These Movie Details Are Definitely Real… (28 PICS)

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"In 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' (2019), Jake Gyllenhaal can be seen in the background of several scenes. He wasn't supposed to be there, and later admitted that he just enjoys stalking Tom Holland."


"Lincoln (2012) grossed over $ 275,000,000 in movie theatres, which is ironic since Lincoln doesn't have a history of doing very well in theatres"


"The producers had to pay Hollywood actors to act in Cats (2019) since real cats refused to be associated with the movie"


"At his friend James Franco's request, Dwayne Johnson made an uncredited appearance as the primary antagonist of 127 Hours (2010)"


"Sam Raimi has confirmed that the median age of students at Peter Parker's high school in Spider-Man (2002) is 32 years."


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"In The Dark Knight (2008), Heath Ledger calls Maggie Gyllenhaal beautiful. This is a subtle throwback to Heath also finding her brother Jake beautiful."


"In Queen's Gambit (2020), people are sometimes shown smiling or enjoying themselves while playing chess, which is an extremely inaccurate representation of my experience with chess"


"Pixar often teases their upcoming projects in earlier released films.

Here, in Incredibles (2004), you can see them reference the yet-to-release Cars (2006)."


"To prepare for playing a 40 year old virgin, Steve Carell consulted me twice."


"A prequel to Sixth Sense (1999), Fifth Sense, was cancelled after M Night Shyamalan was informed that being able to smell a dead person isn't particularly special"



"For his role in In Time (2011) Justin Timberlake refused to learn how to act"


"Michael Caine keeps making appearances in Nolan's movies.

This is because Christopher Nolan pays him."


"Star Wars uses frequent subtle references to fascism for the Empire's aesthetic. For example, Star Destroyers are shaped like pizza slices. Benito Mussolini, a famous fascist, was Italian."


"I found a Finding Nemo (2003) reference in Finding Dory (2016) while re-watching the latter today. Both movies are by the same studio."


"Harry Melling was forced to regrow the hands and legs he had had cut off during the filming of The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) since he needed them to be able to play chess in Queen's Gambit (2020)"



"Quentin Tarantino often supports struggling Hollywood actors and keeps recasting them in his movies if he ends up liking their performance; primary among such actors being Quentin Tarantino, who has appeared in 6 Tarantino films"


"Director Mathieu Kassovitz made the choice to film La Haine (1995) in Paris because it was the only city that was still black and white in the 1990s"


"Despite his name, prolific actor Gary Oldman is only 16 years old"


"On International Women's Day today, we celebrate Scarlett Johansson, who became the first woman in history"


"For Godzilla vs Kong (2021), Christian Bale trained 4 hours a day 7 days a week and stuck to a sturdy diet of chicken broccoli and rice to gain 5000 metric tonnes of muscle before he was informed by the director that he wasn't in the movie"



"In l am Legend (2007), Will Smith reprises his role from l, Robot (2004) as the titular character l."


"In Watchmen (2009), Hollis Mason has a copy of the original Watchmen graphic novel in his apartment, showing how stupid he is since he dies even though he'd read the book and knew what was going to happen"


"An online campaign was started to pull Don't Breathe (2016) off of Netflix after thousands of viewers died while trying to hold their breath for the entire duration of the movie"


"In Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), the shot of the pale man devouring fairies is a direct allusion to a painting I made last night"


"In the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), the female's hair colour is a reference to the various stages of her relationship with Joel -

1. Green - The stage of their relationship when her hair is dyed green

2. Red and Orange - The stage of their relationship when her hair is dyed red and then subsequently orange

3. Blue - Blue stage"



"After donning the black symbiote suit in Spider-Man 3 (2007), 32 year old Tobey Maguire successfully emulated the exaggerated swagger of a black teenager"


"Tarantino had to cancel his plans for Kill Bill: Volume 3 after Uma Thurman killed Bill at the end of Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2006) against his advice

He has, however, announced his plans for a new spinoff franchise, Killed Bill What Do Now"


"Christopher Nolan insisted on filming the entirety of Dunkirk (2017) on Earth"



Casper 7 month s ago
Are we expected to laugh at this sh#t?
Sheila 7 month s ago
These are REALLY stupid.
Milly 7 month s ago
Worst post ever... (comic book store man voice)



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