Celebrity Encounters Can Be Very Unexpected (12 PICS + 9 GIFS)

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“Some location scouts decided to use my parents’ house for a couple scenes in the Steve Martin/Laura Dern/Helena Bonham Carter movie “Novocaine”. My dad was and is a pretty good banjo player, and he asked Steve to sign two of his banjos. He did, but then they jammed for about 20 minutes in our living room, Helena Bonham Carter sitting on the floor fawning over Steve Martin and half the crew standing around watching as well.”




“My sister was waiting tables in NYC, and ended up serving Patrick Stewart. She didn’t want to bother him, so she just did her job, but at the end of the night she told him how much she had enjoyed seeing him in a production of Hamlet that year (2008), and that she hoped he was planning to do more theater in the US. My sister was prepared to leave it at that, but apparently, he was so thrilled at someone who wanted to talk about his theater work (as opposed to Star Trek), that he ended up talking to my sister for a while about his experiences on stage. Just a really nice guy who loves acting.”




“I grew up near Wilmington, NC, and my friends and I were out fishing in a small boat. Our lines get tangled up in the motor, we can’t steer the boat, and it ends up washed up on the beach on an island. Waves are constantly crashing over it, filling it with water way faster than we can bail. We send one friend to the intracoastal waterway side of the island to get help. He comes back with some random guy, and Alec Baldwin. Alec stayed there and helped us for a good 15 minutes, when he easily could have just left these 4 dumb kids who weren’t in any real danger. Super nice guy. Eventually even with their help we couldn’t free the boat, so they took my friend onto their boat (with Kim Basinger and her friend) to their house, where my friend called for help. Eventually some Coast Guard guys came with a bilge pump to free us. Thanks Alec!”




“I was out playing golf with a buddy one day when I heard another golfer call up from behind asking he could join us. We said sure and as he got closer we realized it was Bruce Willis. We played 9 holes with him (he’s a pretty good golfer) then he bought each of us a beer afterwards. Awesome guy.”




“I saw Jack White, Meg White, and Renee Zelwegger (sp?) leaving an adult bookstore in Toronto. My friend proclaimed, “Hey, you’re Jack White!” He smiled, and they got in their hired car and left.”




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“A friend of mine was visiting California when he ran into Dave Chappelle at a hotel. My friend and a few others realized who he was and went to approach him for a picture. Dave was near the elevators and shoved a twix in his mouth so he couldn’t talk like in the commercials then hopped on and shut the doors. [email protected]#king Hilarious.”




“I was at Matsuhisa in LA having some awesome sushi. I looked up and saw Cheech Marin across the room staring directly at me. I looked down and had another piece of sushi and then took another peek across the room and Cheech is still staring right at me. I’m thinking ‘wtf’ for a few minutes and then I take a look behind me and there are two incredibly hot blondes at the bar. I gave him a subtle thumbs up and he tipped his glass slightly in acknowledgement. You da man, Cheech!”




“I walked past Conan O’Brien on a street corner in Greenwich Village, NYC. I am a HUGE fan, so I double backed to say hello. Conan was with his wife (this was approx 2 weeks before the NBC fiasco went public, so he was probably stressing about that) and I was with two stoned friends. So I’d forgive Coco for being dismissive… but he was not. He was as friendly, approachable, and genuine as he appears on the show, if not more. He gave us several minutes of attention, he spoke to us, looked at our eyes, listened, joked, he was the [email protected]#king man.”




“I got to meet Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters last fall when they were speaking at the college that my father works at. He’s a janitor, so before the show started, him and I were backstage sweeping/cleaning in general. So, it’s about two hours before the show starts, and while we’re back there, none other than the two Mythbusters come strolling in, each holding [email protected]#king fire extinguishers. Adam took notice of me holding a broom, and asked if I was seeing the show. I told him yes, but said I was helping out my dad first. So Adam was like “Well, I don’t want you to fall asleep, we have a lot to talk about!” and proceeded to take the broom from my hands and start sweeping. Jamie had wandered over by now, and my father, Adam, Jamie, and I we all having a good laugh. So, Adam gives me back the broom after a bit, and says, jokingly, “Now clean the stables!” After [email protected]#tting my pants at The Princess Bride reference, I replied, “As you wish.”. He was wicked surprised that I got it (for some reason), and told me that he thinks I’ll love the show. Eventually, showtime rolled around, and before he went on, he handed me the fire extinguisher and told me to hold it for a second. Then, he took it from me and sprayed Jamie with it at one point in the presentation. So, yeah…Life. [email protected]#king. Complete.”




“Beastie Boys In 1988 I was in 8th grade or so and we were hanging around downtown skateboarding when we decided to skate around the coliseum. Since we were young and poor we did not even think twice about the billboard showing that he Beastie Boys were playing that night with Fishbone. So we continue to skate for a while then these guys come out back and asked to use our boards. HOLY SHIZBUCKLES it was the Beastie Boys. We hung out for a bit and skated and let them use our boards then they just went back in. We were so stoked but still no one believed our story. Even my brother who went to the concert later that night.”





“Met Flight of the Conchords a few years back in a bar in Ann Arbor, MI. Jemaine was pretty uninterested in talking to me and my buddy, but Bret was genuinely a nice guy and a lot of fun to talk to. He suggested I switch careers to build robot cars.”




“This didn’t happen to me but to my next door neighbor up the street. One of the best stories I have heard. Every year he used to play golf in one of those big tournaments where you pay a bunch of money to play with a random celebrity and all the proceeds go to charity. Well anyway to his surprise he gets paired up with Clint Eastwood. He meets Clint who doesn’t really say much at all and they begin the tournament. For the first 2 holes Clint goes about his golf game smoking a cigar and still not being very talkative. Well they get to the third green and my neighbor is lining up a hard putt and asks Clint “Whaddya thinkin?” Clint stares at him for a moment, pulls the cigar slowly out of his mouth and replies. “What am I thinkin’? I’ll tell you what I’m thinkin’. I’m thinkin’ about [email protected]#sy…I’m always thinkin’ about [email protected]#sy…and if you ain’t thinkin’ about [email protected]#sy, your minds a wanderin'” Put the cigar back in his mouth and didn’t say another word.”




“I was in Disney world, in the Magic Kingdom to be exact. It was late and I saw one of the shows they have every night as I was headed out of the park to head back. I saw Wayne Brady. He was signing and doing his “I’m Wayne Brady and I’m awesome” performance. I approve. So I ran over towards where he had to leave the stage/area he performed in to see if I could get a autograph or high-five (yes I am still a high-five’ing white boy). He began to walk by me but said good night to me as he walked by, too far to high-five. I yelled out “Say: I’m Wayne Brady b#tch”. He was all smiles waving to the crowd, and heard my comment. he slowly sauntered over to me, seemingly not paying attention to me. Then he turn to me, and said “Is Wayne Brady gonna have to get ‘out this car…and choke a b#tch?” In a total dead-pan face. Then skipped off like nothing happened.”




“I actually met Yao Ming years ago and he was probably one of the nicest guys ever. I figured he’d just say a few things and leave but he stuck around and chatted with me for at least 10 minutes.”




“I met Hilary Swank at the wrap party for Million Dollar Baby because my boyfriend at the time was a PA on the set. It was an informal atmosphere so everyone was just chatting, enjoying some beverages and munching on some finger foods. Somebody introduced me to her, and I said, “Hi, I’m JeanJacquesRoussbro.” She replied, “Hi, I’m Hilary,” like there was a chance I didn’t [email protected]#king know who she was!”





“Chris Farley on his last movie before he died. I met him on set, my father was playing a small role in the film. He was so nice, loud and bubbly as always seen on tv. He signed autographs for everyone including me.”




“A couple of years ago, my sister and I were hanging out at the hotel pool in Sevilla. There was no one in the water, so we jump in and frolic. We both spot Bruce Springsteen lounging poolside. We don’t really know what to do, so we just keep playing around, doing stupid things like handstands in the water. A few minutes later, he gets in the pool, applauds our handstands, and asks if we’re dancers. We giggle and he keeps chatting with us, mostly about his kids (who are around our same ages). He asks where I’m going to college in the fall (UChicago) and he asks what date I start. Turns out he’s playing a show in Chicago the DAY BEFORE my orientation week. He gives us his assistant’s e-mail address and offers up front-row tickets to his show for our entire family. Thrilled, we continue to talk (maybe 20 minutes or so), get a quick picture with him, and he’s off. Our parents FREAKED when we told them about our day at the pool. And, needless to say, we went to the concert — which was awesome. Love that man.”




“Met Bruce Campbell at a film festival and he invited my friends and I to join him for dinner. Really great down to earth guy.”




“I was Ralph Fiennes’ cocktail waitress. He was a bit sleazy/flirty and I liked it.”




“I had just walked into the Whole Foods in Austin when I heard a commotion near the entrance behind me. I turned around and saw a tall blond shirtless man. He was jacked and handsome. Also, he was being asked to leave because he wasn’t wearing any shoes and it was store policy. I knew who it was underneath that scraggly beard. Matthew McConaughey. The patron saint of Texas. I went out to my truck and picked up a pair of sandals I had left there from a trip to the beach. That was the day I solved his munchies crisis. And lost my favorite pair of sandals.”





“I went to the Comedy Store for a show. I went to use the rest room (a #1 if you must know) and as soon as I exited, someone yelled, “THIS GUY JUST TOOK A [email protected]#T!”. Turns out it was Tom Green…”




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Rhoda 4 month s ago
I knew there was a reason I liked Clint.
Nap 4 month s ago
#12 The guy's neighbor was pulling his leg. Clint Eastwood doesn't smoke in real life, only in a few of his movies where his character had to did he reluctantly smoke a cigarillo. He hated them, so much so that he often got sick on sets due to the many takes. This was all during the early days before prop smokes were replaced with herbs or rose petal faux tobacco.

But the P*$$y part is believable. lol Clint loves women. dirol



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