Does Anybody Know What This Is?! (22 PICS)

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"What is this giant tower? It has windows on the side, and it can’t be much wider than a staircase. It is connected to a tiny house labeled ”fire station”. Small town in Quebec, Canada"

A: "Most likely a hose tower"


"Circular metal disk with numbers 5, 10, 15 on one side. Found in a kitchen."

A: "It goes with a pressure cooker. The lid has a small, pointed opening and that sets on top of it. The lid locks onto the pot and that regulates the pressure inside."


"A small plastic and metal device, found in the card slot of an ATM"

A: "It’s a Lebanese Loop used to commit bank fraud."


"What is the purpose of this door in front of another door leading into my hotel room?"

A: "Probably a remnant of the days before central heat/AC. Would allow you to open the door for more airflow but it would still afford some privacy."'


"Lantern with 4 sides of differently coloured glass. Green Red White and Blue. Might have been used at a railroad station <- unsure."

A: "It is, the colors correspond to different actions. White/clear is to stop another train, blue is for marking equipment not to be moved, green is proceed with caution and red is stop."


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"Small glass bulb attached to open tube (not a pipe) with wire hanger(maybe?) found in vintage jewelry box – no markings, words, or numbers"

A: "Lapel Pin Vase"


"Its been in my sewing box my grandma gave me when I was 12, and Ive never known what it’s for!"

A: "Its a wax application device for running the end if thread through to make it easier to pass through the needles eye. Saw my mom use one for years."


"What is this plastic green bumpy thing? (Seen on construction site building tramlines)"

A: "Used for cabinets with underground installation by the looks"


"Found this on my kitchen floor last night. It’s hard under the bristles. No clue what it’s from."

A: "It’s the center part of a fake flower"


"Tall metal structure in a Hospital Complex"

A: "It is the boiler for the whole Hospital. Produces steam to heat the place and waters."



"Found in storage at the post office. Accordion style metal contraption"

A: "Rv septic hose holder. Allows to hose to rest on it and gravity to pull the poo out of the black water tank."


"All three tiers spin. Assuming something specific clipped into or hung from the tines? Impossible to Google with a name like “Standard.”"

A: "Rubber stamp holder"


"Walking along a trail in my Ontario small town and there were three or four of these along the way."

A: "Generally these are monitoring wells. For checking groundwater usually."


"Found this thing in my back yard. the black stuff is rubber. there is a powerline going over my house maybe it has something to do with that?"

A: "Drain king. For clearing out pipe/drainage blockages. Looks like someone attached a Schrader valve to it."


"Looks like a pink, hollow stainless steel spider with a spring. It was found next to a powerline I was mowing."

A: "It’s called a “Guthrie Guard” made by 3M"



"It’s upside but looks to be a feeder or nester of some sort, attached to the top of the fence by previous owner. What is this thing?"

A: "It’s for bees, particularly Mason bees."


"What are these small white balls that keep appearing in the corner of my window?"

A: "Sometimes the cavity in your walls will be blown full of polystyrene balls like that. Maybe you have a small hole that is letting in a draft and blowing the balls out."


"What is this curved metal fixture above hotel tub handle?"

A: "It’s a waterfall bath filler"


"Pink floating islands, flying in to Mexico?"

A: "Pumice raft"


"What is this squishy, orange disc that was donated to a thrift shop?"

A: "It’s called a stability disc. Supposed to mimic sitting on a balance ball."



"Heavy machinery being transported by government trucks"

A: "Video surveillance device, likely on its way to be installed on the border wall down south. Here’s a paper on it and it has some photos of the same device if you feel like scrolling down a bunch."


"What is this weird chain of balloons I spotted slowly sinking in the sky?"

A: "Looks like a rosary made of balloons. Probably for some religious holiday."



Karen 5 days ago
#1, Hose Tower is right, Being from Alaska all fire stations hang and drain the fire hoses after use so as not to ice up.
Marge 5 days ago
Karen, in my village it was a little wider and doubled as a lookout tower for forest fires. Or the smoke from them at least.
Harriet 5 days ago
Stacia 5 days ago
#17 Spider egg nests?
Prue 5 days ago
Quote: Stacia
polystyrene balls

The polystyrene balls are used for insulation between the walls. After time they will come out during windy weather.
Sid 5 days ago
Believe #11 is a paper or letter sorter which folds after use.
Alzada 5 days ago
#7 Can still get them at Amazon or almost any good sewing store.



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