They Definitely Did The Math (48 PICS)

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"Bezos vs. Metallica"

"Finnish People Might Not Exist..?"

Izismile Videos

"So, About All Those "Lazy, Entitled" Millenials..."


"Sonic The Mass Baby Murderer"


"Have I Eaten A Full Cow?"

"When Your Barber Doesn't Study Math"

"Futurama Does The Math"


"Spongebob Lowkey Ripped"

"Is This A Fair Representation Of The Sun To Earth Ratio?"

"The ratio for the radius is 100 to 1. Looks about right.

The Sun has 1 million times the volume of Earth, so you could fit several hundred thousand Earth-balls in."


"The Force Of A Carrot Falling At Terminal Velocity"

"First : the terminal velocity of a carrot is NOT 147 mph A carrot has the same density as a human.

A human terminal velocity falling head first is approx 120 mph. The terminal velocity of two similar things falling is greater for something big because it has less friction by lbs than for something small. So a carrot can not fall that fast.

Second : the carrot will fall with the large side first. The thin part has more drag. Think of a drop falling. It's the same principe an you can try it by throwing a hammer.

Third : the force depends of the duration of the impact so it will have a greater force if it hit concrete and a lower force if it hit mud.

We need to calculate the kinetic energy If we take 0,1kg and 50mph (80km/h=22m/s) wich is more realistic as a final velocity we have E= 0,5mv2 E=0,50,122*22 E=24J

24J will probably hurt you way way less than a punch."



"Humans consume anywhere from 20-30 liters of pure oxygen per hour. A leaf will typically give off 5 milliliters (.005L) of oxygen per hour. 20 liters consumed divided by .005 liters produced comes out to 4,000 leaves minimum, which comes out to 80 50-leaf plants."


"Thats close to correct. The helm is $170, Body armor is $124, Shield is $131, Body pouch is $30, Pepper spray is $16, Mask + Gloves are $70, Baton is $55, Non-lethal is $98, Rubber bullets $60,

Total= $854 per person...

Cover all is $3 {$75.73(with tax) for 25 people}, Mask is $8 {$160 for 20 people}, Face shield $2.70 {$135 for 50 people}, Gloves are $0.30 {$134.76 for 1000 people}, Thr appron is $0.50 {$48.92 for 100 people},

Total = $14.50 per person...

$854(1 person) ÷ 14.50(1 person) = 59.97.....

There are 59.97 (59 or 60) peoples worth of ppe coverage in 1 riot gear.........

Prices may vary state to state"



"We can try to make some simple Physics computation here. We can use Bernoulli's equation (which is basically just the principle of conservation of energy). In order for this amazing trick to work we need the urine to reach the point of zero (ideally a bit more than zero) velocity at a height higher than the head of a regular dude. Translated into the Bernoulli equation it reads:

0.5v2 > gh => it works => v > sqrt(2gh)

with v the initial velocity of the urine, g the gravitational acceleration (9.81 m.s-2), and h the height from the penis to the top of the head. Now I have measured this height for me and it’s around 1 meter. This means that I would need to pee at 4.4 meter per seconds to pull this off!

This brings us to the interesting question: How fast do we pee? Well, I did not research the depth of internet for this but I found this paper saying that the speed for boys is around 2.35 and 3.25 meter/s. So if it’s the case for me I would totally pee on myself, fail. But if you are a young boy or a dwarf you can make it! 2.35 meter per sec corresponds to 28 cm penis to head.

It might be that women have a higher urine velocity so they may have a chance (if they can aim towards the top which remains to be seen right…)."


"2.3 billion nuggets sold per year in America by 375,000 workers, hence each worker makes 613 nugget portions per year. This would mean he served an extra 613 nuggets over the course of one year, hence

1,533 extra nuggets in total."


"I'm gonna presume she bought tapes in bulk and made use of any available clearances and discounts. Based solely on this article I found from 1996, it seems that if you looked for a good sale you could get blank tapes at around $2 apiece in 1996, which is about $3.20 in today's money.

Using that as a baseline, it would have been around $230,000 over the years.

I imagine with buying that much she's could probably find somewhere with even cheaper prices, so it could have been even half that, but it's in the ballpark of the price of a house."



"How Many Stones Would Real Buzz Need To Use For His Message To Actually Be Seen?"

"Assuming a very basic font of 3x5 pixels, the real Buzz can spell HELP in all caps with 7+11+7+10 (35) square pixels’ worth of stones. Double that in each direction so LRO can see it and you have 140 square meters of stones.

Supposing he has access to stones of about half a meter each in diameter, that would be about 560 stones."


"Swimming In PUBG Is Faster Than Michael Phelps"

"How Big Would Ant-Man Need To Grow For This To Work"

"What is the structural integrity of Thanos's butthole compared to Antman's power armor. At least one would die, either by being crushed or ripped apart. If Thanos is the stronger one, Antman's crushed remains will just be extruded once he expands beyond the available space."


"Well it depends on when she would die without it. But let's say she has the biological/genetical prerequisites to become 100, based on how old her Mum was when she died, this doesn't even seem too unexpected (I hope I am not jinxing it). She would turn 114 in 2040. So we need to calculate how many cigarettes give her 14 years.

14 years are 7363440 minutes, including leap years. Those are 920430 cigarettes. Almost 1 Million. From 2020 on, smoking 126 cigarettes a day until 2040 would suffice. Those are 6 packs of 21 cigarettes. Oof. While 6 packs are excessive, it could be possible. Assuming he is awake 18 hrs per day, he needs to smoke 7 per hour. Still a lot of work.

Remember that he has to finish not in 2026, as the extra lifetime is not needed completely when she turns 100. Basically finishing a cigarette seconds before she would die would be good enough, she would be alive for 8 more minutes, and he would have 8 minutes to smoke the next one."



"What Would Be The Speed If It Was Scale Up To Real Horse Size?"

"So apparently Woody is 15.18 inches tall without his hat, and Bullseye looks to be just over half that to the shoulder, so I’ll say 8 inches. A quarter horse (as cowboys would’ve ridden) typically stood at 14-2 to 17 hands tall to the shoulder (56 to 68 inches), but even if scaled-up Bullseye is the shortest possible, this scale would make real-person Woody well over nine feet tall. As this seems unlikely, I’ll take scaled-up Bullseye’s height to the shoulder to be 1 metre for convenience, making scaled-up Bullseye 4.92 times bigger than toy Bullseye.

Jet airliners typically take off at speed of 150-177mph (I was going to use a Boeing 767-300F as the plane, but wasn’t able to find a takeoff speed). The plane in the movie takes off not long after Bullseye stops, so I’ll say it was moving at 140mph. Scaled-up Bullseye, therefore, could run at 140*4.92=689mph. For reference, the speed of sound at sea level is 767mph. Transonic horse. How about that."


"How Much Was This Ramen Actually Worth?"

"Given a standard 53' trailer:

A 53' trailer has interior dimensions of 47'6" x 98.5" x 107.375" and a capacity of 3,489 cubic feet.

A 24 ct. box of Ramen Noodles has dimensions of 15" x 12" x 12" or a volume of 1.25 cubic feet.

u/Goldencaramel pointed out that I need to take in account for the pallets.

Pallets are 40" x 48" x 5" roughly. If the floor of the trailer has dimensions as listed above, you can fit 14 pallets lengthwise, and 2 width-wise. On the pallet itself, you can stack roughly 3 boxes of Ramen width-wise (40/12 = 3.33), 3 length-wise (48/15 = 3.2), and 4 height wise in order to be able to stack 2 pallets high in the truck (4*12 = 48). This gives the pallet, with the product a height of 53". Given the height of a trailer is 107.375", you can stack two pallets on top of each other with this packing method.

Therefore, you can fit 56 (14 x 2 x 2) pallets, each carrying 36 (3 x 3 x 4) boxes of Ramen into the truck

This means the maximum number of 24 ct. boxes of Ramen you can fit in a 53' trailer with pallets is 2016 (56 x 36)

These boxes sell at ~$12 at my local BJ's which means that the trailer would have a consumer value of about $24,192 (2016 * $12)

Now according to several people, you wouldn't stack pallets containing a product so fragile on top of one another. Also, according to a fellow freight broker, you can only fit 26 pallets in a trailer.

Re-do the math for a more "real-world" cost estimate and you come out to:

2636$12 = $11,232"


"The shoe would be more than 40ft (12m) long so this doesn't appear to be true.

The UK shoes measurements are very close to the US measurements so I didn't bother checking that possibility."


"How Much A Retweet Cost"

"How Big A Hot Air Balloon Would Need To Be To Hoist A Normal Person Like In The Image?"

"With air at 100C in the ballon and airdensity normal 1.2kg/m3 And at 100C 0.93 kg/m3

That gets us to 0.27 kg carried by 1 m3 Average human 80kg =ballonsize 80/0.27=296,3 m3

So about 300 cubic meters per person..."



"How Many Years Until His Forehead Reaches Space"

"Space is 62miles above earth. 62 miles = 3,928,320 inches In 20 years, his forehead grew 4 inches. That’s .2 inches a year. It would take 19,641,600 years to reach space."


"Okay. Worl wide energy consumption is roughly 21 trillion kwh. Solar energy in the Sahara produces 2350kwh per square metre. This means we need a space of roughly 9000 square kilometres. This is roughly 0,1 percent of saharas total space. This checks out with the claim of the creator of this image. So this is accurate but the big problem with that is, that you cant transport this much energy over a wide range."


"How Much Cheese Would This Waitress Have Gone Through?"

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Demerias 9 month s ago
is #10 true? That is pretty [email protected]#ked up
Almira 9 month s ago

What is [email protected]#ked up is that they believe they are entitled to money that belongs to someone else ....because...REASONS!!


What is [email protected]#ked up is that they believe they are entitled to money that belongs to someone else ....because...REASONS!!
Patty 8 month s ago
Demerias, what's [email protected]#ked up is if the whiners who are NOT billionaires worked a few weekends at U.S. minimum wage and donated that money (call it $1,000 per person), they would raise about $1T more than stealing it from someone else. Stop whining about other peoples' wealth and start doing something your own damn self.
Pherbia 9 month s ago
#4 didn’t do the math very well. 1% of .0912% is .00912%. The 6.5 million Finns number is +/- 1%, or 65,000 Finns. It’s idiotic to conclude there’s a 50/50 chance there are no Finns.

Sorry, .000912%
Pherbia 9 month s ago
#10 is leftist bullsh*t. It would neither end world hunger nor halt climate change.

If Jeff Bezos is worth $188 billion, is it somehow a good thing to take $187 billion away from him? That’s a wealth tax of over 99%. Almost $170 billion of his wealth is in Amazon stock. Who would take ownership of his company away from him, a government? That’s Socialism. Karl Marx would be proud.
Vicki 9 month s ago
All the stuff about wealthy is BS, particularly #10. Net worth is not the same as income. If the gov confiscated 100% of those assets from every person valued over $1B, they would be lucky to get 1/4 of the appraised value. Selling things like stock changes its value.
Then add on the fact that NOBODY knows how much it would cost to "fix" the issues they list, assuming they can be fixed or, conversely, are issues.
Knowing how to do algebra doesn't make you intelligent.
Littleberry 9 month s ago
#45 - I want to know how the guy pedaling the pennyfarthing waterwheel keeps his balance.
Elswood 9 month s ago
There is enough food to feed the world population 1,5 times over at the moment.
Hunger is a business, because the price is defined by scarcity.
To keep the prices stable food gets thrown away.
Climate is defined by the average weather in a certain time, for example a decade.
Regarding Climate, the only constant is change.

We are at the end of an ice age btw, so it's only natural glaciers and permafrost thaw.
Roberta 9 month s ago
lol math is fun to dream about but means little to nothing when applied outside of its own system
Cora 9 month s ago
#35 If she was that committed to recording TV history so was willing to shell out all of that money, she could easily have bought directly from a distributor at wholesale prices. Maybe even got a preferential pricing for regular purchasing.

I wonder how OCD she was. Like was she recording every local, national, UHF, and cable channels available where she lived. Did she do it by herself or hire people to change the tapes in her banks of VCRs? Did she have a normal day job? Where was she warehousing those tapes? If this was a one woman operation, imaging having to program all those VCRs to stagger when they'd start recording. If I remember correctly, at the lowest quality recording, a VHS tape only lasts 6 hours.
Joy 9 month s ago
#47 It does not say that the total area of solar panels have to be located in one place. Transporting this much energy wouldn't be a problem.
Washington 9 month s ago
Number 35 is wrong, Marion Stokes was born in 1929 not 1979. That means they need to add another 50 Years to the final answer.
Christiana 8 month s ago
Buy a Lottery Ticket? Hell No! Here's why:
The odds of winning the lottery are in multiples of millions.
For our case, let's say the odds are 1 in one million. So what is 1 in a million?
Take a golf ball and measure it's diameter which is 1.68 inches.
Now, place your golf ball in with one million golf balls and place them in a line.
Your job is to pick out your golf ball from the line.
You would have a line of golf balls 26.51 Miles long to select from!
Bad odds I'd say.



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