Celebrity Encounters Always Leave A Mark (5 PICS + 15 GIFS)

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“I spoke with Larry David when they were filming Curb Your Enthusiasm in NYC a few years ago. He is exactly like he portrays himself on his show. He ended our conversation with “I think we’re good here.”




“I literally ran into Natalie Portman crossing the street in Manhattan. She had just finished V for Vendetta and had her head shaved. I was shocked by how small she was, but she was really nice and absolutely stunning.”




“Stalked Alton Brown. He was cool with it.”




“I sat next to T.I. and his wife Tiny on a flight back from Houston. I told him I was a huge fan and he thanked me for the support. He also asked me if I farted halfway through the flight….I told him it was the probably the guy in front of us (it was me though).”




“Threw up on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s foot outside a restaurant. His response was an immediate: “It’s ok kid, I throw up every time I eat here too.” His wife then proceeded to run inside and grab me water and a bit of bread to settle my stomach. They were both incredibly nice about it all.”




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“I had the good fortune of meeting Jack Black once in 2006 after a Tenacious D concert. He was by far THE NICEST celebrity I have ever met. To paint a picture, we were all waiting out back of the auditorium near his tour bus, and I’d say there were roughly 40 – 50 fans split on either side of a walkway from the back door to the bus. When Jack came out everyone started cheering, and then suddenly hushed up because he was pushing his then- newborn son, Sam in a stroller. Once Sam was on the tour bus, Jack went to the person nearest the door, and took pictures, etc. And spent at least 30 seconds to a minute with every single person waiting for him. When he got to me, I asked him to sign my replica Pick of Destiny. He took it from me, signed it and then scrunched up his face and started shaking. After that, he gave it back to me and said, “now it has the power.”




“I met Fred Rogers at the studio where he taped his show. He took my hand, looked into my eyes and said “welcome to my neighborhood”. He was awesome.”




“When I was about 9 (late 90s early 2000s) my mom took me and brother on a vacation and we stayed in a nice hotel in toronto. Our room was next to a room that was hosting a loud party and after hearing some commotion in the hallway she discovered a few naked people running around the hallways. Being the stubborn person she was she knocked on the door and requested that they tone it down. It turns out the room belonged to rapper DMX Whom my older brother was a huge fan of. Not only did he stop partying to say hi to us, sign autographs and give us some swag we found out on checking out that he has payed for the whole stay. I think he’s pretty cool.”




“Tom Hanks is so nice that he shook my hand without me even asking.”




“I met Tommy Lee Jones at the DFW airport when I was 10. I said, “Hello Agent K!” He said, “[email protected]#k off kid.”





“Before my parents got divorced, they used to have my brother and I act. They would take us to auditions and we tried to get any part in anything. Well my brother got a little tiny part in Bruce Almighty. We got to go on set and kind of wander about and it was pretty fun. My brother was little and wanted to meet Jennifer Aniston, so he asked around and finally got a hold of her. We had lunch with her on set and she was such an amazing, down to earth person. She didn’t act like she was a big shot, she wasn’t stuck up, and needless to say it was the coolest lunch ever. After we finished we all got up, thanked her and my brother wanted a picture, so right as my brother and Jennifer we’re about to get their picture taken, Jim Carrey walks by. Jennifer was like hey Jim, get your @$$ over here! It was funny. Jim Carrey was definitely a strange guy, he wasn’t really an @$$hole but he was all that polite either. It seemed like he had something on his mind, but hey he stopped, posed for the picture, and said hey to us, so he can’t be all that bad.”




“Sat next to Mike Ditka on a flight once. Very nice and talkative.”




“My family and I met Tracy Morgan in the food court of some mall in San Francisco a few years ago. He was sitting in the corner with a few friends just hanging out, but when he got up to leave he walked right past our table. As he walked past, my brother (who was 17 and really into football at the time) said hi and Tracy stopped and talked with us for at least 5 minutes, asking my brother about how his football team was doing and what position he played, making jokes and all that. I didn’t really know what to expect but he was a super nice guy, and very friendly!”




“When I worked at Toys R Us, I was always the person to help Britney Spears and her kids. She was always nice and her kids were fun to talk too. I would answer their questions about toys and then ring them out. Normal Tru stuff. She never had security with her and once in awhile she had her guy with her”




“I met Bryan Cranston on the set of the final season of Breaking Bad. He. Was. Awesome! Kind and thanked me for being a fan and indulged me while I told him how awesome he is. He even signed a blank check for me as Walter White.”





“My uncle owns a golf store in Canada. Alice Cooper came in one day to buy a bunch of stuff and my uncle ended up trading him his equipment for tickets to his show to surprise his wife with. Not only did Alice Cooper invite them backstage but went golfing and out for supper with them.”




“I went to a book signing for Nigella Lawson and she was: way prettier in person that on her show if you can imagine and talked to me for 5 minutes about her homemade granola recipe that I told her I had made recently.”




“Christian Bale was one of the coolest, nicest people I had the chance to meet while working as an assistant to a famous filmmaker. He and my boss went out to a rented racetrack in the desert for a track day with formula Renault’s and CB’s bike. He was very cordial and polite, was willing to talk and shoot the [email protected]#t. My main job of the day was to get lunch for everyone and Christian was cool, had a very easy order, just wanted a sandwich, no crazy instructions. Best of all, when we were all done with lunch, he helped me clean up. I in no way expected his assistance and would have thought he was just as nice had he not helped but it really meant a lot. Not many of the people I was working with at the time would have bothered to help me out, but he did. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you are relegated to the grunt work on an outing, getting help feels really good.”




“Got to have lunch with Weird Al once while he was on tour. He was exceedingly kind, but it was a strange lunch. He was on voice rest when not performing. So, we had whole conversations where he conversed solely through facial expressions and eyebrow movements.”




“My mom met Henry Winkler twice and said that that guy is the sweetest, most soft-spoken and good natured man she ever talked to. The first time, they got stuck side by side in LA traffic together, so he rolled down his window and asked her how she was doing and they had a nice long conversation. The second time, they were in a store shopping at the same time, and he saw her and was genuinely excited to see her again.”





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Appy 9 month s ago
One of my first jobs was working for Airfrance as a ticket agent and a long time ago spoke to Penelope Cruz. All I got was a "hurry up and get it done!" Not even a thank you good-bye once done. Oh well.
Leonidas 9 month s ago
She probably says that to all the creeps.
Appy 9 month s ago
Leonidas, I never mentioned she spoke to you.
Luther 9 month s ago
Who me?
Callie 9 month s ago
Meny Heppenigs! 35



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