The Moment You Know Your Special One Understands You Very Well… (18 GIFS)

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“i ordered extra egg rolls even though you said you didn’t want any.”




"Probably the other week, when I thought his dog’s ears looked like the Flying Nun, but I decided not to say it cause I figured that was too obscure a reference. About 10 seconds later, he says “She looks like the Flying Nun”. We’re both in our mid-20s."




"After a hellish day of child rearing and domestic/emotional laboring, I said to my husband “I’m taking a bath. Bedtime is on you. Leave me alone. Deuces.”

He knocked on the door after he put the kids to bed, popped his head in, and said “I know you wanted to be left alone, but there’s a cat video on the internet I think you want to see. Also, The Babysitters Club dropped on Netflix, so I brought you your laptop and more wine.”"





"I had a tumour removed. We nicknamed the tumour Bob. On the year anniversary of the op, he sent me a card from Bob, asking me to take him back, and filling me in on what he’d got up to in the year since I’d “cut him out of my life”. It was hilarious."




"My partner and I were cooking and I asked for a utensil to stir my pasta and they passed me a utensil and said “I know this one is your favorite.” And it was just crazy to me because I’ve never mentioned it or even realized it but damn that utensil IS my favorite. It just impresses me and amuses me that my SO notices the littlest things about me that even I didn’t know."




"I had an anxiety attack in front of him after a year of dating, he’d never seen it before. He jumped into action, got me exactly what I needed and sat by my side while I rode it out. It was a moment that was horrible for me, but it was more bearable because he was right there for me when I needed the support."




"I have a bit of a reputation for taking in injured wildlife. Also 3 of my pets were unwanted by their owners so I took them in. I got given a tiny baby bird a month or so ago. My boyfriend was on his way over and phoned to see if I needed anything. I said I had been given this bird. He asked how old and what kind. It was a matter of hours old, still had a piece of eggshell stuck on its belly.

He was an hour late to dinner and turned up with bird milk, chick crumb and puppy biscuits! He googled what to feed them and drove to 4 veterinary surgeries before he found the milk. I had everything but the milk already but he didn’t need to know that bit!"




"When he buys me Taco Bell when I’m drunk. I fall in love with him all over again every time."




"Arrived at the restaurant first, sent me a text message saying exactly how to get to the table."




"He just asked me not to finish Skyrim before he gets home because he wants to watch and cheer me on in the final fight against Alduin. He never plays any video games himself but he absolutely loves being my cheerleader and it makes me feel cool rather than nerdy. Well, maybe both"




"He ALWAYS lets me have the last slice of pizza"




"One of the first times we were together, during our conversation she said, “you are so full of [email protected]#t”."




"This is so dumb, but I hate the white squiggly thing in that’s attached to egg yolks because I find it rubbery when cooked (it’s a texture turnoff thing). So I always pick it out before I cook the egg. My husband once saw me doing it and asked why and I explained. I never expected him to do so when he cooks for both of us, but one day I noticed that he now does it too. The squiggle doesn’t bother him so I know he does it for me."




"He makes poop jokes with me. After being told no one would understand how I feel about myself because of my bowel disease, I’m so glad my boyfriend proves that person (my ex) wrong!"





"i was a writing major in college but because of the pandemic i lost my editing job and haven’t been able to find one since. i decided to take the blog i started in college and revamp it and use it to keep me feeling like my degree wasn’t a waste.

one of my boyfriend’s friends was asking me if he could share my post about my blog to which i said of course but as long as he wasn’t doing it in a teasing manner (this friend is a great friend but we do have a very teasing relationship) he asked me why i would even say that and i got uncomfortable and embarrassed.

my boyfriend jumped in and began to explain that writing for me is very personal and feels like i’m putting my soul out there and that being vulnerable is hard for me. i just sat there in awe of him because i had never told him any of that but he just knows me so deeply."




“Do you want the rest of this ice cream?”




"At the beginning of our relationship I told him that there was a band I’d really love to see again, but the tour wasn’t coming anywhere close to where we lived. He text me about an hour later and said he had bought tickets to their show in the next state over! He picked me up the day of the show and we drove the 150 miles to the concert. After the show without mentioning anything, he stopped off and got us cheeseburgers and fries. We are happily married with a 2.5 year old son now :)"





Jackie 1 year ago's all about the guy understanding the girl, but not any about the girl understanding the guy. What's his favorite utensil, huh? His favorite show? His favorite shirt? Food? Anything? I guess you ladies don't care to pay attention as much as be paid attention to, hmm?
Sheridan 1 year ago
And that's why you're single :D




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