Woman Loses 90 Kilos Because Her Ex-Boyfriend Refused To Introduce Her To His Parents (16 PICS)

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This is Samantha, a single mother that lives in the US. She used to weigh about 363 lbs

We got an interview with Samantha and she told us more about herself: “I’m 30 years old, I live in Orange County, California. I am a single mom to an 11-year-old daughter. I work in real estate full-time and I have an Instagram show called VSGTea that I have created with my best friend Bre. Growing up, I always wanted to inspire people and find my ‘why,’ and it wasn’t until I found this community of people in the weight loss community that I really discovered my ‘why.’ I love talking to people about weight loss surgery and plastics after surgery and just helping them along their journeys!”


After her now ex-boyfriend was too ashamed to introduce her to his parents and ghosted her for another girl

Samantha decided to start living for herself and losing weight

We asked Samantha some questions about what inspired her to go on her journey: “I was inspired because I finally decided to start living for myself and stop pleasing other people. I felt like I reached my ceiling on life and I wanted a fresh start!”

She tells us more about the procedures she went through: “I’ve spent 20k on surgeries. And I’ve had a tummy tuck, an arm lift, a thigh lift, and a breast lift with augmentation. The most painful one was my thigh lift, honestly. But the other ones were a little easier! So worth it though to have my dream body!”


Samantha started to notice a difference and changes in her body. She was finally getting rid of the extra weight she’d wanted to lose for so long

“I have been ‘dieting’ since I was 12. I’ve tried pretty much everything from weight loss pills to Weight Watchers. I would lose some weight, but just gain it right back and then some.” Samantha finally decided enough was enough and in September 2018, she got gastric sleeve surgery, which changed her life completely. She told us about her family’s reaction to her getting the operation: “I have had all really positive reactions to my weight loss and my decision to have weight loss surgery. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many supportive people.” Samantha also mentioned that she always felt pretty healthy, even when she was bigger.


Soon she was 200 pounds lighter and was so happy with the way she looked and felt

Samantha shared the struggles and the toughest part of weight loss: “I would say the mentality behind it. There are days where I still feel like I am 363 pounds and I’m not proud of myself. But then there are days where I am so confident and want to tell the world what I’ve done. It’s a crazy journey with your mindset truly.”


Samantha now weighs about 160 lbs and she feels amazing

Samantha feels much happier now that she has had the operation and lost all the weight: “I’ve proven to myself that I have done this. I wasn’t sure I was capable of something like this, honestly. I would always think that it could never be me. And because I changed my mindset as well, that’s really brought some amazing people into my life and that makes me happy.”


This is Samantha and her beautiful 11-year-old daughter

We asked Samantha to tell us about the whole ex-boyfriend situation: “So it’s not just all about him and he’s not the reason I had my surgery. When I actually got out of the relationship is when I realized that I could finally focus on myself. I was kept a secret by not just him, but other guys I’ve dated as well. Being a big girl, some guys only like you in private and that’s it. And that can really mess with someone’s confidence. So I dated him for about 2 years and never met any one of his friends or family members and we started to fade apart and he basically ghosted me and posted another girl on social media a few weeks later. This unfortunately isn’t the first time this has happened to me, though, with guys. And honestly, it affects my mindset in the dating world now. I am happy in a relationship, but those insecurities from the past sometimes make themselves present in my current relationship and that’s something I have to work on almost every single day.”


“I finally decided to start living for myself and stop pleasing other people”

Here’s some advice from Samantha if you’re thinking of losing some weight: “You do you, boo! I’m an advocate for losing weight or not losing weight. Love yourself no matter what and love yourself through the journey!”


“I’m an advocate for losing weight or not losing weight. Love yourself no matter what and love yourself through the journey!”

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Ansel 7 month s ago
Surgery can do anything I guess.
Nicodemus 7 month s ago
Now she needs to put her daughter on a diet.
Angela 7 month s ago

Not fair. Lots of children between 6 and 16 are overweight as their hormones sort themselves out. Leave the kids alone. No need to give children eating disorders.
Justina 7 month s ago
The most important thing is that she lost 150-200 lbs in excessive weight when she got rid of that @$$hole. clapping
Augustine 7 month s ago
Justina, Yah, it's all his fault. Typical stupid fat twat response. After she snags another guy, she'll pork out again. Red pill guys.
Gussie 7 month s ago

Its really cool that Izismile allowed you to use your real pic to comment.
Justina 7 month s ago

I said that he was an @$$hole. Not that any of this was his fault. dirol
Roberta 7 month s ago
using derogatory language is placing fault... besides him leaving did her a favor since she was lazy in relationships.
salamoon 7 month s ago
yeah, lets blame a man for leaving a whale without self-esteem and no interest about her body and health........
now, SUDDENLY, its possible and she is working on her health.... sm_80
Stephan 7 month s ago
She looses her weight just for a man? Silly woman.
Saul 7 month s ago
Wonderfull, now she can find a guy, marry hiom and gain the double.
Rhyna 7 month s ago
So she says love yourself no matter what, but how many surgeries did she have?
Surgeries after the sleeve not just the sleeve.



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