Woman Asks If She’s An A##hole For Cancelling Family Thanksgiving Because Of Her Needy Sister-In-Law (13 GIFS)

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"I 40F have hosted Thanksgiving for my family (husband, children, mother, siblings, and their spouses) for the last 20 years. There was never an issue until my brother met his now-wife Julie* five years ago."


"Julie is very big into fad diets (Atkins, keto, South Beach) and every year she sends me a list of foods that she cannot eat and a list of things that she can."


"Last year I cooked her the exact keto foods that she wanted and she was upset the entire meal because my brother didn’t want to eat it with her so they fought at the table."


"Last week she sent me a text message that she is now on the fertility diet as they are starting IVF and sent me another list of foods that she cannot eat and a planned menu for me to cook for her."



"I texted her back and told her that this year I was making one meal and one meal only and she could either eat what was being served or bring her own food. She texted back and told me that I was being selfish and didn’t care about her."


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"My brother called me up the next day and asked if I was happy about ruining Thanksgiving and started to yell about how at their BBQ last summer they catered to my food allergies (I am deathly allergic to strawberries and have an epi-pen)."


"I told my brother that this was not the same as a life-threatening food allergy, that this was a dietary choice, and it changes every year."


"He called my mother, who told him that we all find it difficult to keep up with Julie’s dietary needs and that if she wants special foods, she needs to bring them herself."


"Now my entire family is fighting with each other, my brother won’t speak to me and my SIL is posting nasty things about me on Facebook."


"I talked to my husband about this, and he said this was “ridiculous high school [email protected]#t drama.” He told me he would be fine canceling the whole meal and it just being our family."



"I agreed with him and sent everyone a text message. I told them that Thanksgiving at my house is canceled. That I am serving (Thanksgiving menu). If they want to come over and eat with us, they are welcome to do so."


"My sister is thrilled that I finally said something about it. She hosts Christmas dinner and is also tired of cooking extra meals. My mom however is upset that we are all fighting and thinks that I shouldn’t have canceled the meal."


"Now I am starting to feel guilty, but my husband and my son say that I need to stand my ground and not give in to Julie and my brother.

So AITA for canceling Thanksgiving?"



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Rollo 11 month s ago
You go girl!
Greg 11 month s ago
Stick to your guns, lady! Mother's are always sad when siblings 'fight' but this isn't a fight. This your brother being a whipped wuss and you need to draw the line for Princess Prude and her diva diet at some point. Your family doesn't revolve around her self important BS and her subsequent reactions on FB tell it all. You've done nothing wrong. You have a right to live your life how you want. It's time to say no, sit down, shut up, or get out and carry on however you wish.
Patrick 11 month s ago
Catering to actual allergies is fine; the allergic people can't help it (not talking about fashionably being "allergic" to gluten). Like the strawberry allergy OP has.

I say let the SIL simmer in her own self-righteousness for as long as it takes for her to stop being a hippie and trying whatever diet she thinks is cool. I'd say letting her bring whatever she wants because she's not happy with what you make is more than you should have to tolerate, so good on you for even allowing it! Let alone demanding you cook it.
Rilla 11 month s ago

Take it or leave!
Johanna 11 month s ago
The real intent for family get togethers is to have a good time and sometimes it requires a little flexibility. I would say something like "you are invited to Thanksgiving dinner. I will be cooking Turkey with dressing and green bean casserole. This year I am requesting that you bring a dish of your choice to share. You can either bring the completed dish or you are welcome to bring the ingredients and cook/make the dish here." Something like that - then no one feels like they're being singled out for being a pain.
Bobbie 11 month s ago
I'm allergic to onions

Before the day of the dinner, I ask which foods contain onions and don't eat them.

Some hosts, without me asking, prepare something different for me. But it's never a demand, it's their choice.
Thirza 11 month s ago
Are you sure SIL name is Julie and not Karen?
Valerie 11 month s ago
Similar story in my family. My brother became veggy together with his GF, b*tching to me about it before I could've even commented.
OP is totally right, tell that c#nt to go [email protected]#k herself and move on with your life.



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