Men Share The Most Memorable Compliments They Received From Women (9 PICS + 11 GIFS)

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"I have received two:

In college I reconnected with a girl I dated in high school and she said I was the standard she measured other guys against.

A couple decades later I was with a woman for a few years who called me her unicorn because she thought I was amazing and a once it a lifetime find."


"A girl once told me I saved her life because (unknown to me) she was battling depression when I happened to show up with her favorite Starbucks drink to congratulate her on her new job.

You never know the impact your small deeds can do."


"My girlfriend’s grandmother has Alzheimer’s, so she doesn’t remember meeting me. Every time we go and see her, she’ll take my girlfriend to the side and ask “Who is that handsome young man?” While pointing to me."


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"“The kids are really lucky that you’re their dad.”

I was wondering if I’d been doing well as a dad and felt kind of depressed, but hearing that from my sweet wife reaffirmed that I’m doing okay."


"Walked by a young lady walking into a restaurant. She stopped & came back in to tell me I smell great. I smiled the rest of the day"


"“You’re really funny, I like you”. some really cute girl said this to me quite a while ago, had me nearly crying since I don’t get complimented at all, I don’t even compliment myself.

Cried for 10 minutes when I got back home."


"A coworker who I would walk to the bus station with said “I feel safe with you” and as a big hairy dude with resting murder face and a deep voice, that was something absolutely new to me. It’s been 6 years and I still think about that compliment."



"During Halloween, I took off my mask and some girl said. “Damn you should keep that mask off more often.”

Cute Girl."


"This exchange literally made me cry.

Me: It’s not like I have women all over me, I don’t know why you think I’m a catch.

Her: I don’t know why you think you’re not."


"As a child, after a suicide attempt, a nurse once told me that superman doesn’t exist. The reality is that most people don’t care about me. I have to take care of myself, because no one else will. I have to be my own hero, and I have the strength to do that. It was tough love, but it saved my life."


"In 5th grade a girl was crying because she hurt her knee so I took her to the medical room and when we got her she hugged me and said “You’re the best person I know”

I’m still friends with her 11 years later."



"“You have really nice veins” – nurse giving me a blood test"


"I remember my work partner (a woman), talking to another female coworker during lunch about their love lives. She was talking about an ex and how he cheated on her and lied to her and god knows what else. She then said something along the lines of “boys are the worst”, and I laughed. She then looked right at me and said “Except you, but you’re not a boy, you’re a man.”

I swear, my heart skipped a beat. It was the first time I was ever called something like that. It was amazing to be finally seen that way as a 30-year-old."


"For a short period in my early twenties, I used to work at this school. At one point when we were sitting down eating lunch, this tiny first-grader comes and sits next to me, and says quietly.

“I wish I had an older sister”“Oh? Why?”“Cause then you and her could become really good friends, and then you would come visit us all the time.”

I’ve gotten quite a few compliments from my own age group and older, but that little innocent one was almost heartbreakingly sweet and nice to hear."


"My really sweet young teenage niece told her mom (my sister) that I was the kind of guy she wanted to marry one day. All very innocent and it melted me."



"I was told, by a rather drunk lady, that my voice makes her ovaries twitch. I’m used to having people tell me I should be on radio, but that one was unique."


"Honestly, it was one time I got a new haircut and a girl I was talking to at the time said “before you were cute, now you’re handsome”."


"During the divorce process, my ex-wife said of me and our now-grown daughter, “You are her home.”

For all the years of cold indifference and soul-crushing disapproval, it was unspeakably nice to see that email."


"Her: “You could lose all your hair and gain weight. I would still think you are amazing.”

I was like: “wow”"





Adaline 2 year s ago
#11 is not a compliment
Ebbie 2 year s ago
#11: I was in hospital because of some "effects" of a depession. A female friend came to vistis me an told me: get your @$$ up, only you can help yourself, don't be such a [email protected]#sy ...
I never talked about my depression again, and I was successful in not showing my struggle ... and after some time I even felt better ...
Charlie 2 year s ago
Ebbie, That's actually sad! Being told your a [email protected]#sy, and then having to hide your depression is EXACTLY NOT what is needed. Your female friend is not your friend, she is a self entitle @$$hole. Go seek professional help and deal with the underlying issues or this will come back and eviscerate you later! I know, I suffered major depression for years till I got proper help. You don't need those kinds people in your life. Someone who asks "how can I help?", that's a friend!
Nap 2 year s ago
Charlie, You know what's worse? You replying to yourself in comment sections under different names.
Ebbie 2 year s ago
#1 About one month after telling me "you are the best, that ever happend to me" my former girl friend broke up with me. This happend two times with two different girls ...
Adam 2 year s ago
Ebbie, I bet you are a nice guy and failed at isht - testing.
Jeanne 2 year s ago
Men need more compliments. Far too often we are looked at to provide and protect with no reinforcement of doing a good job. We need to change this standard.
Evan 2 year s ago

Sorry to say I think it is too late.
Place 2 year s ago
Mine was from my ex wife during our divorce. She met another woman and decided she wanted that...oddly enough not the first time it's happened to me. Not sure what that says about me. Anyway I was going through depression because it was a very long process. I told her I didn't know if I could handle it. She told me I have to figure it out because I was such a good dad that the kids need me. Her son from a previous marriage stayed with me and told me that I do far more good for him than his professional counselor. Hearing that got me through and I'm happier than ever as a single dad.




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