“DC” Stars Back In Their First Roles And Now (38 PICS)

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Henry Cavill’s first role was in a 2001 drama called “Laguna.”


Cavill made his debut as Clark Kent/Superman in the 2013 film “Man of Steel.”


One of Amy Adams’ earliest parts was a guest-starring role on “That ’70s Show.”


Adams portrayed Lois Lane alongside Cavill in “Man of Steel.”


Michael Shannon had a minor role in the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day,” which starred Bill Murray.


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Shannon played a villain named General Zod in “Man of Steel.”


One of Russell Crowe’s first parts was a recurring role on the Australian soap opera “Neighbours.”


Crowe starred as Jor-El, the biological father of Clark Kent/Kal-El, in “Man of Steel.”


Ben Affleck got his acting start in the ’80s on PBS shows.


Affleck first portrayed Bruce Wayne/Batman in 2016’s “Batman v Superman.”



Jeremy Irons has been acting since the ’70s, with roles on shows like “The Pallisers” and “Love for Lydia.”


Irons first starred as Alfred Pennyworth in “Batman v Superman.”


Gal Gadot made her film debut as Gisele in “Fast & Furious,” which was released in 2009.


Gadot brought Diana Prince/Wonder Woman to the big screen in “Batman v Superman” before landing a standalone franchise.


Will Smith got his break in Hollywood starring on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”


Smith played Floyd Lawton/Deadshot in “Suicide Squad.”


Jared Leto starred as Jordan Catalano on the short-lived ’90s teen drama “My So-Called Life.”


Leto took on the iconic role of the Joker in “Suicide Squad.”


At the start of his career, Jai Courtney appeared on shows like “Spartacus” and “Packed to the Rafters.”


Courtney starred as George Harkness/Captain Boomerang in “Suicide Squad.”


Chris Pine’s acting career began in the early 2000s with roles on shows like “CSI: Miami.”


Pine’s Steve Trevor encountered Wonder Woman after his plane crashed and landed on the island of Themyscira.


At the onset of his acting career, Ezra Miller appeared on shows like “Californication” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”


Miller had cameos as The Flash/Barry Allen in “Batman v Superman” and “Suicide Squad” before making a proper debut in “Justice League.”


In his first role, Jason Momoa played Jason Ioane on “Baywatch.”


Momoa was a scene-stealer as Aquaman/Arthur Curry in “Justice League.”


Amber Heard appeared on shows like “The O.C.” and “Criminal Minds” before she was famous.


Heard first appeared as Mera in “Justice League” before starring alongside Momoa in “Aquaman.”


In the ’90s, J.K. Simmons starred in Broadway productions and appeared in movies and TV shows, like Law and Order: SVU.


Simmons appeared as Commissioner Gordon in “Justice League.”


Willem Dafoe’s acting career began in the ’80s, with the movie “The Loveless” being one of his breakouts.


Dafoe portrayed Vulko in “Aquaman.”


Patrick Wilson appeared in Broadway and off-Broadway shows before landing roles in films and TV shows like “Angels in America”.


In “Aquaman,” Wilson portrayed King Orm, Arthur’s power-hungry half-brother.


Zachary Levi starred as Kipp Steadman on the ABC sitcom “Less Than Perfect.”


Levi starred as the titular character of “Shazam.”


Long before playing Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie starred on “Neighbours.”


Robbie made her debut as the iconic comic-book character in 2016’s “Suicide Squad” and starred in a standalone film four years later.






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