Wanna Know How To Save Money? Ask Them! (35 PICS)

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“I Work At A Travel Agency, And When We Have To “Destroy” Our Outdated Maps, I Reuse Them As Wrapping Paper”

“Girlfriend And I Wanted A Large Mirror On Our Wall, But Didn't Want To Spend $$$ So We Found 6 Small Closet Door Mirrors On Sale For $4 Each”

“I Saw A Previous Post Which Used Old Maps As Wrapping Paper, So Here Is My Old Music Used As Wrapping Paper!”

“Didn't Want To Waste The Failed Films So I Turned Them Into Little Paintings”

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“Enjoying The Porch Of Our New Home, Where We Live Rent Free As Caretakers Of A Wildlife Sanctuary. Eight Hours Of Labor A Week In Exchange For What Would Be At Least $1300/Month”

“Don't Pay For Scientific Journals”

“I Made Shelves Using Recycled Thrift Store Speakers”

“Money Is A Bit Tight Right Now So I Made Some Homemade Halloween Decorations. Turned Out Pretty Good, I Think”


“Our Canning Haul For The Year, Still Have To Do Apples Yet. All Home Grown Veggies”

“Both Of Our Children Used This Crib For The First 2.5 Years Of Their Lives. Trying To Get Another 5 Years Out Of It!”

“My Wife’s Great Aunt Has Been Saving On A Birthday Card For 35 Years With Her Friend As They Just Send Each Other The Same Card Back And Forth To Each Other Every Year. How Cool Is The Card And The Story That It Has Created?”

“Been Using My Great Grandfather's Razor For A While Now. Decided To Clean And Polish It This Morning. Most Frugal Way To Shave. Blades Are Dirt Cheap! Before/After”


“Wedding For Under $3k USD. Dress For $15 USD. This Was Right For Us”

“Built A Table Out Of Shipping Pallets Left For Trash Outside A Shipping Center! Total Cost: $23”

“I Recently Lost A Lot Of Weight And Had To Replace My Whole Wardrobe. I Didn't Want To Throw Away Old Clothes That Still Had Some Kind Of Life, So Here We See 11 Leggings, 9 Tank Tops, 1 Top, And (Part Of) One Skirt Repurposed Into A Rug”

“I Asked My Local Farm Stand If They Had Any Damaged Produce They Couldn't Sell. They Gave Me All Of This For Free!”


“Check The International Foods Aisle For Spices. Price Difference Of Two Aisles Over At My Local Grocery”

“Beaded And Appliqued This Rust-Stained Dress And Wore It To A Wedding”

“I Built A Chicken Coop For Free Out Of Materials From Craigslist”

“To Whoever Shared Wine And Painting Date Night Idea - Thank You!”


“Pet Tip (Oc): Save All Semi-Viable Parts Of "Dead" Dog Toys, Order Some Replacement Squeakers, And Make A New Super Fun Franken-Toy!”

“My Husband Loves Berry Jam, But Berries Are Quite Expensive This Year, So I Decided To Forage Instead Of Buying, And Picked Over 4kg. Of Them”

“I Made A Two Piece Outfit Out Of This Men’s Shirt I Got For $2.50 At Salvation Army”

“About 6 Years Ago I Ditched Paper Towels And Switched To Cotton Shop Towels. I Bought 150 Off Amazon For About $30. They Have Been Life Changing For Staying Frugal And Eco Conscious! I Keep A “Garbage Can” In My Kitchen To Separate These Out And Wash When Full With Hot Water, Detergent, And Bleach”


“Couple Years Back I Ripped Out A Deck For My (Now Passed) Great Uncle. My Grandpa And I Saved The Pieces For When Eventually I Could Have My Own Back Yard! We Just Built It Today! Free Wood And 5 Hours Of Work!”

“Some Cheap Rit Dye Made My Old Backpack Look New Again”

“I Combined A Broken Hockey Stick And Rake Into A Much Stronger Rake. Is This A Win?”

“Oh The Life Of An Electricians Wife, Forced To Strip For Extra Cash!”


“The Tool Set Gift I Got My Dad For Father's Day Was Heavy And Awkward To Wrap Traditionally, So I Bought A Small Tarp And A Pack Of Colorful Bungee Cords To Act As Gift Wrap And Ribbon! Practical And Only Cost Me $10!”

“Spent $2 On 4 Heads Of Garlic Last Fall, Now I Have Over 70 Heads Of Garlic All Braided Together”

“I Think You'll Like The Gift I Got From My Frugal Aunt”

“Lowe's Employee Here: My Manager Told Me To Throw Away Bags Of Seeds Because We Needed Floor Space For Other Products. I Asked For A Deal And Got Each Back For 3-5 Cents. Regular Price Is $1.09-$2.49 269 Bags For Retail Price Of $646.59. I Payed $5.40”


“Learned This From My Mom. Everytime You Buy Chives/Green Onion Just Cut Most Of It Off And Use Them Or Store Them In The Fridge. Then Put The Roots In A Cup With Half An Inch Of Water. Regrows Back To Full Size Or More Within A Few Days. Can Repeat Up To About 2-4 Times If You Have A Good Batch”

“In An Effort To Make My Iced Tea Obsession Less Expensive And Also In Trying To Be Less Wasteful, I Took The Labels Off Of A Pack Of Snapple Bottles And I've Been Using Them To Make My Own Iced Tea For A While. It's Seriously Has Cut My Drink Cost Down By Like 90%”

“Not Paying For Expensive Spices Shelf. Instead, My Boyfriend Made This From Old Bed Slats. Jars From Mustard, Jams Etc. To Keep Homemade Seasoning Blends”


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Jos 2 year s ago
#12 I call BS. How did he polish it without damaging the “Made in USA” writing? The after pic should also be on the same table, not a studio shot.
Samyra 2 year s ago

If the text is reassessed below the surface then polishing wont remove it. Also that "studio shot" is a piece of white-ish paper and a lamp.
Cally 2 year s ago
#13 and on the way he also sold his watch to make an extra 10 dollars...
Hal 2 year s ago
pallet table? good luck with that fragile thing, you'll have termites in a couple years.
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