Mother Teaches Her Two-Year-Old Daughter To Be Proud Of The White Streak She Has In Her Hair (23 PICS)

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This is Mayah. When she was born, she had a white streak in her hair because of a condition called piebaldism

Talyta shared her story with us: “I didn’t have a very easy pregnancy! I lived in Australia with my husband for almost 5 years and was organized all year. Behold, in February 2018 I found out I was pregnant. Never imagine that at 40, you would get pregnant accidentally. Even so, we were very happy, we wanted this baby so much and we would fix it.”


She surprised the doctors and nurses taking part in her birth

“A few days after the discovery, the malaise came and it intensified to the point of not leaving home anymore, I stopped studying, working, I was hospitalized. My husband did everything at home besides working, because the bills, the visas, kept coming. I found out I had hyperemesis. It was the worst phase of my life and I couldn’t enjoy my pregnancy as I wanted. I was very sad about that. During this period, I had help from incredible friends and I always say that I didn’t have to die to see angels, I met them in life and I was grateful for that.”


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“In mid-2018, we returned to Brazil. I just wanted to end my pregnancy close to my family and feel safe. On 11/20/18, after 23 hours of intense labor, I was referred for a cesarean section. I knew that my life was about to change, but not so intensely. Mayah was born at 54 cm, 4.25 kg and with the most beautiful hairstyle in the world and since that day, everything has blossomed. Still in the delivery room, I heard people saying ‘wow, she was born with lights,’ ‘what a fashion baby,’ and I kept saying: let me see, let me see. When I took that mini in my arms, everything blossomed! She was healthy, hairy, and beautiful.”


“Still in the postpartum room, Mayah received the ‘first visit.’ A member of the team approached the stretcher and asked, is she the baby with the white fringe? In the 4 days I was in the hospital, Mayah received many visits from the hospital staff. I was finding it very funny.”



But her mom, Talyta, already knew that it was a possibility Mayah would be born with this unique feature

“When I was a child, I suffered a lot of bullying because of my looks and marks on the body. I spent all my childhood and adolescence hiding behind clothes and makeup. Around my early 20s, I realized that I was unique. That it made me special.”


Because she has it too and apparently it runs in the family

“Since Mayah was born, she has carried a wave of love wherever she goes. The same characteristic that caused me pain causes tenderness. What makes me happier with all this is that she is an instrument to share love, tenderness, and that being different is cool. Many people come to me to talk about hiding until they see Mayah. That before, they had something strange, and that today, they have the same as the ‘white fringe girl.’ They even know the name, piebaldism. Mayah is growing up learning to respect people and I try to teach her to be a person of values. This is my mission as a mom.”


Mayah even started cosplaying characters that have the same feature, like Rogue from X-Men


And Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians


Mayah’s mother also joins in the cosplay

Mayah’s parents encourage her to embrace her beautiful and unique feature

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Penelope 7 month s ago
And the first mutant, Storm, was born green
Martin 7 month s ago
Or maybe Rogue.



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