Woman’s Failed Date Sparks A Discussion About Social Etiquette (20 PICS)

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After going on a first date with a guy to a cafe, Alisha decided to share what happened on her Twitter account

The viral Tweet explained the situation of Alisha meeting a man for a coffee, him asking her what she would like to drink, and bringing over the order. He also came back with two cake pops, which Alisha thought was quite cute. But what happened next was that the guy ate them both in front of her. Alisha finished the tweet with what she possibly wanted to be a comic rhetorical question, about the guy being a monster.


As her date went to get the coffee, he also came back with two Valentine’s Day-themed cake pops, which he then ate by himself in front of her without even offering

Little did she know how much attention the post would rake in. It got 339.2k likes and was retweeted over 24k times. The avalanche of comments following the infamous tweet was even more astounding, bringing everything from support and sympathy to insults and threats and overall starting an international discussion about dating etiquette.


The tweet explaining the incident and Alisha’s disappointment during the first date went viral with nearly 340k likes

The post spread through different media outlets, making appearances on TV. Alisha soon realized that the discussion had escalated so much that the cake pops had become an analogy for kindness and courtesy. As for Alisha, comments from online communities ranged from her being too sensitive, to calling her a gold digger and even pointing her out as the reason why modern dating is so hard.


Alisha couldn’t believe what happened and how the guy made her feel with his behavior on the first date

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The online debates were quite fierce about whether or not the guy’s behavior was a red flag. Many people found the incident funny and relatable, so they shared similar stories, some agreed that this wasn’t the most thoughtful behavior from the guy on a first date, and some people actually considered Alisha’s expectations too high. On Hoda & Jenna’s show on Today, the tweet was also discussed where the two ladies highlighted how it’s rude not to offer what you are eating and share with the other person.


Alisha’s tweet made it to Today’s show hosted by Hoda & Jenna, where the ladies agreed that not sharing is a definite ‘don’t’

Following the debates her tweet sparked about dating etiquette, Alisha also expressed her thoughts about the negative feedback she started to receive

Also coincidentally, the story echoed Alisha’s new book Girl Gone Viral, which tells a story about a woman whose private conversation with a stranger goes online and she is forced to hide. Just what Alisha wasn’t ready for was the hate she received. She also tweeted regarding the angry feedback she received: “Truly, there is nothing a woman can go viral for that will not result in an avalanche of misogyny, not even a facetious tweet. About dessert etiquette.”


What was quite shocking followed later when Alisha started receiving various negative messages, degrading comments, and even threats. She was called ugly, fat, a slut, and a whore and even told to kill herself. Being a writer and having quite an active online presence, leaving social media wasn’t an option for her. Temporarily locking her media accounts still had her feeling quite uncomfortable, but what started as an innocent post for readers triggered irrationally angry people. So the sharing of the post turned into not only into debates about dating etiquette, but also what it means to post online and face the commentators.


And here is how some other internet users reacted to Alisha’s post and you can share your opinion below


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Brose 6 month s ago
#8 I am with Jake on this one. Feminism made Jake the way he is, why complain?
Onnie 6 month s ago
Ugh...was he a [email protected]#k human, yes, the polite thing would be to offer. Is she overreacting? Absolutely. Did she offer to buy coffees? Who asked who on the date? This makes a difference. Everyone, even me, needs to keep their opinions to themselves, no one gives a cr#p. LOL
Tibbie 6 month s ago
I'm missing the part of the story that says, if she was asked, if she wanted anything other than coffee.
If the guy asked "What coffee do you want?" and nothing else and she told him the coffee and he did that cakepop thing, that's rude.
If he did in fact ask "Do you want anything to go with your coffee?" and she said "No" and then expected him to go against her express wish and read her mind over a cakepop, then the problem is on her side.
Indie 6 month s ago
How to make a mountain out of a molehill 101
Mira 6 month s ago
... sooo , what happened to equal treatment? Or may be you started acting like a real b*tch and guy decided to give you a hint after buying two cakes - get lost? Considering that you spilled all the beans all over the internet he got whiff of you being empty shell and leech.
Willie 6 month s ago
lol those guys in here
she shared a funny story in a small twitter community and everbody goes batsh#t crazy.
it would be a strange behavior too with reversed roles. if she had bought two cake pops and ate them alone he would've felt awkward. this is not about gender, not about gender roles, so chill the [email protected]#k down
Mira 6 month s ago

... in reverse - I'm buying beers for everybody and pistachios for me. I can't even fathom anyone going on instagram and start b*tching.
Derrick 6 month s ago
Mira, yeah. Obviously not the same. You're comparing going out with a group of mates to a date. It's weird behaviour and you know it.
Mira 6 month s ago

Oh, I see. Find 'em - Feed 'em - [email protected]#k 'em - Forget 'em. FFFF-type arrangement.
Derrick 6 month s ago

What does that even mean?
Mira 6 month s ago

... suffering from Dunning–Kruger syndrome? Do you seriously expect me to fill abysmal void in your education here?
Derrick 6 month s ago
Yes... I'm sure everyone but me knows about this syndrome... You're right. That IS standard education... I was just sick the day they taught about syndromes in elementary school...
And yes, I'm OBVIOUSLY the type of person that finds a woman, gives her food, [email protected]#ks her, and then moves on... It was clear from the start...

Anyway, your last comment proves I seriously have no hope matching your awesome intellect and keen insight. I'll leave this knowing I can never convince you your observations, doubtless gathered in many healthy relationships, are wrong.

Btw, you might discover you have a slight void in your English language skills when you reread your comments.
Mira 6 month s ago

... hate to break your bubble, or piss on your parade, but english is one of six languages I speak, moreover just little suggestion - try to attach just three letters (PhD) to your name and you'll find out that its becoming problem of everybody else to understand what you said, not the other way around.

P.S. - my observations gathered after (almost) 45 years of marriage and seeing multitude of people's lives being ruined. dit dit
Roberta 6 month s ago
there's no such thing as reverse roles, thats like reverse racism
Quilla 6 month s ago
Roberta, agreed. racism is not confined to only one color. Anyone of Any color can be racist. When you are beaten down everyday because you are a man, and have no father figure from which to learn, and all the media shows is Homer Simpson as a father figure it's no wounder man act the way they do.
Martin 6 month s ago
Quilla, uh, no. Men are “beaten down” because of sh#tty behavior. Learn the difference. This lady made a simple comment and both men and women lost their minds over it. And she’s right, he was inconsiderate. Since everyone keeps bringing up feminists, they are asking only to be treated fairly in life. Basic manners still apply to everyone. Why is that such a hard concept for men?
Jock 6 month s ago
Twitter is full of nothing but whiny Twats
Jehu 6 month s ago
Maybe the guy wasn't interested at all, meh just another shag, and all of the sudden he's put against the impossible perfect and biased image about men, of some random bird met on tinder, or whatever. Maybe the guy liked sweets, or he was a real @$$hole, she didn't stay long to find out after "tHe rED fLaG". People are sooo [email protected]#king stupid! vomit
Serene 6 month s ago
I'm an old school guy and even I think the guy was lame for doing that. But my immediate assumption is that either 1) he didn't have any time or emotions invested in her so he just to see how she would respond for or 2) he had zero social skills and couldn't understand the ramifications. yeah I'm old and I can tell you stuff like this just didn't happen "back in the day" - this is a symptom of a messed up society - but whatever - I'll get thumbs down from some people and I really don't care LOL.
Cordy 6 month s ago
I'm probably an older-school guy than you, and I agree this kinda cr#p would have never happened in the '50s or '60s. I've watched the whole thing happen; it's undeniable that this lack of respect for each other is the direct result of "feminism" and its relentless teaching that Wimmin Is Victims. Boys exposed to that poison learned to resent girls by the time puberty came along, while girls learned that they weren't responsible for anything.

The way boys and girls, even in their 50's, treat each other is shocking in its level of resentment.
Martin 6 month s ago
Cordy, how on earth can you blame feminism for some man’s sh#tty behavior? He’s a grown adult who makes his own decisions. Absolutely unbelievable. Men will never get it because they simply don’t want to change the status quo and treat women like human beings.
Lazar 6 month s ago
If she was bothered about it, why didn't she just ask him during the date. Maybe he has diabetes and his blood sugar was low.
Bridie 6 month s ago
As per usual, the misogynists and incels are out in force with their predictable "feminism bad!!!" rants sm_80

The simple fact of the matter is that this guy is on a date and presented himself as an inconsiderate, selfish a-hole. Nothing to do with feminism, gender roles, equality, etc - it's simply about manners and thoughtfulness. If I - as a male - had a woman do this to me on a date, I would be thankful for the early red flag/indicator of character, then ditch her and be promptly on my way.



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