anyone notice if you’re clumsy? If you see someone with slightly crooked teeth do you notice? You probably don’t even think about it. Nobody is hung up on any of the flaws you see in yourself. Nobody notices your teeth or your weight or your clothes so why would you freak out about it?"




"My grandfather used to say, “it’s not about marrying the one you love, it’s about marrying the one you don’t [email protected]#king hate.”"




"My great grandmother (RIP)

“A shot of whiskey at night is good for the soul. Any more than that and you are dancing with the devil.”

My grandmother (RIP), “Just because it looks good doesn’t mean you want it.”"




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"I’d of worked less when the kids were little. I routinely worked 55 hrs a week and no we didn’t get overtime. I’ve had a very successful career but you can’t buy that time back with money. I was always trying to prove myself to my dad and took until mid 30’s to realize this was my life. I’ve always worked more than I should but when the kids were little I should have had different priorities.

Wish my dad had of said, “son, slow down and enjoy the ride”. I’ve told my kids only to push that hard for you. Don’t do it for anyone else and I’ll love them no matter what. So far they are all doing well but none are workaholics. Very grateful that stopped with me and I didn’t pass it down."




"I wish I had been kinder to my husband. We bickered about small things that really weren’t important. I wish I could tell him how sorry I am."




"Pay yourself first no matter what.

Don’t do anything too much, smoking, drinking, games, porn, anything in excess will hold you back.

Learn to honestly deal with your emotions."




"67 here. I’ve become a contrarian in many regards. Do the opposite of what the crowd does and in many cases (not all) it works out.

Also, take care of your effing ears. I LOVED loud music and pumped it into my ears through headphones for decades. Now I’ve got tinnitus. It’s not awful, but I’m never going to experience pure silence again."




"I’m friggin 60. dangit. Let me tell you, yup I would have made a better attempt at being patient with my goals. I was all over the place with jobs. Actor, carpenter, cabinetmaker, musician, teacher I still use my skills, but I wish I stuck out my carpenter apprenticeship when I was younger…I enjoyed the variety..probably a bit ADD…however, if I got more experience and learned more when I was younger I would have done better."





"My dad was 51 when he passed away in 2007 of colorectal cancer. He said he had two regrets. One was he should have left his job years ago. He said he was so miserable the last 5 years there. It was wasted time when he could have been doing something he enjoyed. His job was a small family company whom he worked for 23 years. They treated him like absolute [email protected]#t throughout his cancer ordeal.

Second was he wanted to ask a woman friend of his out on a date and never got the courage to do it. This was so sad because my dad never went out with anyone when I was growing up. He must have really liked her a lot. He was about to and because he got his cancer diagnosis it was too late."




"I asked my 88-year-old grandma this and she said to stop placing value on what other people think of you. Recognize this is your life and get on with it. Do the things you want to do."




"Prenup. I’ve ridden that rodeo three times. They all left with fabulous parting gifts. Spoiler alert. I’m a woman. Don’t think it just happens to men, ladies"




"Go to the dentist at least once a year. Do some sort of exercise a few times a week, just walking is enough. Quit Facebook."




"I will be 64 tomorrow 7-25-2020. I wish I had saved for retirement."




"Many people view kindness as weakness. Took me a long time to realize it’s strength.

Be kind whenever possible, and it’s always possible. Dalai Lama."




"I wish I’d gone to the Emergency Room that day in 1991 when I had terrible stomach pain. I was a single working mom and didn’t have health insurance, and I was afraid of the bill. I’ve suffered and nearly died a few times because of that bad choice. Worse, my children suffered and still do because of it."




"The best advice I could give a younger person is to learn to be flexible. I had this idea that being older meant things would slow down and life would be more calm and predictable. Wrong. The chaos of life never stops and when you’re older you can’t even take your existence for granted. The older people I know that struggle the most are stubborn. They can’t roll with the punches and their world becomes small and depressing."




"I should have made better marriage choices. Don’t marry too young, or if you do, just be really really sure that you have the same values and same goals. If one of you doesn’t want kids, for instance, that should be a deal-breaker. If one doesn’t like sex or intimacy, HUGE DEAL BREAKER. If he/she is a j#rk to your friends and family, get out of that relationship. If he/she is never wrong or will never admit it, get out. And stay out of credit card debt."




"The day you die, you will be the one doing the dying. Until that day comes, might as well be the one doing the living."





Laurinda 1 week ago
#19 Won't argue against that thought but, I'm 81, married @19 to a girl I knew 3 months. It lasted until her death, 33 years later. Met up with a girl I dated in high school in1956. We have been married 26 years now.
Nerva 1 week ago
Quote: Laurinda
Laurinda 1 hour ago
#19 Won't argue against that thought but, I'm 81, married @19 to a girl I knew 3 months. It lasted until her death, 33 years later. Met up with a girl I dated in high school in1956. We have been married 26 years now.

Congratulations on such a long healthy marriage and Im sorry to hear about your wife. But one difference is that the older generation had a different lifestyle and different economy that could adapt to a married life at a early age. The time as come and gone.
Sarah 1 week ago
Talk to your GOD as if he is always right there next to you, and he will be.
Molly 1 week ago

I have no God, so this won't work for me JC_doubledown
Olive 1 week ago
Sarah, Religion is the single most ingenious invention made by man to control the ignorant masses. It simply gives license to suspend rational thinking.

Melanie 1 week ago
Don't waste your youth. Life is a finite resource and gets harder as you get older.
Kingsley 1 week ago
#7 when a close friend passed, his wife had the same sentiment. Now, when I have minor irritations I remind myself of her words and I let it go. Having to unball socks or pull laundry right side out all of the time is better than living without him.
Griselda 1 week ago
Be there for others. Physically be there. Any milestone....weddings, baptisms, band concerts, choir concerts, I don't care, just be there. Yeah, they're often a pain in the neck to attend, but to be surrounded by friends during important moments, is the best.



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